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Experimenter Review

David Crow Review Oct 9, 2015

Peter Sarsgaard stars as Stanley Milgram, the man who proved human beings are not so inherently good. But does his movie pass the test?

The Final Girls Review

Don Kaye Review Oct 9, 2015

The Final Girls: what do you get when you mix Friday the 13th with The Purple Rose of Cairo?

Steve Jobs Review

David Crow Review Oct 9, 2015

Michael Fassbender will become a household name after Steve Jobs, a biopic that demonizes and flatters the man to tremendous effect.

Scandal: Paris is Burning Review

Lindsey McGhee Review Oct 9, 2015

Here’s our review of last night’s Scandal.

Heroes Reborn: The Needs of Many review

Nick Harley Review Oct 8, 2015

Heroes Reborn asks you to "forget the past, save the future," in "The Needs of Many," but all we want to forget is that this show exists.

Pan Review

Matthew Schuchman Review Oct 8, 2015

Peter Pan returns to the big screen with a new origin story that features Hugh Jackman and Rooney Mara. But can it fly on its own?

Arrow Season 4 Premiere Review: Green Arrow

Mike Cecchini Review Oct 8, 2015

The Arrow season 4 premiere introduces Damian Darhk and delivers an enormous DC Universe reference for fans.

American Horror Story: Hotel Season Premiere Review

Zack Zagranis Review Oct 7, 2015

American Horror Story returns with its latest installment, Hotel. Here's our premiere review...

Empire: Fires of Heaven review

Nick Harley Review Oct 7, 2015

In "Fires of Heaven," the Lyon War finally begins and a new character to Empire has us very intrigued...

Knock Knock Review

Don Kaye Review Oct 7, 2015

Eli Roth’s Knock Knock makes Keanu Reeves the target of two seductive, sadistic young women. Read our review…

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Review

Joe Jasko Review Oct 7, 2015

Nathan Drake makes his debut on the PlayStation 4 in his very own Uncharted remastered collection! Here is our review...

Jughead #1 (Archie Comics) Review

Chris Cummins Review Oct 7, 2015

Chip Zdarsky and Erica Henderson bring Jughead back to his own solo title just when we needed him most.

Doctor Who: Before the Flood Review (Spoiler Free)

Simon Brew Review Oct 7, 2015

The follow-up to "Under the Lake" may not quite match its predecessor, but taken as a whole, the two-part story is a strong one...

Agents of SHIELD: Purpose in the Machine Review

Marc Buxton Review Oct 7, 2015

Well, that was a whole lot of nothing. Our review of the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD

iZombie Season 2 Premiere: Grumpy Old Liv Review

Kayti Burt Review Oct 7, 2015

iZombie season 2 continues to surprise and compel in its undead drama, though its murder-of-the-week habit still lacks novelty.

The Muppets: Bear Left and Then Bear Write Review

Gavin Jasper Review Oct 7, 2015

This week's episode stumbles as the main storyline refuses to find its footing and one of the subplots gets needlessly depressing.

The Bastard Executioner: Piss Profit/Proffidwyr Troeth Review

Alec Bojalad Review Oct 6, 2015

Characters get closer and The Bastard Executioner is all the better for it. Here's our review of The Bastard Executioner Season 1 Episode 5.

Scream Queens: Haunted House Review

Rebecca Jane Stokes Review Oct 6, 2015

Scream Queens isn't leaking stream, but the brake lights are flashing. Here is our review of Scream Queens Season 1, Episode 4.

The Flash Season 2 Premiere Review: The Man Who Saved Central City

Mike Cecchini Review Oct 6, 2015

With all of the spoilers you want, we've got a full review of The Flash season 2 premiere, "The Man Who Saved Central City."

The Flash Season 2 Premiere Review (Spoiler Free)

Mike Cecchini Review Oct 6, 2015

The Flash season 2 premiere is introspective, ambitious, and sets up a whole season's worth of new mysteries.