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Top 11 Geeky 2014 Movies

David Crow The Lists Dec 22, 2014

As the year comes to a close, we count down the 11 best geeky, genre, and fan fueled movies of 2014!

The odd places It’s A Wonderful Life has turned up

Louisa Mellor The Lists Dec 22, 2014

Clips of It’s A Wonderful Life appear in all sorts of TV shows and films, some predictable Christmas fare and some you might not expect…

The Best TV Episodes of 2014

Chris Longo David Crow Mike Cecchini Tony Sokol Nick Harley Daniel Kurland The Lists Dec 19, 2014

We're taking a look at the year that was in television by talking about our favorite episodes of 2014.

20 Christmas Movies for Badasses

Michael Reed The Lists Dec 22, 2014

We seek out the Christmas movies that, er, struggle to invoke the traditional feeling of the season. Yippee ki-yay!

12 Days of The Best SNL Holiday Sketches

Chris Longo Dan Hajducky The Lists Dec 21, 2014

Updated: Find the perfect d*ck box and heat up those famous schweddy balls, we're counting down the 12 best SNL Christmas sketches.

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The Underused Characters of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

James Hunt The Lists Dec 19, 2014

The expanding Marvel cinematic universe has brought loads of beloved characters to life, but some just don't get enough screentime

70 Fantastic Moments in Peter Jackson's Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Films

Mike Cecchini David Crow The Lists Dec 19, 2014

Peter Jackson won't return to Middle Earth again, so we reflect on our favorite moments from the greatest fantasy film saga of all.

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16 Other Banned Movies Foreign Governments Didn’t Want People to See

David Crow The Lists Dec 19, 2014

In the wake of The Interview being delayed (possibly forever) at North Korea's insistence, here are 16 other films foreign powers disliked.

The Top 10 James Bond Deaths

Scott Snowden The Lists Dec 18, 2014

From death by shark to fatal ingestion of air pellet, here's a run-down of the James Bond movies' grisliest deaths...

14 Upcoming Animated Movies

David Crow The Lists Dec 17, 2014

2014 brought us The Lego Movie and Big Hero 6, so we thought it was worth checking out what other upcoming animated movies there are.