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Constantine Premiere Review: Non Est Asylum

Marc Buxton Review Oct 24, 2014

The first episode of Constantine, inspired by the DC Comics character, was a hell of a time. Here is our full review...

The Legend of Korra: The Calling Review

Michael Mammano Review Oct 24, 2014

The Calling is the most Avatar episode of The Legend of Korra to date. Here is our review.

The Babadook Review

Don Kaye Review Oct 24, 2014

A widow and her son battle grief and a malevolent entity in this powerful horror debut. Here's our review of The Babadook...

How To Get Away With Murder: We're Not Friends Review

Kendall Williams Review Oct 24, 2014

Inconsistence and mismatched acting performances continue to plague How to Get Away With Murder. Here's our review...

Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories: The Endorsement Review

Daniel Kurland Review Oct 24, 2014

Jason Schwartzman learns the hard way that selling out for the right price will always have its consequences in this twisted entry.

Scandal: The Key Review

Lindsey McGhee Review Oct 24, 2014

It's all Olivia Pope's fault in last night's Scandal episode. But it's time for these characters to realize, it’s not her…it’s them.

NewsReaders: F-Dancing, Are You Decent? Review

Daniel Kurland Review Oct 24, 2014

NewsReaders returns with a brand new host in Alan Tudyk, but brings back the exact same biting absurdism it always had

Gracepoint: Episode Four Review

Alec Bojalad Review Oct 23, 2014

The mysterious bandana hitchhiker gets a name and Gracepoint bites off a lot more than it can chew.

Forever: The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths Review

Billy Grifter Review Oct 23, 2014

Can Forever sustain enough viewers to live to a full first season? Here's Billy's review...

Nashville: Road Happy Review

Carly Rhodes Review Oct 23, 2014

In tonight’s episode of Nashville, everyone’s a daddy, Juliette eats cupcakes, and Rayna rocks a side pony tail. Here’s our review...