Doctor Who

Doctor Who: A Brief History of Story Pilfering

Andrew Blair Feature Jan 27, 2015

Doctor Who's Last Christmas was by no means the first adventure to pay homage to other stories in and outside the show...

Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Community and the Joy of TV Webisodes

Christine Horton Feature Jan 26, 2015

Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Grimm, and Community webisodes have given fans extra for a decade, and the trend isn’t going anywhere...

11 Disastrous Geek TV Weddings

Juliette Harrisson The Lists Jan 19, 2015

From Buffy to Game Of Thrones via Grimm & more, geek TV weddings have a habit of going very wrong. Here’s our pick of the worst…

Doctor Who: Russell T Davies On Writing A Movie

Simon Brew News Jan 19, 2015

Russell T Davies would love to write a Doctor Who movie - and that it "should be in cinemas immediately!"

Doctor Who Season 9: News, Casting, and Rumors

Den Of Geek News Jan 22, 2015

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are now filming Doctor Who series 9. Here’s a round-up of all the news, casting and rumours so far...

Doctor Who: Russell T Davies Says No to 10th Anniversary Return

Rob Leane News Jan 8, 2015

Russell T Davies has been offered paths back into writing Doctor Who, but he's not going to follow them…

Game Of Thrones’ Paul Kaye joins Doctor Who Series 9

Rob Leane News Jan 7, 2015

The first guest star has been announced for Doctor Who series 9, and it’s Mr. Paul Kaye…

Doctor Who Season 8 Breaks U.S. Viewing Records

David Crow News Jan 5, 2015

Peter Capaldi gave BBC America its best Christmas yet as Doctor Who Season 8 capped off the Time Lord's biggest stateside venture.

Doctor Who: how Ace set the template for modern companions

Andrew Younger Feature Jan 5, 2015

Sophie Alred's Ace was a Doctor Who companion ahead of her time. We look back at the girl from Perivale's time in the TARDIS...

Jenna Coleman Confirms Her Doctor Who Status

Mike Cecchini News Dec 26, 2014

Once and for all, Jenna Coleman puts those Doctor Who season 9 rumors to rest. Spoilers await. You've been warned.