Doctor Who: Rachel Talalay chats Capaldi, finale and Moffat

News Rob Leane 8/13/2014 at 8:29AM

Doctor Who series 8 finale director Rachel Talalay has been chatting about the show…

The hype for Doctor Who series 8 continues this morning. In a bit of a change to the monotony though, we’ve now heard our first snippet of news about the series 8 finale.

There’s “so much action… and emotional material,” the episode’s director Rachel Talalay told The Globe and Mail of Steven Moffat’s script, a Cybermen story in London.

Nice and vague then, but it sounds like may be worth stocking up on Kleenex now, it could be a teary one.

As you might expect, Talalay also offered a description of Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor. She opted for "slightly grumpier, more complicated."

Responding to the less-nice corners of the internet who suggested that Talalay had been hired for her gender alone, the director commented that "I said to Steven Moffat, 'If I was to read the Internet I would believe you only hired me because you were pressured to hire a woman'.

"He said, 'I think they need to know I hired you because of your reel and your material and what we believed you would bring to it'."

Doctor Who hits screens big and small on August 23, and wll run for 12 weeks.


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