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Geeks Vs Loneliness: how to ask for help

Den Of Geek News Jul 3, 2015

It sounds so simple, but often isn't: but how can you alert people to the fact that you may need a bit of support?

TNA Impact Wrestling Has a New Champion

Mike McMahon News Jul 2, 2015

Ethan Carter III captured his first World Title by defeating Kurt Angle in Impact Wrestling’s main event on Wednesday …

Link Tank: The Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies Edition

Den Of Geek News Jul 2, 2015

Find out which Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is the best, why the Walkman is still awesome, and what's Slash's favorite movie!

Link Tank: Cage of Thrones, Canada, Batman, Mordor

Den Of Geek News Jul 1, 2015

Today's Link Tank might surprise you a little. Nicolas is coming...

Link Tank: The Battle of Endor Edition

Den Of Geek News Jun 30, 2015

From the Battle of Endor to actors who want you to know ho w sorry they are, here's today's Link Tank...

WWE and the Death of the Romance Angle

Mike McMahon News Jun 30, 2015

There hasn’t been a “love” angle in wrestling that has worked since Macho Man married Miss Elizabeth, yet they keep trying.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F - Goku Battles Frieza Clip

John Saavedra Trailer Jun 30, 2015

Watch Frieza reach final form against Goku in this English clip of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F!

Link Tank Cures What Ails You

Den Of Geek News Jun 29, 2015

Your Monday morning Link Tank will terrify you with outdated medicine and confuse you with the Wizard of Oz and Age of Ultron...

What Would An Avengers Film of the 1950s Look Like?

Chris Cummins News Jun 27, 2015

Our exploration of Marvel Oddities continues with this masterpiece of fan editing.

Dragon Ball Super News: New Trailer, Character List, Poster, and Premiere Date

John Saavedra News Jun 27, 2015

Toei Animation's brand new Dragon Ball Super will premiere in Japan this summer! Here are the details...

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F - English Trailer & Release Date

John Saavedra Trailer Jun 26, 2015

Check out the first trailer for the English dub of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, which hits theaters in August!

Link Tank: Facts of Life Edition

Den Of Geek News Jun 26, 2015

Tootie from Facts of Life and True Detective. Those words have never been in the same sentence before until now...

Jeff Jarrett Returns to TNA Impact Wrestling

Mike McMahon News Jun 25, 2015

TNA founder Jeff Jarrett made a shocking return to the company on last night’s live edition of Impact Wrestling …

RSVP Now for Den of Geek Presents: Marvel... Oddities

Den Of Geek News Jun 25, 2015

We're putting on a live event in Brooklyn on June 27th and giving you the chance to RSVP. UPDATE: More Prizes!

Link Tank: Marty McFly Was Right Edition

Den Of Geek News Jun 25, 2015

Yes, there's a hover board. Kinda. But there's lots more to distract you, too! Like the classic Marvel Super Heroes RPG...

Ring of Honor Is the Reason You Should Watch Wrestling

Mike McMahon News Jun 25, 2015

Ring of Honor reminds most of us why we’re wrestling fans with a terrific episode …

Link Tank: Google vs. Apple Edition

Den Of Geek News Jun 24, 2015

Tech wars! Google vs. Apple, which side are you on? Plus more from our daily Link Tank...

WWE Has Fixed Roman Reigns

Mike McMahon News Jun 23, 2015

It's hard to believe, but WWE may have finally solved their Roman Reigns problem.

Link Tank: Star Wars, The Dark Knight, Steam, & Space

Den Of Geek News Jun 23, 2015

Distract yourself with five awesome links from the coolest (and geekiest) places on the internet!

Link Tank: Batman, Jack Kirby, Spider-Man, & Mad

Den Of Geek News Jun 22, 2015

Even though it's Monday, you can kind of deal with it with this awesome collection of nerdy links!