Hell On Wheels: Do You Want to See A Season 4?

News Robert Bernstein 10/7/2013 at 7:12PM

Do you want to see 'Hell On Wheels' return for Season 4? Take our poll!

Hell On Wheels' Season 3 finale has been widely discussed since it aired on Saturday October 5th.  While there are many mixed opinions about the finale, it's clear that "Get Behind The Mule" set up a Season 4.
With AMC's other dramas dying down (we're looking at you, Mad Men), and Breaking Bad finishing, it's looking more likely that Hell On Wheels will be returning for a Season 4.  Still, AMC has not given the official word.
Us here at Den of Geek would welcome a Hell On Wheels Season 4, as we've generally enjoyed the show.  Even on the TV graveyard of Saturdays, we've sat right by our TVs to watch it. We'll of course keep you posted on the show's status, but for now, we're curious on what our readers think after this season.  Do you want to see Hell On Wheels return for a Season 4?
Hell On Wheels: Do You Want to See HoW return for Season 4?
Yes, but move it from Saturday to a weeknight.
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Not seeing this through to the completion of the railroad would be an absolute tragedy. I can see not continuing it afterward, though I would still watch, as the setting and story are both fantastic.

our hero hopes it returns for season 4 or he's left by himself with his
pregnant teenage wife living on a Mormon reservation run by a serial
killer who has it in for him. Then again back at the ranch his job has
been taken from him and there's another woman with the hots for him
taking care of a kid he sort of adopted. Maybe he doesn't want to
return. I might not

Sorry. They jumped the shark when they killed off Elam using one (well a bear, close enough).

They don't care about this show anymore, evidenced by their culling of the cast in a clumsy fashion while bringing back without actually expanding on the Swede...

It seems they just want to make it a "me vs you" type show like all the other crap on the t.v. I will be avoiding this show from now on and I have been watching since season one.

When you insult a viewers intelligence by killing off a character we have grown to love and trust... you kill the show itself.


They never revealed if Elam is dead. Unless Common wants/gets out of his role, I doubt he will be killed off. I will be interested in hearing how he survives a fight with a bear though.

I think we have a good show ahead of us now that the Swede and Bohanan are in the same vicinity. It is a long term payoff that felt slightly weak because it took so long to reach and then "here we are! Now see you next season." Micky could be an antagonist of interest as well, he certainly makes me a lot more uncomfortable than Durrant, which is fun because he is so likeable in many ways.

Nah. The show is trash now, hardly anything to do with the railroad anymore. Feels like the walking dead season with the governor. Yawn.

Hell yeah!

"Damnit Elam!"

To your comment about the gov. that portion of the story was needed for future story lines, read the comics.

Back to HoW, we don't know if Elam is dead, and if you didn't notice the boy was the one who's father and mother were murdered by the Swede, that in itself is a huge portion of story left untold, witch might even include Former Pres. Grant (fiction of course) in perhaps a siege on the fort? Or maybe an uprising against the Swede?
Not to mention the state they left the railroad, it's seen as a 'new' beginning by reaching the town. Plus the feud that will come between Ruth and Bohannon's new 'wife'... there is so much more to tell, they haven't even reached the Rocky's yet, that in itself could cover an entire new setting, and possibly even two seasons if done right.

The show has massive potential, but AMC is not giving it any credit, they just need to start adding in more challenges, other than Durrant and Bohannon fighting for chief engineer all the time, it will all come together soon I hope.

I love the settings and would like to see the episodes with more interesting plot development and definitely see it to through to the completion of the railroad in Utah.

i think we are most definitely getting a season 4, so many of the storylines were set up so perfectly for continuation, for example the taking over of the railroad before Cullen's actual deadline was actually met. i can see cullen getting himself a sharp lawyer who can somehow regain his railroad through a breach of contract claim. also eva said she felt his spirit leave him and we saw a bloody body but lets not forget last season we saw the swede fall more than 15ft deep into a river and survive so i am more than positive should the writers and common want to continue the elam story, they most certainly can,