Hell On Wheels: Do You Want to See A Season 4?

News Robert Bernstein
10/7/2013 at 7:12PM

Do you want to see 'Hell On Wheels' return for Season 4? Take our poll!

Hell On Wheels' Season 3 finale has been widely discussed since it aired on Saturday October 5th.  While there are many mixed opinions about the finale, it's clear that "Get Behind The Mule" set up a Season 4.
With AMC's other dramas dying down (we're looking at you, Mad Men), and Breaking Bad finishing, it's looking more likely that Hell On Wheels will be returning for a Season 4.  Still, AMC has not given the official word.
Us here at Den of Geek would welcome a Hell On Wheels Season 4, as we've generally enjoyed the show.  Even on the TV graveyard of Saturdays, we've sat right by our TVs to watch it. We'll of course keep you posted on the show's status, but for now, we're curious on what our readers think after this season.  Do you want to see Hell On Wheels return for a Season 4?
Hell On Wheels: Do You Want to See HoW return for Season 4?
Yes, but move it from Saturday to a weeknight.
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