Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Premiere Date Announced, New Character Hints

News Mike Cecchini 7/15/2014 at 9:07PM
Agents of Shield

The season premiere for Agents of SHIELD season 2 has been revealed, and there may be a new Agent along for the ride.

Agents of SHIELD finished its first season strong. It had to. What was easily the most anticipated TV show in superhero fandom hit a wall early on, and battled diminishing returns with viewers and a lukewarm critical reception. But it powered through and those last few episodes in the first season felt more like the show that everyone expected in the first place.

So wherefore art season two? Now we know. ABC have announced that Agents of SHIELD season two will premiere on Tuesday, September 23rd. Please note that it has a new timeslot of 9 pm, so adjust your DVRs accordingly.

We don't know anything else about the show so far, but TV Line have dropped one little tidbit for you to chew on. Apparently the show is casting a "ruggedly handsome, physically fit actor to play a character who can escape any situation, is a bit of a wild card and, though he's mostly interested in personal gain, always ends up doing the right thing." This could, seriously, be almost anybody. Feel free to speculate in the comments.

But, y'know, "physically fit," "escape any situation," and "a bit of a wild card?" Maybe this will be...Agent Steranko! We're not joking. Make it happen. 

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