The Sailor Moon Reboot: What We Know and What to Expect

Feature Michael Mammano 1/30/2014 at 9:00AM

The new Sailor Moon anime has been delayed again, but there are a few things we know for sure and plenty to speculate on.

UPDATED 3/14/14: We now have a title, image, and plot synopsis for the Sailor Moon reboot. Details here!

Nearly two years ago, at an event celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon, creator Naoko Takeuchi announced the development of a new Sailor Moon anime, and moonies around the world promptly lost their shit. With precious little info released over the past year, fans have been speculating desperately about every aspect of this new project. What would it mean to the franchise and the fandom? Would it add to the original’s legacy or detract from it, and to what degree? Before we jump on those questions, however, here are all the hard facts currently on record.

- This new series was initially scheduled to premiere Summer 2013 for a simultaneous worldwide release. The premiere has since been postponed twice, first to December, 2013, then again to July, 2014. No specific date is currently nailed down.

- The series will be available on Niconico, a Japanese streaming video service, likely with subtitles in ten languages including English. Toonami is looking into airing the show here in the U.S.

- The new anime will not be a remake of the 1992 original, but rather a more direct adaptation of the manga.

- While the original voice actors for Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask have expressed interest in reprising their roles, and several actors from the English dub have said the same regarding a dub of the new series, no official casting information has been announced on either front.

- Idol group Momoiro Clover Z will perform the theme song. Whether this will be a cover of “Moonlight Densetsu,” the opening theme for the original anime’s first four seasons, or a new song altogether has not yet been specified, but speculation seems to be leaning toward something new.

Given this information, a few thoughts immediately spring to mind. While plenty of fans wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to an all-new cast, a great many would have a very difficult time accepting new voices, especially in the two lead roles. Personally, I’d love for the original cast to return, but if the producers opt against Kotono Mitsuishi and Tohru Furuya, I see no reason they’d keep anybody else, and in that instance, I would agree it best to just wipe the slate clean and let this new show establish its own voice, no pun intended.

I feel similarly about the English cast. The dub of Sailor Moon was my gateway drug to the world of anime. Though I’ve since become an ardent purist, favoring the subbed original, now cringing at some of the dub’s more egregious missteps—the often poor translation, the excessive censorship, and the constipated delivery of a certain masked man—the dub will always have a special place in my heart, and there is a part of me that longs to see (or rather hear) that cast reunited. Personally, I think that if the English cast is reassembled, this time retaining their characters’ original Japanese names, it would truly be the best of both worlds.

On the matter of the theme song, I feel very much the same. While “Sailor Star Song,” the opening of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, was a catchy tune in its own right and eventually embraced by fans, there was considerable resistance to a new song coming in at the eleventh hour to replace “Moonlight Densetsu” the opener for the previous four seasons. However, the 2003 live action adaptation Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon went its own way in that department, so again, if this new anime wants to establish its own identity, I say go for it.

Of course, all this is really trivial stuff. What fans really care about is content. What will the storyline be? “Closer on the manga” is pretty vague and can mean a lot of things. Does this mean they’ll pick the original Dark Kingdom arc (a sensible but ultimately safe choice) or will they seek to adapt all five arcs of the manga? This might be easier now in terms of both financial and narrative economy now that the manga is concluded. Last time around, while it was the blueprint for the anime, the two media were released more or less simultaneously, which led to some improvisation on the part of the production team in two forms: deviation from the source material and a lot of filler. Like... a lot.
Sailor Moon’s premise and characters weren’t lacking for charm, and when the show was good, it was epic, powerful, and addictive enough to keep the audience on board throughout tons—and I mean tons—of wheel-spinning. The anime’s cardinal sin was that it was positively lousy with filler, so a tighter storyline closer to the source material is a very attractive prospect on several counts.

First off, Tuxedo Mask has a much more prominent role in the manga. Rather than falling into the Useless Boy Abyss after the conclusion of the Black Moon arc, he remains integral to the plot, his character continuing to grow and develop. Anime Tuxedo Mask got pretty damn boring after a while, and that was when he was around at all, so an opportunity to breathe some new life into that character would definitely be a step in the right direction, considering he’s, oh, the freakin’ male lead.

