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Top 12 really creepy ballet moments in film and TV

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Ballet adds a surreal, creepy quality to many films and tv shows. Here are 12 of the most unsettling...

Faye Marsay Interview: Glue, Pride and Doctor Who

Simon Brew Interview Feb 23, 2015

As Glue arrives on DVD, Faye Marsay looks back at the show, as well as Pride, and Doctor Who...

Doctor Who: what does UNIT Extinction mean for continuity?

Chris Farnell News Feb 17, 2015

Big Finish is finally entering current Doctor Who continuity with the UNIT Extinction adventures, but what does that mean?

Doctor Who and Eastenders: a history of soap and space

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From the Queen Vic to the TARDIS. As Eastenders prepares to mark its 30th anniversary, we look back at its encounters with Doctor Who...

Doctor Who: Kate Stewart and UNIT to headline audio series

Rob Leane News Feb 10, 2015

Jemma Redgrave will return as Kate Stewart for Big Finish’s audio Doctor Who spin-off UNIT: Extinction…

LEGO Doctor Who range launched

Rob Leane News Feb 5, 2015

Are you ready for Doctor Who LEGO? We hope so, because it’s coming soon…

How MMORPGs Can Better Implement Time Travel

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Time travel is often used in MMOs, but never implemented to its full potential. We have some ideas how this could change in the future.

Doctor Who: A Brief History of Story Pilfering

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Doctor Who's Last Christmas was by no means the first adventure to pay homage to other stories in and outside the show...

Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Community and the Joy of TV Webisodes

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Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Grimm, and Community webisodes have given fans extra for a decade, and the trend isn’t going anywhere...

11 Disastrous Geek TV Weddings

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