David Crow News
Oct 28, 2013

Fans of television's favorite serial killer's bag of tricks have sweet news for this Halloween: Dexter is coming to Netflix.

David Crow News
Oct 7, 2013

Dexter producer reveals that Showtime refused to let them kill off the anti-hero in the series finale.

Nick Harley News
Oct 3, 2013

If a TV show has a bad first season, that doesn't mean that it doesn't deserve to continue, or that its best days aren't ahead of it!

Dan Hajducky News
Oct 2, 2013

With the conclusions of Breaking Bad and Dexter, we have to wonder whether the era of the TV anti-hero is coming to a close, or only just beginning...

Sep 27, 2013

Briony explores the ethics in play in the Dexter finale, Remember The Monsters. Philosophy and spoilers ahoy...

Nick Harley Review
Sep 23, 2013

The series finale of Dexter continues the trend that season eight set. Unfortunately, season eight of Dexter wasn't all that good...

Nick Harley Review
Sep 16, 2013

Dexter ties up loose ends as the series limps to its finale.

David Crow News
Sep 10, 2013

FX is working on a new TV series that would follow the blood-soaked adventures of Patrick Bateman into the 21st century where he collects a new protégé.

Nick Harley Review
Sep 9, 2013

Is Dexter running away? The eighth season is winding down, and there's still an awful lot to resolve.

Nick Harley Review
Aug 26, 2013

There are only three episodes remaining in Dexter's final season. So you would expect that these episodes would actually MEAN something...