Another improvement would be the addition of the manga’s proper conclusion, including Sailor Moon’s ascension to her ultimate form, Sailor Cosmos, the omission of which from the anime disappointed not only fans, but Takeuchi herself. This character-stripping didn’t apply to Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask alone. Even among its most ardent fans, the anime was notorious for pulling off half the character development in twice the narrative space. Where were Sailor Mars’ daddy issues, Sailor Pluto’s unrequited love for her king, or the Amazoness Quartet’s evolution into the Asteroid Senshi? It’s not like we didn’t have the time to explore those stories, and I can’t imagine there’s a viewer out there that wouldn’t prefer them to another filler episode featuring some ridiculous monster of the week and some one-shot guest character we don’t care about.

The anime also omitted a lot of the manga’s mythology, which gave several character and plot details the appearance of being completely random and disconnected, and left several questions needlessly unanswered. With the manga complete this time around, why not follow it a little more closely to create a fuller, more cohesive world in which this story can unfold?

That said, the manga is hardly without its flaws, and there were some areas in which the anime improved upon it. The manga was certainly tight, but at times a little too tight. Sailor Moon’s introduction is followed by the introduction of Sailor Mercury in the very next chapter and Sailor Mars in the one after that. It was difficult to get one’s bearing with new heroes popping up every other week and villains getting killed off before you got a chance to give a crap whether they lived or died.

The anime spaced all that out a bit, affording the viewer a chance to get to know each character and develop a sense of status quo so that shaking it up actually had some effect. The extra room also allowed for further development of the secondary characters, particularly the villains. Nephrite’s relationship with Sailor Moon’s best friend, Naru, which gradually transforms him from manipulative villain to besotted anti-hero, culminates in his self-sacrificial death. This sharp left turn in the plot was the first of many truly emotional and heartbreaking moments and is such a fan favorite that many who are first introduced to the anime are horrified to learn that the storyline doesn’t exist in the manga at all.

The same can be said for the romance between villains Zoisite and Kunzite, which gave them depth far beyond your standard mustache-twirlers and helped cement Sailor Moon’s reputation as an LGBT icon. And while Takeuchi was shocked and less than pleased with the gender-bending nature of the anime’s Sailor Starlights (who, in the manga, were merely women in drag), fans loved it, considering transsexual superheroes to be the next logical addition to Sailor Moon’s envelope-pushing ensemble, rather than just a rehash of butch lesbian Sailor Uranus and drag queen villain Fisheye.

All in all, the best this new anime could do would be to adhere to the overall structure and character development of the manga without jettisoning all the innovation of the 90’s anime. While another bloated, 200-episode anime is hardly necessary, the manga could certainly use a little more cushion for its pushin’, and if this new series can find a way to successfully split the difference between the two, it could very well become not only accepted by the fandom, but considered the definitive incarnation of the Sailor Moon mythos.

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I have a suggestion for them. I haven't read all the manga, but I've seen all the eps and I love them. But can we please fix Rini? I'm not really sure what she's supposed to be like in the manga, but I found her very annoying!

I almost stopped watching because of her.

I would appreciate a male sailor scout of the sort. Maybe more emphasis of Darien/ Tuxedo Mask/King Endymion being the prince or guardian of earth while women run the world. An explanation on the tuxedo would be nice. Is he a server at a catering company? I love strong female roles but please. just please add a male role for the boys to get excited about. And don't have the sailor scouts need Tuxedo Mask to throw a rose at them every time they start to lose a battle. Some more violence/blood wouldn't hurt. I am not saying turn it into a zombie flick but since the action was very censored some more emphasis on combat and power usage would be cool. More of a Shounen genre approach would work in its favor. Sailor jupiter is a bad ass martial artist? Show us. There was also definitely a sword that sailor moon seemed too afraid to use in the last episodes of the series. It would be cool to see her a little bit more amazon/warrior like and confident in her ability to fight along with the rest of the Scouts.

OMG so did I. She was awful.

