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Terminator Genisys Review

Don Kaye Review Jul 1, 2015

Arnold is finally back in this reboot/remake/sequel, but is the Terminator franchise? This review contains spoilers, sort of.

Scream: Series Premiere Review

Lindsey McGhee Review Jun 30, 2015

"Survival is just don't wander off alone." Easier said than done. Here's our review of MTV's series premiere for Scream.

Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 24 - Attack/Black Lady review

Michael Mammano Review Jun 30, 2015

Finally, an episode loaded with action, suspense, mythology, and character. Hopefully Sailor Moon Crystal can keep it up.

Humans: Series Premiere Review

Alec Bojalad Review Jun 28, 2015

AMC’s new sci-fi drama gets off to a solid, if unspectacular start in its first episode. Here is our review of Humans, season 1 episode 1.

Falling Skies Season 5 Premiere Review: Find Your Warrior

Michael Ahr Review Jun 28, 2015

The alien “turkey shoot” is both satisfying and foreboding in this solid start to Falling Skies season 5.

Salem Season 2 Finale Review: The Witching Hour

Tony Sokol Review Jun 28, 2015

The witches brew up a killer finale. Here is our review of Salem season 2 episode 13.

Penny Dreadful: And Hell Itself My Only Foe Review

Tony Sokol Review Jun 28, 2015

It will be unholy slaughter. Here is our review of Penny Dreadful season 2, episode 9.

True Detective: Night Finds You Review

Tony Sokol Review Jun 28, 2015

True Detective season 2 pulls the rug out on viewers and it’s only episode 2. Here's Tony's review...

Defiance: Dead Air review

Michael Ahr Review Jun 26, 2015

The larger story takes a break to deepen the existing relationships and tie up loose ends before heading into the next bit of conflict.

Killjoys: The Sugar Point Run review

Kayti Burt Review Jun 26, 2015

Killjoys is much more fun in its second outing, as we follow our favorite space bounty hunters into a messy hostage exchange.

Dark Matter: Episode Three Review

Michael Ahr Review Jun 26, 2015

After a hopeful second episode, Dark Matter descends into mediocrity once more as crises fall flat and stronger plots remain isolated.

Under the Dome: Move On & But I'm Not Review

Marc Buxton Review Jun 26, 2015

Under the Dome is back for season 3 and things are getting even weirder. Here's our review!

Hannibal: Aperitivo Review

Kayti Burt Review Jun 26, 2015

Hannibal checks in with Hannibal’s many surviving, vengeful victims in the season’s best episode yet.

Wayward Pines: Choices Review

Dan Hajducky Review Jun 26, 2015

There are still a lot of questions after the big reveal, so don't sleep through it. Here is our review of Wayward Pines Season 1 Episode 6.

Aquarius: A Whiter Shade of Pale Review

Tony Sokol Review Jun 25, 2015

Detective Shafe gets rent on the cuff without handcuffs. Here is our review of Aquarius season 1 episode 6.

Batkid Begins Review

Don Kaye Review Jun 25, 2015

A boy becomes a superhero in this heart-tugging documentary. Read our review…

Ted 2 Review

David Crow Review Jun 24, 2015

Ted 2 coasts on the fumes that made the 2012 original film such a funny high. But is the Seth MacFarlane franchise worth another hit?

Minions Review

Simon Brew Review Jun 23, 2015

The Minions get their own Despicable Me spin-off movie. But it makes for a bumpy ride in the theater...

Dope Review

Don Kaye Review Jun 22, 2015

Spike Lee meets John Hughes in this urban coming-of-age story. Read our review…

Batman: Arkham Knight Review

Joe Jasko Review Jun 22, 2015

Is Batman: Arkham Knight a satisfying end to Rocksteady's Arkham series? Find out in our review!