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26 Incredibly Arduous Film Productions

Ryan Lambie The Lists Jul 31, 2015

Script rewrites. Exacting directors. Terrible twists of fate. We look back through the ages to bring you 26 nightmarish film shoots…

Every Stephen King Movie and TV Show in Development

John Saavedra The Lists Jul 29, 2015

Our complete list of upcoming and in development Stephen King movies and TV shows!

13 Unlikely Action Movie Stars Who Deserve Another Shot

Tim George The Lists Jul 29, 2015

From Emily Blunt and Helen Mirren, to William H Macy and Ellen Page: the one-off action movie stars who we'd like to see back in the genre.

8 Young Adult Series That Need to Be Adapted ASAP

Natalie Zutter The Lists Jul 27, 2015

With so many YA movies and TV shows these days, we look at 8 great stories that deserve some attention.

Worlds Collide! 10 Great Movie and TV Shared Universes

Jesse Mateja The Lists Jul 25, 2015

When seemingly unrelated movies, TV shows, or novels share certain characters, it's fun to figure out where everyone fits!

12 Sci-Fi and Horror Shorts Turned Into Feature Films

Ryan Lambie The Lists Jul 25, 2015

From low-budget dystopias to grungy horror, here are 12 shorts that became films such as Evil Dead, Twelve Monkeys, and The Babadook.

Ranking the Bourne Movies

Duncan Bowles The Lists Jul 24, 2015

From The Bourne Identity through to The Bourne Legacy, we revisit the Bourne series, and rank the films...

Star Wars: Great Legends Stories You Should Read

Megan Crouse John Saavedra The Lists Jul 24, 2015

We list 8 great Star Wars Legends stories that you should read even if they aren't canon anymore. Seriously, who cares.

Rick and Morty: 13 Best Ridiculously Weird Moments From Season 1

Joe Matar The Lists Jul 24, 2015

With Rick and Morty season 2 almost here, we look back at the insane, disturbing, messed-up, and brilliant first season...

7 Female-Driven Comedy Shows You Should Be Watching

Daniella Bondar The Lists Jul 23, 2015

The tide is changing in the comedy world. More female-driven comedies are hitting it big on television.

Shrinkage: The History of Incredible Shrinking Superheroes

Marc Buxton The Lists Jul 23, 2015

Ant-Man isn't the only shrinking superhero out there. There's a veritable swarm of the little buggers...

Celebrating the Sci-Fi Movies of Jeff Goldblum

Ryan Lambie The Lists Jul 22, 2015

From Body Snatchers to Independence Day, we celebrate Jeff Goldblum's unique contribution to sci-fi cinema...

11 Underappreciated Graphic Novels

Den Of Geek The Lists Jul 20, 2015

We asked our writers to recommend graphic novels that deserved more fanfare, and here's what they chose...

Undertaker vs. The Supernatural: 16 Otherworldly Opponents

Gavin Jasper The Lists Jul 20, 2015

The Undertaker returned at WWE Battleground 2015. We look at some of his more out there supernatural opponents.

A Movie Fan's Guide to the Marvel Universe

Mike Cecchini The Lists Jul 19, 2015

Do you love Marvel movies but don't know where to start with the comics? We've got you covered...

The Bizarre History of Ant-Man

Marc Buxton The Lists Jul 18, 2015

Since Dr. Henry Pym created Pym Particles, Marvel has been filled with various alter-egos and spin-off characters. Here's the big list.

12 Forgotten Fighting Games

Gavin Jasper The Lists Jul 18, 2015

As Evo 2015 continues, we're looking back at the 12 forgotten fighting games that should make a comeback!

50 Forgotten Sci-Fi Movies From the 1990s

Ryan Lambie The Lists Jul 17, 2015

We may remember Independence Day, The Matrix, The Phantom Menace. But what about these forgotten 90s sci-fi films? And are any worth seeing?

Evo 2015: A Guide to the 9 Games of Evo

Gavin Jasper The Lists Jul 17, 2015

The Evolution Championship Series will have nine fighting games on tap, including some that might be a little too new. Here's what's what.

New US sci-fi, fantasy and horror shows for 2016

Caroline Preece The Lists Jul 16, 2015

From comic-book adaptations to sci-fi, fantasy and horror. Here are the new geek-skewed shows coming to US TV in 2016...