The Dark Knight

Almost Got Him: 10 Times the Joker Almost Nailed Batman

Marc Buxton The Lists Apr 25, 2015

For the Jokers' 75th anniversary and the first look at Jared Leto as the Joker, we celebrate the craziest plans of the Clown Prince of Crime

Christopher Nolan Talks Navigating Studio Committee Politics

David Crow News Apr 20, 2015

Christopher Nolan and Bennett Miller talk studio politics in big budget filmmaking, and Miller's own particular battle on Moneyball.

20 movie villains and the menacing stories they tell

Ryan Lambie The Lists Apr 17, 2015

"How do you get rats off an island?" From Skyfall's Silva to Harry Lime, we took at the menacing little stories told by 20 screen villains.

20 serious movie scenes that are unintentionally hilarious

Phoebe-Jane Boyd The Lists Mar 24, 2015

When (why, and how) tragedy becomes comedy – 20 scenes from cinema that induce tears of laughter instead of sorrow...

DC Superhero Movies and The Dangers of Gritty Realism

Mike Cecchini Feature Mar 9, 2015

It's important for Warner Bros. to distinguish DC superhero movies from Marvel Studios, but are they trying too hard?

Examining the Christopher Nolan Backlash

David Crow Feature Feb 24, 2015

Christopher Nolan has become one of Hollywood's most successful filmmakers, as well as one of its most contested. We examine why...

15 Blockbusters that Oscar Missed

David Crow The Lists Jan 19, 2015

It's Oscar season, and with no Interstellar or Gone Girl in the major nominations, we decided to recall other overlooked blockbusters.

Paul Thomas Anderson Defends Superhero Movies

David Crow News Jan 16, 2015

Inherent Vice filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson defends superhero cinema in a recent interview, saying the genre has a "bad rap."

The Lego Batman Movie Premise: Can Batman Be Happy?

David Crow News Jan 9, 2015

Phil Lord and Chris Miller reveal what the set-up will be for the upcoming The Lego Batman Movie. And it's not apparently darkness.

Christopher Nolan Talks Batman Begins and the ‘Trilogy’ Concept

David Crow News Jan 5, 2015

Christopher Nolan gives a thoughtful reflection on how Batman Begins came to be, and how superhero movies were approached a decade ago.