Boardwalk Empire Predictions and Guarantees for Season 5

Feature Tony Sokol 12/11/2013 at 8:51AM

SPOILER ADVISORY: Yes, I know this season barely ended. Sue me.

Okay,  I waited as long as I could. Like a lot of Boardwalk Empire junkies, I’ve been jonesing since watching Eli get in that car. Yeah, sure, I’ve had Mob City to ease withdrawal, but it’s only a taste and it’s a different drug entirely. It’s certainly not the stuff Dr. Narcisse has been peddling on Chalky’s side of the boardwalk. So what’s the next move for our beloved gangsters?

Nucky says he wants out, but that ain’t gonna happen. He may even try, but what would that leave? A series about sea and sand and maybe the rides and games. That may be a great summer replacement, but there are empires to build. Eli, as I said, just got in the car with Van Alden and they’re jockeying it over the Chicago. I think Eli’s gonna get along just fine as a go-between between the former agent and Al Capone. As a matter of fact, I predict Eli is going to do big things in the Windy City.

Okay, this season of Boardwalk Empire took place in 1926. HBO was true to history. More than I expected actually and I expected a lot from them. In Chicago, Johnny Torrio stepped down as the head of The Outfit and put Al in charge. That happened in 1926 on this side of the lens too. So the next season should pick up in 1927 and 1927 really was Al Capone's year. The first year on the job as chief of the Chicago Outfit, Capone’s leadership pulled in more than $108 million. That’s a lot of booze, broads and bullets.

Not so lucky for Luciano though. Charlie is going to see a new face on the streets of New York City. It’s not so much his problem as his boss’s and in the long run, it’ll pay off in Lucky’s favor. Charlie’s boss is Joe The Boss Masseria. He’s pretty much the biggest shot on Manhattan. But things are sloppy as far as the Sicilian Mafia is concerned. Don Vito Cascio Ferro, a wise and honorable man, thinks all the Italian-American gangs should wear one color. In 1927 Ferro is going to send Salvatore Maranzano to New York to straighten everybody out. I predict HBO will bring in Maranzano by episode two. Also remember the names Louis Buchalter and Jack Diamond. They’ll be making some waves in New York.

Cosa nostra, this thing of theirs, is probably going to come out from under the manholes in New York and Chicago next season. In Chicago, the Mafia was represented by the Aiello brothers and in 1927 they decided that Capone had gotten big enough in town and it was time to quiet that Napolitano voice of his. Sicilians think they neighbors from Naples were a little too flamboyant and loud. Capone was a good example. He lived big, he had fun big. He gave back to the community in a big way and let everyone know it. The Aiellos’ ears just can’t take it. Next season watch for a character Angelo LoMantio out of Wisconsin. He ain’t what made Milwaukee famous. The Aiellos are going to hire him to whack our favorite Scarface. They are also going to call in Sam Valante from New York to whack Capone, but Valente’s barely gonna make it into town. They’ll try on more time with Antonio Torchio, also from New York. He’s also contracted to hit Al Capone, but he’s not going to make it off the train.

Capone’s gonna get it from both ends actually. The North Side gang is going to go after Capone early. Al’s got a favorite restaurant in the Hawthorne Inn. The guy who runs it, Theodore “Tony the Greek”  Anton, is going to be taken for a ride. I predict this will spoil Al’s appetite. The O’Donnell Gang out of the Southside is also going to be more than a little miffed with how he’s BMOC, Big Man on Chicago, and they’re going to clip his ties to city politics by snatching his go-between to the city cops, Jackie Adler. They’ll let him go. But Capone’s going to lose a little of his blue sheen. It’s going to come out of the hide of Louis LaCava, who will take the fall for not delivering Cicero up to Al. They’re not going to kill him, my guess is they’ll send him to either Atlantic City or he’ll go into the Masseria-Maranzano conflict, which is just going to get bigger.

Hoover’s gonna have his first taste of the anti-crime weapon tax evasion when they nab Manley Sullivan a bootlegger in Capone’s backyard. I predict Nucky is going to get more into the Wire Services, which reports racing results as they happen. In Chicago, it’ll be picked up by newsie Moses Annenberg. Thank you OTB. Nucky’s going to have to pull out of Florida because of a Coast Guard maneuver. In 1927, the "King of the Rum Runners" James Alderman killed two Coast Guards and a Secret Service agent while they were arresting him off the coast of Florida. That’s the kind of story that Boardwalk Empire can make its own and don’t think they don’t know it.


Correction - This season of Boardwalk Empire took place in the year 1924, not 1926, I used to know that, but apparently forgot in my excitement. I will do another piece on the year 1925, and you can use this as a reference for the next season. I don't buy that Boardwalk Empire's fifth season will be its last.


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