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What's Worth Watching on FXX's Animation Domination?

Daniel Kurland Review Jan 29, 2015

FXX's Animation Domination block is a powerful lineup of distinct, unhinged short bursts of animation.

American Tokusatsu Shows: Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad

Shamus Kelley News Jan 28, 2015

Our looks at the Ameri-Toku shows that followed Power Rangers (but not its success) continue with Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad.

Mortal Kombat X Live Stream: The Next Fighter to Be Revealed

Gavin Jasper Viral Video Jan 29, 2015

A new character is said to be revealed in the latest look at the upcoming fighting game. You can give it a watch here!

Power Rangers Dino Charge Premiere Date Moved Up

Shamus Kelley News Jan 29, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge has moved up its premiere tonight! We have details on how you can watch the first episode.

The lessons NBC’s Parenthood has taught us

Louisa Mellor Feature Jan 29, 2015

As Parenthood, Jason Katims’ follow-up to Friday Night Lights, draws to an end, here’s what the Braverman family has taught us…

Broad City: Wisdom Teeth Review

Daniel Kurland Review Jan 29, 2015

Abbi gets her wisdom teeth taken out, and everything crumbles apart in a particularly hazy episode of Broad City.

The 100: Survival of the Fittest Review

David S.E. Zapanta Review Jan 28, 2015

The 100 offers us some unlikely pairings to keep viewers—and some favorite characters—on their toes.

Supergirl TV Series Casts Jimmy Olsen

Mike Cecchini News Jan 28, 2015

Mehcad Brooks will join Melissa Benoist on the Supergirl TV show coming in 2015. We have details on his character right here...

The Americans: Season 3 Premiere Review

Alec Bojalad Review Jan 28, 2015

The Americans kicks off season three with a murder, some brownies and peak levels of Frank Langella.

Empire: False Imposition, Review

Nick Harley Review Jan 28, 2015

Empire's ratings have continued to rise. Read our review to find out what you're missing!

Arrow: Midnight City review

Mike Cecchini Review Jan 28, 2015

It's still all about Arsenal and Black Canary in another action packed edition of Arrow. Here's Mike's review...

12 Monkeys: Cassandra Complex trailer

Michael Ahr Trailer Jan 28, 2015

Cole risks fracturing his time line to chase solar flares on the next episode of Syfy's 12 Monkeys.

Showtime Sneaks a Peak Behind Penny Dreadful In New Trailer

Tony Sokol Trailer Jan 28, 2015

Showtime drops new trailer for Penny Dreadful season 2.

Gotham Scarecrow Episode: The Fearsome Doctor Crane Trailer and Info

Mike Cecchini News Jan 28, 2015

We're going to meet the Scarecrow's dad on the next episode of Gotham, and he is just as obsessed with fear as his famous son.

First Pics of Patrick Stewart from Blunt Talk Set

David Crow News Jan 28, 2015

We have pictures of Patrick Stewart from the set of his new Starz and Seth MacFarlane TV sitcom, Blunt Talk.

Agents of SHIELD Trailer Reveals Inhumans

Mike Cecchini Trailer Jan 28, 2015

The Inhumans are coming to Agents of SHIELD, and the trailer for the show's return makes that clear.

True Detective Villain Glenn Fleshler Scares Up A Role On Hannibal Season 3

Tony Sokol News Jan 28, 2015

True Detective’s Yellow King, Glenn Fleshler, gets a taste of fava beans on Hannibal season 3.

12 of TV's Most Kickass Mothers

Emma Matthews The Lists Jan 28, 2015

Cersei Lannister, Malory Archer, Kelly Burkhardt and more, these geek TV mums deserve more than a bunch of flowers come Mothers' Day…

Agent Carter: The Blitzkrieg Button Review

Marc Buxton Review Jan 28, 2015

Another week of Agent Carter and another MacGuffin? Think again since this episode has one great twist, plus Howard Stark!

Supernatural: There's No Place Like Home Review

Bridget LaMonica Review Jan 27, 2015

We got an evil twin story in tonight's episode of Supernatural. Did it take us deeper into Oz? Find out in our review!