Arrow: New Clips From The Scientist Showcase Grant Gustin as Barry Allen - UPDATED

News Mike Cecchini
12/3/2013 at 10:53AM

"The Scientist" premieres on the CW this week, and here are some clips that should give you a little insight into Grant Gustin's portrayal of Barry Allen!

Fans who are counting down to finally seeing The Flash introduced on Arrow don't have much longer to wait. While we've already had one trailer for the episode, "The Scientist," give us some clues about what to expect, this latest video, featuring Andrew Kreisberg talking about their approach to Barry Allen, gives us a little more "Flash-centric" point of view. You can watch the whole thing here...and see if you spot what we spotted!

So, what have we learned? Well, Barry is as square as he's often been portrayed in the comics, so that's cool. No bow ties to be found, but he is wearing a rather stylish knit red, of course. But that's not all. We've got one screengrab for you here that should make fans really excited, as it's both a fun easter egg for comic fans and also a clue to how Arrow might approach Flash's origin.

So, amusingly enough, Barry is reading a copy of Science Showcase, a nod to the character's first appearance in Showcase #4 back in 1956. But if you squint, you can see that the cover story is "STAR Labs Particle Collider: Is It Safe?" Since the beginning of season two, Arrow has teased (via news broadcasts) a STAR Labs particle accelerator that has been drawing protests regarding its safety concerns. While a quantum physics origin for Flash would certainly make sense in the context of the show...could this possibly be a red herring?

After Barry's two episodes, "The Scientist" and "Three Ghosts" (which will feature Solomon Grundy as the baddie), the show returns in January with an episode entitled "Blast Radius." If that title has anything to do with the STAR Labs particle collider (and we bet it does), then this could be important. The thing is, Grant Gustin is currently only officially scheduled to appear on "The Scientist" and "Three Ghosts," and The Flash pilot is now going to be a standalone episode and not a backdoor via Arrow. So, are they teasing Barry's superheroic origin via STAR Labs...or will "Blast Radius" introduce Firestorm? After all, in the comics, it was protests at a nuclear reactor that originally landed Ronnie Raymond his Firestorm powers...and Arrow regular Felicity Smoak was a Firestorm supporting character back in the day.

UPDATED: The Hollywood Reporter has more quotes from Andrew Kreisberg regarding Grant Gustin's casting as Barry Allen that may shed even more light on how Flash's origin will be approached on the show:

"The thing that was important to us was that he really should be a contrast to Oliver and to Stephen. Stephen is the traditional square-jawed, muscle-bound hero. That works really well, because he needs all that. One of the things about Flash is he's a random guy who gets struck by lightning. He needs the bolt of lightning to be a hero in a way Stephen doesn't."

That "random guy who gets struck by lightning" sure does sound like the traditional Flash origin, doesn't it? Although, Greg Berlanti also said that viewers would continue to hear about Barry throughout the season "in the way that you’re hearing now about STAR Labs on the periphery...[and] in terms of Felicity since she has a connection with him." Since the "periphery" with STAR Labs has involved new broadcasts hinting at an imminent crisis, does this mean Barry goes missing or that there's an aftermath to the accident that gives him his powers...whether it's the lightning bolt, the particle collider, or some combination of both?

Perhaps we're reading too much into this, but considering the seemingly endless stream of DC characters and background mythology that are getting woven into Arrow on a weekly basis these days, it's worth discussing! Regardless, we'll be following the developments of the new Flash TV series very closely!

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