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Jessica Jones: Complete Marvel Universe Easter Eggs and Comics References Guide

Mike Cecchini Feature Nov 25, 2015

Get your Jessica Jones Netflix series details here! We're still updating our complete guide to every Marvel Universe reference in the show!

MST3K Turkey Day 2015 Details and How to Watch

Mike Cecchini News Nov 25, 2015

The greatest Thanksgiving tradition of them all returns! MST3K Turkey Day 2015 is go! Here's how you can see it.

Regular Show: J.G. Quintel Talks The Movie, Music, and... Burgers.

David Burszan Interview Nov 25, 2015

We chat with J.G. Quintel, the man behind Regular Show: The Movie, about the film, music, and burgers...

Dan Harmon Says HarmonQuest is Looking Awesome

Joe Matar News Nov 25, 2015

The new animated series HarmonQuest from Dan Harmon is coming along nicely...

TV Premiere Date Calendar for 2016

Den Of Geek News Nov 25, 2015

It's our TV premiere calendar 2016! We have your favorite returning shows for midseason and new series premiere dates...

The Walking Dead Season 6 News: Midseason Finale Preview, Trailers, Premiere Date & Photos

John Saavedra News Nov 25, 2015

Everything you need to know about The Walking Dead season 6: midseason premiere date, trailers, casting, and much more!

Sherlock: Moffat & Gatiss on Christmas Special

Louisa Mellor Interview Nov 25, 2015

Sherlock showrunners Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss share the thinking behind the Sherlock Christmas Special, The Abominable Bride…

Doctor Who Season 9 News: Heaven Sent Preview, Photos, & Synopsis, First Christmas Special Promo

Den Of Geek News Nov 25, 2015

What you need to know about Doctor Who season 9, including trailers, casting, and a full episode guide.

Supergirl TV Show Casting Superman

Mike Cecchini News Nov 25, 2015

A casting call has gone out for a young Superman to appear on the Supergirl TV show.

WWE Raw Ratings Down Again

Mike McMahon News Nov 25, 2015

WWE Raw saw its ratings plummet again this week as the product struggles to gain any traction with viewers ...

Doctor Who: Heaven Sent Review (Spoiler Free)

Simon Brew Review Nov 25, 2015

Heaven Sent is a gripping Doctor Who episode which perfectly marries the talents of Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat and Rachel Talalay...

MST3K Reboot News Update: New Host, Cast Details, and More...

Mike Cecchini News Nov 24, 2015

The MST3K reboot crowdfunding campaign is chugging along, and has unofficially announced a new host. We have more details...

Arrow Season 4 News: Episode Guide, New Characters, Trailers, and More

Den Of Geek News Nov 24, 2015

What you need to know about the Arrow season 4 premiere date, trailers, villains, spoilers, and more right here!

Marvel's Luke Cage Netflix Series Details

Den Of Geek News Nov 24, 2015

Everything you need to know about Marvel's Luke Cage TV show, including story details, casting, premiere date, and more!

42 Movies Being Adapted For TV

Nick Harley Chris Longo The Lists Nov 24, 2015

Our tracking of TV shows in development based on hit movies continues with Snowpiercer and Tremors ...

Degrassi: Next Class Trailer Arrives

Shamus Kelley News Nov 24, 2015

Classic Canadian teen soap Degrassi is coming back in 2016, this time on Netflix! Watch the trailer here...

John Carpenter is Developing Four New TV Shows

Joseph Baxter News Nov 24, 2015

Eccentric legend John Carpenter is revealed to be working on four new TV projects. Details here...

Digimon Adventure tri. Movie 2 Announcement

Shamus Kelley News Nov 24, 2015

Digimon Adventure tri. can't be stopped, Determination is coming soon!

Christmas Movies and TV Show Schedule 2015

Den Of Geek News Nov 24, 2015

Update: We have a complete list of Christmas movies on TV AND your Christmas TV show schedule right here for your holiday cheer.

Dan Harmon Would Do a Community Movie When the Time Is Right

Joe Matar News Nov 24, 2015

Don't count out a Community movie just yet, Dan Harmon tells us, but it has to FEEL right.