Why should Takeuchi add more boys to a genre flooded with male characters? What you're suggesting completely rewrites the manga and changes the tone. More blood? This is a series for young teen girls, primarily. If you want boys and blood, look elsewhere. FFS, can't girls have just one thing?

naoko has said before in an interview, that only women can be sailor senshi. Tuxedo Mask is the closest we'll get to a "male" senshi,

The manga was pretty horrifying and had some "gore". I can't remember what exactly happens and don't want to look for it but there are rotting bodies of scouts, I think on more than one occasion. Now it may have been a hallucination by the enemy but it happened and it shocked me and caught me off guard. Really ripped me from my feel good memories of Sailor Moon.

I'll admit, after only watching the anime (English subbed thankfully) I had to search who the heck Chibi Cibi was because I still didn't understand her relevance

Chibi Cibi was the incarceration of Sailor Galaxia. She represented Sailor Galaxia's "light of hope/star seed." I think the anime didn't go into detail about her role, but she was basically the reincarnated "Star seed" of Sailor Galaxia or all of the good that Sailor Galaxia was, because when Sailor Galaxia sealed away the darkness within her she was overshadowed by that evil, thus you see her releasing her star seed knowing that one day the "star seed/light of hope" will come back and vanquish that evil inside her. Hope that helps!

I think this should take place 10 years after their last battle, everybody's all grown up now and Serena and Darian are definitely married now. But one day, Luna and Artemis discover that a new threat is drawing near, and this threat is STRONG, like STRONG, like Kid Buu strong, capable of eradicating the whole galaxy strong. So, the Sailor Scouts must dust off their uniforms and get back in action. But they can't even touch this enemy, so they start losing, and the enemy keeps saying "I won't kill you this time, but don't think that I won't" or something. Then she starts murdering them one by one, one in one episode. After that, Sailor Moon is left, and when she tries one final attack, it doesn't work and she dies, along with Earth being destroyed. Then she goes to heaven and finds everyone else, and they help from the Gods, Blah Blah Blah. HOWEVER, not even the gods can kill their enemy, yadda yadda yadda, I don't care what else happens.


I read all of the Black Moon Arc in the manga, and I can tell you that they did make her more likable. She was deeper, and her evil version was about ten times more epic in my opinion. She was portrayed less like Phantom's bitch and more like herself determined to destroy her past. She almost destroyed the planet HERSELF.

I'm dying to wait for new season of Sailormoon. I wish Ami, Rei, Lita and Mina have a love life this time and please make Tamara and Michelle prove to all that they are real girls. Darien and Serena I missed you so much

Yeah, the closest to male sailor scouts are the Sailor Stars. They're aliens that appear male until they transform into sailors.

Chibi-Chibi is Sailor Cosmos in the manga. In the Anime, yeah, this is the explanation we're given.

Uhm... for the shittenou.. They are the 4 guards of Endymion in the past, right?

Because they didn't really give 2nd chance at life resurrection or reincarnation I mean. But can they change it? I mean they are the lovers of the Scouts right (in the manga i'm talking about). So give it to them and give them life!!! That Mamoru/Darien is not the only one boy in the group!!!

And for princess Serenity

Uhm.. just getting curious about his father they didn't mention (anime and manga). They must get it clear!!! They must tell something about him... Thank you if you understood what I mean

And for tuxedo Mask

Can they change him a little more powerful? Not only his roses and his smoking bomber (at manga). Much more stronger powers? And make them epic. Well I they must change everything.. Like the fight? Powers and the enemy not like a child can only watch? A lot dark that ever.... A teen like anime... Yeah, i'm only waiting this to be soon...

She's the alternate in the manga... Usagi was the one who's angry at her but when Rini change into Black lady(Queen of the Black Moon) She's so much dangerous rather than the anime... If you just read it I swear!!!

I've read up to the end of the black moon arc now, and gotta say, Rini is still annoying. But maybe that's just because her voice in my head sounds like the English dub...

I found her way less annoying in the Japanese version....about equal with Usagi honestly haha. Also, re-watching as an adult, I find her behaviour pretty accurate - that is, throwing herself into trouble and being a bit of a brat, is exactly the way you'd expect a 5 year old to behave who is desperately missing her parents.

I would like to see more actual fight scenes - rather than just the exact same transformation and attack scenes thrown in every single episode. The few times they showed the characters using their attacks outside the sequences, or their transformations, were SO much more interesting (when Chibiusa first tries to transform and trips and falls, for example - now THAT is fun :3)

Except isn't she supposed to be 900 years old or something?

