The Dark Knight

Ryan Lambie Feature
Mar 14, 2016

How crazy was the Joker in The Dark Knight? Ryan looks at what game theory can tell us about the villain and his motivations...

Simon Brew News
Mar 4, 2016

Christian Bale looks back on his days in the Dark Knight trilogy - and reiterates he doesn't want to be Batman again.

John Saavedra Viral Video
Feb 3, 2016

Take a look at The Dark Knight game that never happened in this cool video.

Simon Brew News
Dec 21, 2015

"My version is different," confirms Ben Affleck about his take on Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice...

David Crow Feature
Sep 15, 2015

Steven Spielberg compared superhero movies to the Western (and that genre's demise). He's not wrong.

Simon Brew News
Sep 9, 2015

Christopher Nolan's first movie since Interstellar is landing in summer 2017.

The Joker Heath Ledger
David Crow News
Aug 10, 2015

In a new video clip, Kim Ledger, father of Heath Ledger, displays images from his son's Joker Diary used while making The Dark Knight.

Don Kaye News
Jul 10, 2015

The Interstellar director has completed his first draft -- but of what?

Matt Edwards Interview
May 19, 2015

Michael Jai White on his new film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 and The Dark Knight...

Vinny Murphy Feature
May 4, 2015

In honor of the Gotham season finale, we look at how Gotham City has evolved throughout Batman history.