Modern Family, Season 4, Episode 14: Heart Broken, Review

Review Kerry Crump
2/15/2013 at 8:31PM

Partying high school students. SHOCKING.

Everyone is trying to feel the love during Valentine’s Day in the Modern Family, but life seems to be getting in the way. And if Jay and Gloria can’t get some “alone time,”nobody else in the family will either. Oh and sassy Lily is making a return, too.

This episode was organized differently from any other Modern Family episode, because the extended family barely interacted at all. The only interaction was Lily showing up at the Pritchett house when Gloria and Jay were kissing and Jay calling Claire to make sure she was okay. Not a fan of that, but they still managed to nail their sense of humor.

We start with Claire sitting seductively at a bar, martini in hand. When Phil enters, a romantic evening is in the future, that is until he messes up the pickup line. When the two decide to cut their losses and head home, Claire ends up passed out on the floor. After a trip to the hospital, she’s diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, a genetic disease that she inherited from her mother. 

This brings out the rough and tough Claire we know and love. She’s afraid to admit she is scared and doesn’t want her family to be worried about her. The stubborn Claire won’t ask for help, even when her kids think that she and Phil are still out and decide to have a party.

Yes, the Dunphy kids are throwing a party. Even Alex. And apparently it’s a regular occurrence when the parents are out of the house! High school partying in an empty house? How original Modern Family.

After the six-week post labor waiting period, Gloria and Jay are ready to get down and dirty. But with Claire’s recent hospital visit, she can’t watch Joe (the nickname for baby Fulgencio) and Lily for the day as originally planned. When the old lovebirds finally get the two kids distracted, a baby-proofer knocks on the door to install gates and bumpers. This gate will eventually be torn down when the sexually frustrated Jay can’t figure out the baby-proof handle to get upstairs to Gloria.

Throw Manny’s distraction on top of this and we get emotions that we rarely see from Jay Pritchett; compassion and concern. Manny is invited by a secret admirer to a Valentine’s day party and Jay is afraid that it is a set up to embarrass Manny. I think it was the directions for Manny to wear a hat with a feather that gave him this hunch. This makes Jay worry about Manny and then begin worrying about Claire’s recent condition as well.

Mitch and Cam are really pretty random in this episode. In short, Cam accuses Mitch of not being fun, Mitch blacks out, steals the neighbors’ Christmas decorations and dyes the cat pink.  Oh and Cam told Dillon that he could live with them. They really don’t have a problem with Dillon because he cleans everything, but when Lily gets back from Gloria’s, she gets sassy with Dillon and kicks him to the curb.

I’m going to say that this episode was made to start a few new story lines. We’re going to hear more about Claire’s recent disease, Manny’s relationships with girls and more about baby Joe Joe. And one can only hope that Lily stays as sassy as her daddies, it’s just so stinkin’ cute.

Life Lessons from the Modern Family:

Don’t work too hard at finding love on Valentine’s day or you will end up without any love. You might also end up with a pink cat.

“It’s just one of those things you have to say, like don’t drink while you’re pregnant!” –Claire Dunphy 

“Did it hurt, when you fell from heaven?” –Phil Dunphy 

“It’s the one time of the year where the World tries to be as romantic as I am every day. Good luck World” –Manny Pritchett