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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #2 (Dark Horse) review

Jason Tabrys Review Apr 23, 2014

Dark Horse Comics' expansion of the Buffy universe continues, but perhaps the single issue format isn't the way to go.

Extraterrestrial review

Extraterrestrial Review

David Crow Review Apr 23, 2014

The new alien slasher Extraterrestrial has some clever visuals to occasionally distract from its mediocrity.

Supernatural: Alex Annie Alexis Ann Review

Bridget LaMonica Review Apr 23, 2014

Jody Mills and vampires make up for some odd cinematography in tonight's episode of Supernatural.

Agents of SHIELD: The Only Light In The Darkness Review

Marc Buxton Review Apr 23, 2014

Amy Acker plays the long teased cellist in tonight's Agents of SHIELD, and it's Whedonite music to our ears.

Martin Freeman Fargo

Fargo: The Rooster Prince review

Nick Harley Review Apr 22, 2014

FX's Fargo TV series manages to feel familiar while exploring new territory. Here's Nick's review...

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn PS4 Review

Jason Gallagher Review Apr 22, 2014

Final Fantasy 14 makes its glorious PS4 debut. And it's more of the good stuff!

Honeymoon Review

David Crow Review Apr 22, 2014

Rose Leslie plays a distant spouse in Honeymoon, a groom's take on the primal Rosemary's Baby terror.


The Tomorrow People: A Sort Of Homecoming review

Jen Johnson Review Apr 22, 2014

Messiah-like resurrection? Zombie apocalypse? Nope, it's this week's The Tomorrow People.

Castle: That '70s Show review

Jarrett Kruse Review Apr 22, 2014

The Castle crew has to pretend it is 1978 in a fun episode. Here's Jarrett's review...

The Following Betrayal Review

The Following: Silence Review

Dan Hajducky Review Apr 22, 2014

In the penultimate episode of The Following's final season, the show goes to hell. Quite literally.