Doctor Who

John Saavedra News
Feb 9, 2016

Steven Moffat talks a bit about what Doctor Who series 10 and Sherlock series 4 will look like in terms of episode count.

Louisa Mellor News
Feb 8, 2016

Matt Smith gives his verdict on the appointment of Chris Chibnall as Doctor Who's new showrunner...

Don Kaye Interview
Feb 4, 2016

We speak with the former Doctor Who star about PPZ, the future of Terminator and more…

The Ninth Doctor
Rob Leane News
Feb 4, 2016

Ever wondered what The Day Of The Doctor would have looked like with Christopher Eccleston in it? Here’s a rough idea…

Michael Ahr News
Feb 3, 2016

The Game of Thrones star takes on a romantic film opposite Hunger Games’ Sam Claflin and other genre actors.

John Saavedra News
Jan 28, 2016

The Twelfth Doctor talks about Doctor Who series 10, Chris Chibnall, and the search for a new companion.

Kayti Burt Feature
Jan 27, 2016

A look at Chris Chibnall's interests as a writer and — perhaps more importantly — a showrunner.

Mark Harrison Feature
Jan 26, 2016

42, The Power of Three, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and more - the Doctor Who work to date of the show's next showrunner...

Simon Brew Feature
Jan 25, 2016

Steven Moffat leaves Doctor Who after series 10, and Chris Chibnall takes over. We go through the questions about the show's future....

Simon Brew News
Jan 22, 2016

Steven Moffat's timey-wimey TARDIS adventures are going to end with Doctor Who in Season 10... in 2017. But there's a reason for the wait!