Doctor Who

Doctor Who: River Song teaming with Paul McGann for Big Finish

Rob Leane News Jun 29, 2015

Alex Kingston’s River Song will join Paul McGann’s 8th Doctor for a new audio adventure with Big Finish. Also, Churchill is back...

Matt Smith Talks Terminator Genisys, Doctor Who, and More

Ryan Lambie Interview Jun 24, 2015

During our visit to the set of Terminator Genisys, we spoke briefly to Matt Smith about his role in the film. Here's what he said...

Doctor Who: The Brief Cameos That Are Definitely Canon

Chris Farnell The Lists Jun 22, 2015

Remember when the Doctor popped up in Fallout, Iron Sky, and the Buffy comics? Those cameos are all canon according to Chris...

Doctor Who: “One Day” they will bring Captain Jack back

Rob Leane News Jun 17, 2015

John Barrowman is still holding out hope for a return to Doctor Who. It would be “very silly” not to, he claims…

Doctor Who: Female Lead Was Considered in 1986

Rob Leane News Jun 15, 2015

A fun fact for Whovians - Doctor Who creator Sydney Newman considered gender-swapping his iconic Time Lord way back in the 1980s...

Michelle Gomez Interview: Comedy, Doctor Who

Louisa Mellor Interview Jun 5, 2015

We interview Michelle Gomez about slapstick, stand-up, Steven Moffat, playing Doctor Who's Missy, and her new web series...

Lego Dimensions: Batman Has No Time for This New Trailer

Gavin Jasper Trailer Jun 3, 2015

Build, rebuild, and rebuild again and ride into action...once Wyldstyle can settle on a vehicle design. *sigh*

Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular Review

Mark Harrison Review Jun 2, 2015

The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular is a must-see tribute to the show's tremendous musical repertoire...

Doctor Who: Moffat on Time War, Capaldi on Carole Ann Ford

Rob Leane News Jun 1, 2015

Doctor Who Magazine's new issue has Steven Moffat on his Time War guilt, and Peter Capaldi's desire to get Carole Ann Ford back...

Doctor Who series 9: what next for Gallifrey?

Andrew Blair Feature May 27, 2015

We look ahead to Doctor Who series 9 and ask what the future holds for Peter Capaldi's Doctor and the home planet of the Time Lords?