M Night Shyamalan tv Series Heads To Fox in 2014

News Robert Bernstein
5/13/2013 at 1:27PM

M Night Shyamalan has a series coming to Fox in 2014...

Fox has ordered a 10-episode drama from M. Night Shyamalan and Chad Hodge for a 2014 debut.

The series is named Wayword Pines, and is based off of the best selling novel of the same name from writer Blake Crouch.  The drama tells the story of Ethan Burke, an agent of the Secret Service who is on a mission to find two missing federal agents, when he finds himself in Wayword Pines, ID.  He begins to unravel the mysteries of Wayword Pines instead of finding the answers he is searching for.

Matt Dillon will play the leading role of Ethan Burke.

Source: THR

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