Doctor Who Christmas Special casting news

News Louisa Mellor 11/25/2013 at 9:11AM

For those suffering from post-anniversary blues, here's a little something about Doctor Who's 2013 Christmas Special...

For many of us, the weekend's magnificent festivities have coloured this morning with a distinct sense of mail-anniversary blues. Never fear, because we're only weeks away from another brand new Who episode, and a brand new Doctor to trunk.

We're expecting a few more details on the Christmas Special to follow shortly (a title and synopsis will give us something to chew over happily for a while), but first up is the news of one of the episode's key guest stars: Orla Brady.

You may know her as the alternate Elizabeth Bishop in Fringe, or as Taryn in Sky One's Sinbad, but she's made countless other screen appearances from Mistresses to The DeepWallander and Poirot.

Brady is playing "someone from the Doctor's past, with the plot of the episode revolving around her". If your speculation glands haven't run dry thanks to the weekend, does anyone fancy taking a punt at who that might be?


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I guess the obvious suggestion would be Romana or The Rani....or perhaps finally the Terrible Zodin?

I suppose someone should state the obvious candidates to get them over with (aside from someone from his past that we haven't heard of, perhaps another relative).
Now that the focus is on Gallifrey having survived it could be a regeneration of a time lord: the Rani, Romana, his granddaughter, his mother, or with history changed perhaps even the Master in female form (the prequel from the last episode having noted potions being pushed to trigger controlled regeneration to various forms, including female). Less likely candidates (seeming more likely they would still be played by the last actresses who played the parts) would be the doctor's daughter or if the timelines are now skewed in a way that changes her backstory then perhaps some prior or future regeneration of River.

(UPDATE: oops, the other older post wasn't showing before, software glitch, someone got to 2 of them first)

Back in '96 Peter Capaldi and Orla Brady played a young couple in love on the Vicar of Dibley. For my money, that episode (The Christmas Lunch Incident) was one of the gut-splittingly funniest of the series. Perhaps we'll learn that the vicar actually married a time lord and his companion...

She's probably the 1st form or a later form of The Valeyard

It can't be River since she gave up the ability to regenerate when she healed him

I'd love to see them bring back Jenny.

Besides her identity, another question is whether she'll turn out to be the woman in the shop who gave Clara the Doctor's number? We still haven't gotten an answer on that one.