We could go on and on about what would be good or bad for the new anime, but can we all agree on something....?

I think it is quite obvious that the MOST important aspect of the new Sailor Moon is that it will have state of the art graphics...
I have just begun to re-watch all the original eps and the 1990's anime was very poor CG wise, even for THAT time.. I find myself wincing at the bare-bones drawing and the artificial movements that are not much better than the org. Astro-Boy (Mighty Atom) of the 50's
Of course the meat and potatoes of the story is important, but unless this is a totally new SM universe, we already know the plot....

Nope. Neo-Queen is, for *reasons*, but Chibi-usa is, like, eight tops.

I mean in the manga. I'm sure there is a scene where they explain that she hasn't grown up and is actually 900 or something, which is why it's such a big deal when she gets to be grown up as Black Lady...

Aaah. Yeah, I've not gotten hold of as much of the manga as I wanted. Funny, when I graduated high school, my disposable income vanished. Funny how that happens, eh? *big grin* *wistful sigh* I bow to your greater expertise then. :-)

Uhm its Amara in the English version not Tamara btw

I'm a little scared to see this new series because Sailor Moon was my first anime EVER. I'm a bit scared that this new version is going to be too over the top. Although it would be nice to see some updates and different things, a shorter series all around, I already feel wary thinking about it coming out because of how big of a time gap there is and how much will have to change so this generation can get into it.

The only thing I'm hoping for is that they don't do a fuck up with the name swap. You either keep the original English names, for the English dub, And that's it. It's so annoying when they use the Japanese names in the English dub, it's just cheesy and weird. Sailor Moon's best friend in the original English-version of the anime was Molly, if they start calling her Naru, I will flip a table. That is all.

I don't think, if I remember right, It isn't really clarified in the manga if chibi chibi was Sailor Cosmos.(It was more suggested.) Sailor Cosmos...was just a distant relative of Sailor Moon. Even just the Ultimate Sailor Scout. Perfection.

I don't think she was annoying. Think about it, she was a little girl, and she was flung into the past. She had caused her mother to go into a sleep-like state, and nearly destroyed crystal neo-tokyo, by taking Neo Queen Serenity's silver crystal. She had to live in the past, to be safe, around her kid mother and father.(Also being stalked and tortured by the wise man.) Not to mention, she was literally 5, or at least extremely young, both her and serena/usagi were immature, and they were supposed to be irritating and annoying.

in the manga YES she is over 900 years old, people in her time live much longer due to the silver crystal. She has stunted growth, which is why she has never grown up.


Here is the problem girls have too much! There is way to much head bowing and boot shuffling to please girls and women now days. Lets face hard facts. Popular media aside, the world is ruled by men. So the world should cater to men. Not to be mean to women, just a simple statement of facts

1. "Trevor"?
2. Lots of males watch the show as well, even if it is for "young teen girls". I have many straight and gay friend who are men that watch the show and even some of them would like a little more fighting.
2. I don't mind girls having something, but most of the male characters in the old anime were either villains or not really there for much. TM always threw a rose and did not really do anything. The show was mostly saving the day and looking at boys who really had nothing to do with anything. What about a male Scout is so horrid? It'd be nice to see a male lead, homosexual or straight doesn't matter. And a lot of us male (and female) fans, including me, didn't get to find out about things like Kunzite and Zoisite or Uranus and Neptune until we grew up. I would not mind a male Sailor, TM helping out a lot more, or something! Gore or not, the love of his life nearly dies and all he does is throw a rose and leave. Not much of a male role model.

I am just saying that I would like a male role model in the show. (And maybe a homosexual one, I looked up to U&N even when I thought they were related, so I'd like one I can relate to.. You know A MALE.)
Also, none of this was meant to be rude or anything, just expressing my opinion.

I think you read the wrong name alex that was wendy.

I totally agree! I always found the repeating transformations and attacks kinda boring and tedious. I would LOVE to see the attacks happen more real, like that one time in one of the movies.

