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Canadian Superheroes

The 11 Greatest Canadian Superheroes

Marc Buxton The Lists Apr 23, 2014

In honor of the new Justice League United series from DC Comics, we take a look at some other great Canadian superheroes.

9 potentially great geek sequels hinted at but never made

Ryan Lambie The Lists Apr 23, 2014

We take a look back at the geek movies that have hinted at sequels that were never made, and we'd really like to see...

Mario RPG: Ranking the Games

Joe Jasko The Lists Apr 18, 2014

We list our favorite Mario RPG games of all time, from Superstar Saga, to Paper Mario, and everything else in between!

best fantasy series

10 Best Fantasy Series That Could Rival Game of Thrones on TV

Marc Buxton The Lists Apr 18, 2014

Game of Thrones might be our favorite fantasy show ever, but here are the 10 best fantasy series that could possibly be even better...

10 Best And 10 Worst Black List Movies

Gabe Toro The Lists Apr 18, 2014

The Hollywood Black List has given us recent classics like In Bruges, but also flicks like Draft Day. Here's the best & worse.


Titanfall: 5 Ways To Make The Game Better...Right Now

Daniel Hill The Lists Apr 17, 2014

It's not that we don't love Titanfall. We just think it could be better.

Star Wars: What We Want from Visceral's New Game

Megan Crouse The Lists Apr 16, 2014

Dear Visceral Games, this is a list of our demands for your new Star Wars game.

Rick and Morty: 13 Best Ridiculously Weird Moments From Season 1

Joe Matar The Lists Apr 16, 2014

Rick and Morty season one was insane, disturbing, messed-up, and more often than not, quite brilliant. We look at the best moments.

25 Captain America Villains Who Deserve to be in the Movies

Marc Buxton The Lists Apr 10, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier added to Cap's on-screen rogues' gallery...but there are so many more we'd still like to see!

Game of Thrones: 7 Things We Want From the Telltale Game

Jason Gallagher The Lists Apr 10, 2014

We have high hopes for Telltale's Game of Thrones adventure!