Doctor Who

2015 Free Comic Book Day Reviews: Divergence, Avengers, Secret Wars

John Saavedra Review Apr 24, 2015

Here's what we think about this year's Free Comic Book Day offerings! The all-new Batman is revealed! The all-new Avenger's first mission!

Steven Moffat Talks Doctor Who Film

Rob Leane News Apr 23, 2015

Steven Moffat has had a bit of a U-turn about the Doctor Who movie rumors, as long as the show isn’t hurt by it…

Christopher Eccleston on why he quit Doctor Who

Simon Brew News Apr 19, 2015

Christopher Eccleston has been talking more about why he did Doctor Who, and why he left the programme so soon...

Doctor Who: is it time for a new companion in the TARDIS?

Mark Harrison Feature Apr 15, 2015

Isn't it time the Doctor and Clara welcomed another companion on board the TARDIS in Doctor Who series 9? Mark has a few ideas as to who...

Alan Rickman interview: A Little Chaos, villains, Doctor Who

Simon Brew Interview Apr 15, 2015

Alan Rickman chats to us about directing, Anthony Minghella, movie villains and A Little Chaos...

The TV shows that lived on after their finales

Juliette Harrisson The Lists Apr 14, 2015

From Doctor Who to Buffy and Supernatural, we celebrate the TV finales that turned out not to be their show's final episodes after all...

Why Doctor Who should exploit its shared universe potential

Andrew Younger Feature Apr 8, 2015

Now is the perfect time for Doctor Who to capitalise on its spin-off potential, and Andrew has a few suggestions as to how...

Doctor Who to Continue until at least 2020

David Crow News Apr 6, 2015

Showrunner Steven Moffat confirms that BBC has extended Doctor Who's official run on the network for at least another five years...

The Best Female Time Travelers in TV History

Kayti Burt The Lists Apr 3, 2015

With Outlander returning, we look the best female time travelers to hit the small screen.

Doctor Who: 60 things we learned from The Writer's Tale

Louisa Mellor The Lists Mar 27, 2015

To end a week celebrating New Who's 10th birthday, here's a bumper list of Doctor Who titbits from Russell T Davies' A Writer's Tale...