I liked a lot of the Japanese names more than the English. I did like Molly more than Naru, but it isn't our choice. Plus this may technically be a full reboot. That means that we may not see Molly as much. It also depends on if it is going to be more like the manga or if it will follow a whole new story. There may be new characters or ones that we never saw in the anime, etc. etc.

It was more or less suggested, yes.

It is hinted that Chibi is Cosmos, but it is also kinda that Cosmos is Moon. In the manga, I believe Cosmos states that she, like Eternal Sailor Moon did, will receive the power to lose and
save everything and will truly become Sailor Cosmos. That makes an implication that Moon and Cosmos are separate but the same. I think she even calls Sailor Moon herself in the past, right? So technically Chibi is Cosmos who is Moon which makes ChibiChibi, Moon, who is Cosmos, who is Chibi that is Moon from the future thrown in the past from her soul that wasn't a soul, only to become a savior of sorts for herself in the present-past and the future. That was about as confusing as the story itself.

A male sailor scout won't happen. Naoko Takeuchi had a rule that only girls could be sailor scouts. She was actually pretty upset about anime Sailor Stars where the Starlights were men who transformed into women when they transformed into scouts, as she felt that undermined her rule. Nothing really wrong with wanting a male scout, but considering the creator of the series has a "only girl scouts" rule, don't count on it happening.

I don't remember the manga much but, I hope they at least develope and focus on other characters more.
Usagi is the main girl but somehow it always felt she was too much in the spotlight and her friends who helped her weren't really that important.
I don't remember, did the other girls have curshes or boyfriends ? Did they go through heartbreak and dating and romance as much as Usagi or not at all?
The only thing which bothered me was the fact that it focused way too much on the main girl and her story while other characters stories fell short...In other words, it seemed unbalanced...

ok i love forums like this ^.^ anyways ok i read sailor moon a bunch of times over and over again and seen the series like 5 times now. And i was also confused about chibi chibi and sailor cosmos. What I found out is the sailor cosmos is actually sailor moon but in a distant future way ahead of when she becomes neo queen serenity. This is proven when sailor cosmos says that eternal sailor moon is her but needs the power to loose in order to gain to truly become sailor cosmos. Sailor cosmos means that in order to become her sailor moon must be strong in order to be able to loose a loved one or something precious to truly accomplish her goal. But in the future sailor cosmos was afraid and ran away and went to the past to guide her past self to make the right decisions,but eternal sailor moon instead gave her the courage to continue fighting and never loose hope regaining her true power as a scout which is love, justice and hope,realising her true self. Chibi chibi is the light of hope of galaxia so i thought because in the manga galaxia says sailor moon shines so bright so shes knew she would be the light of hope she was searching for.

would of you guys please shut the hell up all characters are great stop bitching and good with the characters none are annoying as now and days animes which do have annoying characters == morons

...They're just stating their opinions.. no need to be rude.

omg omg omg omg OMGGGGGGGG shut upppppppp

I personally hated the English dub and watched the original anime with subs because the voice actress for Sailor Moon after the first 10 episodes, terri hawkes I think it was, was so horrible. I hope they choose a new cast for voice actors if they make an English dub. if not, Im sticking to subtitles.

Here's my prediction: "Shot by shot adaptation." And I hate those.
Manga is so incredibly bizarre and convoluted. I'd rather they made an entirely new story ark.

All people MEN and WOMEN have the right to be happy...your comment is asinine and not fact. I rule my own world...i don't let anyone else rule it for me.

Will they be editing out all the LGBT characters like they did before. Or now that we live in a less homophobic world can we hope that they will leave things as intended and the characters genders and sexuality will be left alone. It would really be disappointing if they don't.

More details regarding the male roles, what happened on Earth, etc. would be nice. There were probably other princes, and there's definitely room for more depth while still maintaining the girl's spotlight.

I'm hoping for the best of both worlds as far as the battles go. Maybe show Jupiter's skills when the girls are out of uniform or something. I would love better fight scenes but not necessarily more of them. Adding more violence and blood to the main battles seems unnecessary considering how heavy the material is already (manga-wise), and I'd rather it stayed relatively girly. Since a lot of it is psychological/magical, maybe find a way to make what's already canon more eerie. Hopefully if they do amp up the intensity, it won't take away from it's initial "vibe".

