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Dracula (1979) Can Only Be Called Langella’s Dracula

Tony Sokol Review Oct 31, 2014

The 1979 version of Dracula didn't get the names right, but it nailed the cobwebs.

The Vampire Diaries: The World Has Turned and Left Me Here review

Rebecca Jane Stokes Review Oct 31, 2014

That title isn't just a clever '90s reference. Or maybe it is. Regardless, here's our review of Halloween eve's Vampire Diaries.

Nashville: Nobody Said It Was Going To Be Easy Review

Carly Rhodes Review Oct 30, 2014

In tonight’s Nashville, Teddy dates an escort, Maddie throws a party, and everyone’s a CMA nominee. Here’s our review...

South Park: The Magic Bush Review

Daniel Kurland Review Oct 29, 2014

South Park tackles the topic of drones, our private security, and pubic hair in their sharpest episode of the season. Here is our review.

The 100: Inclement Weather review

David S.E. Zapanta Review Oct 29, 2014

Sometimes we must learn the hard way that the truth does not set us free. Here's David's review of The 100...

Stalker: The Haunting review

Daniel Kurland Review Oct 29, 2014

The stalker victim of the week has just conveniently moved into a “haunted” house so maybe the stalker is a ghost!!!

Arrow: The Magician review

Mike Cecchini Review Oct 29, 2014

Ra's al Ghul comes to Arrow for the show's fiftieth episode, "The Magician." Here's our review.

Supernatural: Paper Moon, Review

Bridget LaMonica Review Oct 29, 2014

It may be a filler episode, but that's not necessarily a bad thing for this episode of Supernatural.

Castle: Meme Is Murder, Review

Jason Tabrys Review Oct 29, 2014

Castle finally stops naval gazing and looks outward in this new episode.

Horns Review

David Crow Review Oct 29, 2014

Horns casts a devilishly hypnotic spell as Daniel Radcliffe walks the line between dark comedy hero and horror movie monster.