Doctor Who

Doctor Who series 8: New Dark Water clip teases Missy mystery

Rob Leane News Oct 31, 2014

Would you like to know who Missy is in Doctor Who? So would the Doctor himself, in this shiny new Dark Water clip…

Rachel Talalay talks directing Doctor Who series 8's finale

Simon Brew News Oct 30, 2014

Director Rachel Talalay on the Doctor Who series finale stories, and the tactics they used to keep the big spoilers in tact...

First Pics of Terminator: Genisys, New Plot Details Confirm Reboot

David Crow News Oct 29, 2014

Emilia Clarke and Matt Smith are gracing the cover of EW in their Terminator: Genisys glory while also revealing major reboot plot changes.

Doctor Who series 8: Dark Water spoiler-free review

Simon Brew News Oct 29, 2014

Er, we can't say much about the first half of Doctor Who's series 8 finale, save that Dark Water is setting up a hell of a final episode...

Doctor Who update: trailer and images for Dark Water

Rob Leane News Oct 28, 2014

The finale to series 8 of Doctor Who kicks off this Saturday with Dark Water. Here are some pics and teasers…

Doctor Who series 8: In The Forest Of The Night review

Simon Brew Review Oct 26, 2014

Doctor Who series 8 heads towards its close with In The Forest Of The Night. Here's our spoiler-filled review...

Doctor Who update: In The Forest Of The Night images, Children in Need

Rob Leane News Oct 23, 2014

Your weekly dose of Doctor Who news bites - including In The Forest Of The Night, Children In Need and a new Who-based game...

Doctor Who Series 8: In the Forest of the Night Spoiler-Free Review

Simon Brew Review Oct 22, 2014

Series 8's winning streak continues with a Frank Cottrell Boyce-penned episode that has a great deal to say...

Jamie Mathieson Interview: Writing Doctor Who

Simon Brew Interview Oct 22, 2014

The writer of Mummy On The Orient Express and Flatline, Jamie Mathieson, talks us through his Doctor Who experience....

55 Genuinely Scary TV Episodes

Marc Buxton David Crow Chris Cummins Nick Harley Gavin Jasper Jim Knipfel Bridget LaMonica Vinny Murphy John Saavedra The Lists Oct 21, 2014

We take you on a chronological journey through the history of our favorite legitimately terrifying TV episodes.