In the manga, TM/Mamoru seemed to have more of a personality and the scouts didn't rely so heavily on him showing up on time. Usagi was more mature in the manga, too, while still being relatably....well...herself.

Fighting is what they're usually doing and the story's pretty dark as is. Better battle scenes would be nice, though. "I don't mind girls having something..." Sailor Moon IS that something. I wouldn't mind other perspectives for adding depth, but the spotlight should stay with the girls because that's the whole point.

Him not doing much is probably to show girls that they should not rely on men all the time. Expecting guys to do everything and to automatically be the ideal is unfair to both. Guys can be vulnerable and still be of value and TM is a prime example for young girls. Providing boys with role-models wasn't exactly the goal, but I thought he was fine in the manga (far better than the anime). He's not going to be able to save her every time because he isn't the savior, but his personality was golden.

I'd like to see some more LGBT stuff going on. Could be funny if one of the gay guys makes Mamoru feel awkward.
I heard somewhere that in the beginning he would black out whenever the scouts needed him, and that's when he transformed. I don't think they actually showed him blacking out or sleepwalking...maybe they could add that in, too.

Agreed. Allow the circumstance to interact with the attack. Maybe even show how transforming works. If the whole thing is supposed to be done in a flash in real time, show time slowing down or something.

The Sailor Mars from the manga was easily one of my favorites. She wanted to focus on becoming a head priestess rather than love...I sort of imagined that she would have been a more accurate incarnation of Kikyo (InuYasha). Most of the other girls were boy-crazy, so it made her unique in that she really didn't feel the need to settle down right away. In the anime she seemed to lose her mystique. Her drive for independence was replaced with bitchiness...sure, she's supposed to be hot-headed, but the anime was just silly. Not to mention that shameless obsession she had for Mamoru. Maybe I'm just biased... Here's to hoping they get it right this time.

i agree with people who say tuxedo mask should have more powers.he's supposed to be like a hero in shining armor (i'm guessing) but the scouts are always saving HIM!
2.)anyone who watches some of the latest anime know a lot of the female characters have medium or large racks. i can tell the characters are gonna look different in detail(more like the present anime., but still gonna have that same basic look(look at the newest powerpuff girls series). i personally would like serena and darien's ages to be so far apart.(they're like 6 or 7 years apart!!). i also think i'd be nice for hotaru to come in just a little earlier this time.

I think that the true way of pushing this new version of Sailor Moon forward is to look at the more successful animes of this current time. If anything looking at what Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica did in progressing through the storyline in a generally good time with not too many episodes and yet got through understanding the main plot at hand, character story progression and some interesting battles. There were some flaws with that anime as well since everything has flaws. It was fairly short in which I doubt that Sailor Moon can't be expanded a bit even if they follow a more strict adaptation to the manga. Just because the manga and previous anime was aimed for a younger female audience obviously doesn't mean the new adaptation has to be aimed for that audience alone. As said by previous comments the story is fairly dark and a gradual pick-up to the climax of each arc would probably be best. I guess I'm sort of thinking of it like Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Plus it wouldn't hurt now with not censoring so much as well such as homosexual relationships since we are progressively becoming better at throwing that out in the open. I just hope that the new anime's story will flow well.

I think it would be nice if they included more of the Moon Kingdom's past as we learned about in the manga. Endymion's guards who are seduced into following Beryl. And when they're reborn on Earth and they're searching for their prince they fall into her grasp again. Let's have them in there. Let's not forget this time that Venus is the leader of the court of princesses whose job it is to protect Princess Serenity. And let her have her sword. Let's be reminded that the scouts are princesses in their own right. Give the girls more depth. I feel like the past is so important and yet so glossed over. I'd like to see more of the manga in the show with the personalities of the characters. And it would be nice if Sailor V wasn't mentioned just once and then forgotten.

there are lot to say but i wanna point out one thing. transformations. the transformations from the original series were where I gained my aesthetic sense from. it was incredible and so beautiful. now, there is a new serie coming and personally, I want transformations to be even more beautiful and detailed with the current image technology. That can be a good remake for me.

It Amara and Michelle not Tamara

A "more direct adaptation of the manga" means they're going the "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood" route, and about damn time, too.

