Batman 1966 Blu-ray and DVD Details and Possible Release Date

News Mike Cecchini
4/6/2014 at 12:31PM

More details about the special features of the Batman TV show Blu-ray and DVD have started to emerge, including a possible release date!

The long-awaited classic Batman TV show home video release is moving right along, and it sounds like Warner Bros. are going to give the fans what they want. Not only that, it sounds like they're going to give us what we want in time for the holidays! After all, there's no reason not to, the 1966 Batman series has never had any kind of official home video release, so you might say we're a little overdue.

Warner Bros. haven't revealed much in the way of official details yet, but thanks to the bat-fans over at The 13th Dimension, who have a hotline directly to the Dynamic Duo of Adam West and Burt Ward, some details have begun to emerge. 13th Dimension's Dan Greenfield spoke to Mr. Ward, who has recorded some "very in-depth" material about "the more sophisticated aspects of the show."

Most exciting of sounds like they're aiming for a late November release for the set! UPDATED! November release date confirmed...trailer released! 

Head over to The 13th Dimension for more details.

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