The Walking Dead

Paramount Names Transformers Writing Team

Tony Sokol News May 20, 2015

Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman stumbles onto Transformers

What happens when a TV show outgrows its premise?

Caroline Preece News Apr 20, 2015

TV shows either have to evolve or die when they outlive their original premise. Change is vital to survival...

The Walking Dead Chewing on a bone

The Walking Dead Season 6: Kirkman Teases Major Character Death

John Saavedra News Apr 15, 2015

Robert Kirkman wants you to know there might be a major character death in The Walking Dead season 6.

Fear The Walking Dead: what we'd like to see in the spin-off

Duncan Bowles Feature Mar 31, 2015

New heroes, plenty of gore, and one or two familiar faces, that's what we want to see from AMC spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead...

The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Review: Conquer

John Saavedra Review Mar 29, 2015

The Walking Dead season 5 has come to an end. Here is what we thought about the season finale!

The Walking Dead Season 5: Try Review

John Saavedra Review Mar 22, 2015

Rick takes matters into his own hands in tonight's episode of The Walking Dead. Here is our review!

The Walking Dead Season 5: Spend Review

John Saavedra Review Mar 15, 2015

Eugene goes on an adventure in the bloodiest episode of The Walking Dead season 5. Here is our review!

The Walking Dead Season 5: Spend Preview

John Saavedra Trailer Mar 12, 2015

We have a trailer, sneak peek, and synopsis of the next Walking Dead episode, "Spend."

The Walking Dead Spin-off Premieres This Summer, Gets a Two Season Order

John Saavedra News Mar 9, 2015

The Walking Dead spin-off series arrives this summer and has already secured a second season!

The Walking Dead Season 5: Forget Review

John Saavedra Review Mar 8, 2015

Can Rick and the group adjust to their new lives and roles in Alexandria? Find out in our review of tonight's The Walking Dead!