She's her mother's adorable foil in the manga.

I hope the new series beef up the fight scenes. I hated when the villians showed up and all the scouts transformed and one move killed the villian in the anime. They should model the sailor moon promise of the rose fight scene.

I hated the voices of the english dub to the point i could not watch it. I would rather read subtitles than listen to Sailor moons and chibi moons english voices...

That would be great! I would also like to see the transformations change their appearance to the Scouts we know, where they have more natural appearances until they change. (Just like in PGSM)

I don't think he meant that guys could do everything for us, I just think he meant that he wants a guy to have a good role as well. I totally agree with both of you. I understand, Tuxedo Kamen is kinda lame in the anime. He actually was more of an important in the manga which I will guess they have not read.

I would appreciate a male character who doesn't just sit around, as well.

Also, when I was younger, I kinda got the idea that guy in Sailor Moon's world were more or less useless. That really changed when I read the manga, which is like my baby of this series right next to PGSM.

i heard that tuxedo mask represented sailor earth and that is why we dont have one

she's great in the manga, terrible in the anime!

you're an idiot.

I can't even tell if you're a psychotic fanboy, or a troll pretending to be a psychotic fanboy...

i am a true fan of it so dont say im a troll but i will say i hate that people dont give characters or voice actors a chance being from the old school era i know what is true to my heart and yes im psychotic

Its cheesy and weird to call the characters by their actual names? Sailor Moon is set in Japan. I think its rather weird that there are Japanese schoolgirls named Serena and Molly.

I'm fine with it in the original anime, because its a product of its time, when accuracy to the source material wasn't viewed as being as important as making sure it was "American friendly". But this is 2014, and we are aware that Japan exists, and can still relate to characters and stories set there.

People played through the VERY Japanese Persona games without having their brains explode from the use of Japanese names and currency and terminology like "sensei" and "senpai", so I think we can handle a Sailor Moon that actually keeps the character's names in tact.

I'm most worried about Mercury, personally. Even if they try using the original names, I'm afraid they'll fuck it up since her names are so similar. The look like they'd be pronounced the same, but Ami is pronounced "ah-mee" not "Ey-mee".

He does. A senshi is the person that has the star seed of whatever planet/asteroid/star inside of them. The golden star seed of earth was inside Mamoru. He was actually quite powerful in the manga, with many abilities and attacks never shown in the anime. His character was absolutely destroyed in the old anime.

Yeah, I'm really hoping they'll make a series or at least a movie that covers Codename: Sailor V.

I'm confused by you talking about Cosmos as she is in the manga, and then jumping to ChibiChibi being the light of hope of Sailor Galaxia. That's the anime version. The manga ChibiChibi is not related to Galaxia. She is simply Sailor Cosmos in disguise. The way you jump, I'm not sure if you know that?

Please shut up. Thank you. And Terri Hawkes is a legend. Everyone wants her to come back! And you'd rather they just have a new boring english cast. Terri Hawkes not playing Serena is like Peter Cullen not playing Optimus Prime.

STOP! Be nice everybody! Rini is a little girl in the anime and manga! She is five years old. Just think about it, you where annoying when you where a kid too. If you don't like it then DON'T watch it! That's how her character is and it will not change so get over it! I am a TRUE Sailor Moon Fan!

this is why reboots are bad ideas in general. we should be encouraging new talent and stop dwelling on the past, because somebody always walks away with an feeling of alienation and disapointment. i think batman is proberbly the only series to have a dozen remakes and people go back for them. where as stuff like this starts off fights like in this thread. something ends up "corrupted" many end up dissapointed.

sailor moon is great like shakespear is great and we know shakespear needn't write hamlet the next generation and need we say more about modern interpretations. it's dissapointing anime like evangelion and now sailormoon is going to fall under those reinterpretation traps.

If she's from the future, wouldn't she be like -900?

In the manga, it's mentioned that she is actually around 900 years old. She's mentally and appearance wise 5/6 years old.

I'd like to see Luna's, Artemis's, and Diana's human forms like in the manga. Though we did get to see Luna's at the end of the second movie.

