The Walking Dead: new season 5 regulars announced

News Louisa Mellor 4/1/2014 at 8:27AM

3 new characters in The Walking Dead's 4th season will be returning as regulars in season 5. Find out which, here...

Contains spoilers for The Walking Dead season 4.

If you were amongst the millions who watched The Walking Dead's season four finale, then you'll know it left Rick and co. in something of a predicament. Trapped in the mythologised Terminus, a place that, as many had suspected, isn't what it was cracked up to be, the season left us with a major cliffhanger. Comics creator Robert Kirkman has promised that Terminus' dark, layered history will be explored in season five, which will reveal "how these people came to be".

A key character in the Terminus story is leader Gareth (Andrew J. West, below), one of three season four newcomers to have been promoted to season five regulars.

Also returning for season five will be Rosita (Christian Serratos), who first appeared in The Walking Dead as a member of Abraham's Army.

And finally, Alanna Masteron's Tara, a member of the Governor's short-lived new family in the fourth series, will be joining Gareth and Rosita as a season regular in the new run.

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So, WTF is Beth? Lets have her disappear, and not cover anything in the last 3/4 episodes about what happened to her. Poor choice imo, just crappy to have a consistent character have something happen to them, then never cover the outcome before season's end. Pretty shitty imo.

I see only three! Who are the other two??

"3 new characters in The Walking Dead's 4th season will be returning as regulars in season 5." Duh.

The whole episode was missing revelations, twists, or answers...which is what a season finale should do. I'm not even sure why everyone was so "excited" about the finale.The only thing I liked was the explanation of "Farmer Rick". So many viewers were bashing the character for farming instead of fighting. At that time, that farming was important to Carl's mental stability. I don't think we've lost that stability, Rick's just learned to balance the fighter and the farmer. Other than that (and the fight in the first half), the episode was not spectacular. It wasn't a great finale...just a decent episode. Still a fan, though, and can't wait for October!

Let me help.

The Walking Dead: new season 5. (period) (end of first thought)

regulars announced. (period) (end of second thought) 3rd grade writing and 4th grade comprehension.

"There's a new sheriff in town". She "may" be the only one on the outside that could get to the guns. If it helps any she got her throat slit on The Following.

thats assuming she knows Rick and the group are in distress from Terminus' inhabitants, which she doesn't. writers definitely should've followed up on her whereabouts. If she happens to stumble on the guns on accident (somehow), maybe she'll get the hint that Rick and co. did it for a reason to include possible getting captive. So then she might get the hint. But I dont see another way.

There's a possibility that she's in one of the other train cars. When they were running past, screams for help, were coming from other train cars. My personal opinion is that those cars are they're "meat supply". They snag as many people as they can, throw them in there, and feed them until they're ready. (Yeah, even typing that made me queasy) But if everything goes according to the comics, we may have Rick burgers.... Or possibly even Carl. I hate waiting until October.

Oh and I read the other day, that someone thinks that funeral home was a set up, so Terminus could see what they had coming. It was too neat and clean.

Well, we still don't know where Carol, Tyrese and Judith are. I have a feeling, like Beth, that they're in another train car. They probably put two and two together, and figured they all knew one another. So, separating them, will make them think the others are gone. *Shrugs* I just hope they don't kill off too many of the regulars. Hershel's death was very upsetting.

Beth will charm her captor (maybe he didn't kidnap Her, maybe he just rescued Her from a group of walkers like the ones Daryl was killing, they have a habit of reframing of events in flashback so that what you assume happen turns out to have been different)turning him into an ally. they will meet up with Tyrese and Carol. The "Captor" will know all about terminus, and will help them spring the rest of the crew... Then Rick and the crew will go super dark and butchered the cannibals likE the animals they are.

I thought "survival of the fittest" was supposed to eliminate this kind of thing.

Interesting theory.... however, we know how this show goes, so something like that would be doubtful. Points for creativity though.

as much as I hate to admit this, Beth is probably been killed. If Terminus really had anything to do with that place her and Daryl were in, then shes probably been eaten already. I mean, even Daryl said it was weird how the place was completely full of different kinds of food but none of them had "dust on them". which implied that someone had recently put them there. I believe they set that house up to make people want to live in it, so they can kidnap them and cook them for later. Just my theory, and to be honest, I really hope im wrong.

Just read a little slower next time and you wont have to deal with pretentious, sarcastic replies. :)

beth is gonna be brought back later in the series end of 5 maybe 6 when they do the crusaders storyline, the main villian in the walking dead universr is negan and he hasnt been introduced yet

what the fuck. crusaders? did you even read the comics?

hi there brad I am here to defene the players in the walking this show is the greaties show that was ever shown on tv. and it is number one of a thousand people out there why not give them a break they are coming back and we don't know what well happen untell they do I am praying that rickand his son well be back fact I am praying that they well bring all of them back hay walking hurry on bac home I cant waite untell the time comes that I seeyou all again love and god bless you all beth

I bet Beth will return, but she will not be the sweet Beth we know and love. I'm sure she will be hardened from her experiences of escaping. Perhaps Darryl will have to be the one to help her find her humanity again?

Who did you think was on the grill?

There is still Carol and Tyrese and baby Judith on the outside as well...

I think whoever took Beth is the same person that was staying in the funeral home. They saw someone was in their home, led the walkers to the house and then when they saw Beth was only a kid, decided to take her with them. They could still be a crazy person idk

Was that her? I thought so, but looked on IMDB and didn't see her listed in the cast for that episode and then looked on her profile page and didn't see her credited for the episode either.

I believe you mean the Saviors and Kirkman even said that we wont be seeing anything of them till at least another two or three seasons, they want to give distance between The Gov. and Negan, Hence why they are stretching the cannibal thing with Terminus instead of it just being a small group of them like it was with the comic.

That was the most underwhelming season finale in Walking Dead History. Talk about draging a story out to stretch a season. SPOILER!!! I suspect Terminus is full of Cannibals hence that old lady BBQ all the time. I mean does she do anything else? Season 5 better be better

I think Carol has a 6th sense, or, more like, don't react, act. Tyrese'll babysit. Hammer vs. Guns was a good movie, but I hope he's not stupid enough to try that.

Yeah that's be a big fast forward. I wanna see No Way Out in Alexandria first.

These are tv characters. Pray for the actors.

yes they are tv characters an darn good ones it makes me mad when when people puts them down the way they are doing so yes I am one that is praying fore them all to harry and get them bacb here at home I realy mess them to all the people out there don't hate and judge others not this one set any they are good honst people just like you and myself god bless this show and its actors
the walkingdeads beth