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Transcendence review

Transcendence Review

David Crow Review Apr 17, 2014

Transcendence is an ambitious movie about apocalyptic technology in the shape of an iCloud. Here's our review...

Community: Basic Sandwich Review, Season Finale

Joe Matar Review Apr 18, 2014

The Season 5 finale of Community is about a search for buried treasure. If only they could also find some wit.

The 100: Twilight’s Last Gleaming, review

David S.E. Zapanta Review Apr 16, 2014

Sacrifices are made for the greater good of the Ark.

Arrow: The Man Under the Hood review

Mike Cecchini Review Apr 16, 2014

Two characters from the upcoming Flash TV series make an appearance, and Slade continues to make life hard for Arrow and friends.

Supernatural: Meta Fiction review

Bridget LaMonica Review Apr 16, 2014

Metatron takes over Supernatural in the latest episode. Here's Bridget's review...

Agents of SHIELD: Providence review

Marc Buxton Review Apr 15, 2014

The tables have turned on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, and HYDRA could be anywhere...and anybody. Here's our review.

Martin Freeman Fargo

Fargo: The Crocodile's Dilemma review

Nick Harley Review Apr 15, 2014

The first episode of FX's Fargo TV series pays homage to the Coen Bros. while trying to form its own identity. Here's Nick's review.

Fading Gigolo Review

David Crow Review Apr 15, 2014

John Turturro's newest film makes as much love to a New York for adults as it does any woman, and that includes a Gotham we rarely see.

The Following: The Reaping Review

Dan Hajducky Review Apr 15, 2014

The newest episode of The Following features a major character moment for Mike and some exciting thrills.

Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty: Ricksy Business review

Joe Matar Review Apr 15, 2014

The Rick and Morty season finale is here, in all of its '80s party-movie glory. It's great. Here's Joe's review.