I know I have an unpopular opinion, but I kinda hope they keep the English names in the English dub. so many people react so strongly to them, it is a part of their childhood and growing up with it leaves a strong impression. People who loved the original Japanese names probably just liked the Japanese version better anyway, so I think they should just watch that. It will be subtitled. Allow the new dub (which I hope they make) appeal to us who liked the old version, but at the same time give us something new. I doubt it will be edited as much so that doesn't need to be a concern. I will watch this new series regardless but I will be a bit disappointed if I am not "reunited" with Serena and her friends. Also, give the old cast a chance to audition. I HATE it when they don't even allow actors the chance to reprise their roles. If they can't do it, that's understandable, but if they can, they should in my opinion.

Didn't say I hated her, I just found her annoying. Which had nothing to do with the voice acting. And having now read the manga, her character in the anime was much more bratty. And besides, given than the series is from Usagi's point of view and Rini is effectively an annoying younger sibling and Usagi is annoyed at her 99% of the time, doesn't it make sense we as fans would feel that too?

Maybe it's just me but if that happened to me, I would be thrilled that I got to see my mum, even is she wasn't my mum yet (creepy I know). The fact that Rini is so old (can never remember her real name) makes it much more sympathetic though because she is childish but at the same time grown up which is much more in keeping with what she does than her just being a kid.

She's from the 30th Century, meaning the period between 2900-3000.
Sailor Moon is set in the 90's, and Usagi marries Mamoru after the end of the series, so ChibiUsa was probably born in the early 2000's, making her around 900 years old when she comes back to the present.

But even so, she is noted to age very slowly compared to her peers.

The problem with Chibiusa in the Black Moon arc is that she sees Usagi as a fake of Neo Queen Serenity and undeserving of the Silver Crystal, so the girl acts like Usagi is her step-mother (And bullies her accordingly).
She seems to get better as she grows older, in the Mugen arc she seems more preocupied with adolescent drama and Hotaru, and by the Dream arc she doesn't really have much relevance anymore.

You should expect filler too, the Sailor Moon manga is extremely short, they won't be able to make much out of it if they simply adapt it word for word.

No Rini is 900 something years old not 5 just saying. And yes she was very annoying and please pay closer attention to your time slips people.

agree with you man so much

I have a question. If Sailor Moon airs in the US, what channel or program or whatever will it be on? I do not want to miss it.

Rini IS really annoying in the anime.
Irritated the hell out of me.

His name is Mamoru Chiba. He's techincally Sailor Earth (he has the star seed of Earth and its active thats what gives you the ability to be a sailor soldier. Not to mention he transforms into a warrior fighting for the same thing Sailor Moon is fighting for) He simply takes the back seat because like in Shounen, which i tailored for boys thus female characters take a back seat, Shoujo is tailored for girls thus male characters take a back seat.

Still, there are worthy male characters in teh show. Just because they aren't the primary characters, doesn't mean they don't exist. Its a bit better in shows like sailor moon for the opposite gender than in shows like DragonBall Z or Naruto for girls. Hell, even some of the evil guys in sailor moon carried a sense of dignity to them, (Nephlite anyone? )

fix her? By forgoing all her development from precocious, self-righteous brat who hates the past version of her mother, to learning grow up in her own right and developing a relationship with past Usagi, learning to see her mother in a much more honest light instead of the perfection she's portrayed as? You see, Chibiusa, in her mind, has some rather big shoes to fill since her mother saved the universe countless times and went on to be the queen that brought peace to the Earth and restored it. Not to mention, in the manga, Chibiusa has to deal with the ethnocentric attitudes of the Moon People. When she arrives in then present day Tokyo, she is confronted with a lazy, selfish, childish shell of a "mother" she's come to idolize. That'd cause anyone recoil. However, over time, she grows to love Usagi as a mother and a friend and sees the true interpretation of her mother instead of the goddess Usagi grows up to be.

I don't know about you, but thats what you call character development and its much harder to develop perfect characters who have no flaws to iron out. Thats what development refers to, characters growing into better versions of themselves through trial and error. So keep your sterile, perfected Chibiusa to yourself. Much rather see the "annoying" character grow and learn from their mistakes and bad behaviors/choices.

Madoka Magica managed to make huge amounts of money in only 12 episodes.

I think Toei should just stick to the source material.