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15 Less-Famous Killer Robots From Movie History

Ryan Lambie The Lists Mar 31, 2015

Never mind The Terminator and ED-209, what about Eve, Hector or Warbeast? Here's a pick of 15 less famous killer robots from the movies...

The Walking Dead Season 5

The Walking Dead Season 5: Who Lives and Who Dies

Gerri Mahn John Saavedra The Lists Mar 29, 2015

This is it: The Walking Dead season 5 finale is here. Who lived and who died?

Doctor Who: 60 things we learned from The Writer's Tale

Louisa Mellor The Lists Mar 27, 2015

To end a week celebrating New Who's 10th birthday, here's a bumper list of Doctor Who titbits from Russell T Davies' A Writer's Tale...

Middle-earth: ranking Peter Jackson's films in quality order

Andrew Blair The Lists Mar 27, 2015

From An Unexpected Journey to The Return Of The King, we rank the six films that make up the Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit trilogies.

10 Nintendo Franchises Perfect for Mobile Games

Jason Gallagher The Lists Mar 27, 2015

Nintendo is making mobile games now. How will their most famous IP transfer over to mobile devices? Let's discuss.

Ranking the Superman Movies

Mike Cecchini The Lists Mar 27, 2015

We've undertaken the unenviable task of ranking Superman's big-screen adventures. It wasn't as simple as you might think...

The 50 Greatest WrestleMania Storylines

Gavin Jasper The Lists Mar 27, 2015

30 years of Mania have given us plenty of great memories. Here are the best storylines from Mega Powers exploding to careers ending.

Lex Luthor: The Many Faces of the Greatest Criminal Mind of Our Time

Mike Cecchini The Lists Mar 26, 2015

Jesse Eisenberg is the new Lex Luthor, but he sure isn't the first. Let's have a look at the other men who have played the role.

9 franchise-starting young adult films that struggled

Patrick Sproull The Lists Mar 26, 2015

For every Harry Potter or Hunger Games series, there are those franchises that didn't quite set the world on fire...

20 serious movie scenes that are unintentionally hilarious

Phoebe-Jane Boyd The Lists Mar 24, 2015

When (why, and how) tragedy becomes comedy – 20 scenes from cinema that induce tears of laughter instead of sorrow...

Undertaker vs. The Supernatural: 16 Otherworldly Opponents

Gavin Jasper The Lists Mar 23, 2015

Undertaker's taken on his share of mystical enemies in wrestling and other mediums. Plus there are some he never got a chance to thrash!

Star Wars: 5 Things We Want in Battlefront

Daniel Hill The Lists Mar 22, 2015

Star Wars Battlefront arrives this year and we have a wishlist for the EAmpire.

Must See Movies 2015

The Top 25 Must See Movies Of 2015

David Crow The Lists Mar 21, 2015

We count down the 25 biggest and most anticipated movies coming out in 2015, as well as those already released!

Robotech: 7 Essential Elements of a New Series

Shamus Kelley The Lists Mar 20, 2015

It's only a matter of time before Robotech returns in some form. These are the things we absolutely must see...

The top 25 underrated screen villains

Tim George The Lists Mar 20, 2015

Hannibal Lecter and Han Gruber? They're the movie villains who get the recognition they deserve. But what about this lot?

Based On The Hit Movie: 35 Movies Adapted For TV

Nick Harley Chris Longo The Lists Mar 18, 2015

From the theater to your living room, here's a list of TV shows on-air or in development based on hit movies!

Neil Gaiman’s 11 geekiest cameo appearances

Louisa Mellor The Lists Mar 18, 2015

Remember when Neil Gaiman played Jareth from Labyrinth and popped up a cartoon falafel? No? Step this way to see his geekiest cameos...

10 sci-fi movies that are remakes or reworks of other genres

Mark Pickavance The Lists Mar 17, 2015

From Moby Dick to trading cards, we look at some of the more surprising influences behind these sci-fi hits...

Avengers: Infinity War - 12 Versions of Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet Story

Gavin Jasper The Lists Mar 17, 2015

As Marvel inches closer to Infinity War, here are some different takes on Thanos' epic story, from video games to alternate history.

Final Fantasy: Ranking the Games

Laura Hardgrave The Lists Mar 17, 2015

Final Fantasy XV is on the way, so we decided to rank every main Final Fantasy game up to XIV!