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Agents of SHIELD Season 2: 9 Creative Eras to Look At

Marc Buxton The Lists Jul 23, 2014

If Marvel's Agents of SHIELD wants to make fans happy in its second season, it should go back to its roots for inspiration.

The 30 Best Thunderbolts Moments

Gavin Jasper The Lists Jul 21, 2014

From the days of Zemo and Atlas to the days of Deadpool and Elektra, here are 30 cases of the bad being the best.

10 ace takes on the Doctor Who theme music

Jeff Szpirglas The Lists Jul 21, 2014

As we ponder how series 8's music will sound, Jeff digs out ten inventive takes on the Doctor Who theme...

101 New & Upcoming Indie Games We're Excited About

Joe Jasko The Lists Jul 18, 2014

See what the future of indie games holds for 2014 and beyond. 101 titles to get excited about!

The Women Who Were Thor

Gavin Jasper The Lists Jul 16, 2014

Marvel makes Thor a woman and the internet loses its mind. Hey, it's not the first time a female has bludgeoned someone with Mjolnir!

Knights of Sidonia: 10 Reasons You Should Be Watching

John Saavedra The Lists Jul 15, 2014

Knights of Sidonia is THE anime that science fiction fans should be watching this summer. Here are some reasons why.

30 Must See Punk Rock Movies

Jim Knipfel The Lists Jul 12, 2014

As a musical form punk crashed and burned almost before it started, but it inspired a lot of films still worth watching.

12 Forgotten Fighting Games

Gavin Jasper The Lists Jul 11, 2014

Evo 2014 is upon us! To celebrate, here is a list 12 forgotten fighting games we'd love to see again!

21 Movies From 2014 You Still Need To See

David Crow Don Kaye Mike Cecchini Tony Sokol The Lists Jul 10, 2014

There have already been a treasure trove of movies worth seeing that didn't cost over $150 million. And we've still got 5 months to go...

Comics of the Apes! The 25 Greatest Primates in Comics

Marc Buxton The Lists Jul 10, 2014

As we celebrate Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, we look at the greatest simian heroes and villains in comics history.