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WWE WrestleMania 31 Results

Den Of Geek News Mar 29, 2015

We take a look at the WWE WrestleMania 31 card, and we'll provide live results and spoilers as they come in!

Masters of the Universe Minicomics Finally Getting Reprinted

Mike Cecchini News Mar 28, 2015

The minicomics that came with the original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toys are finally being made available again.

Den of Geek Presents: Batman v. Superman night in NYC

Den Of Geek News Mar 28, 2015

The next edition of Den of Geek presents is dedicated to Batman v. Superman. It's gonna be crazy.

Jeff Hardy is Ready to Return to Superstar Status With TNA

Mike McMahon News Mar 28, 2015

Jeff Hardy is still a star for TNA, and his return could set up good things …

Game of Thrones Season 5

Link Tank: Shut Up and Dance Edition

Den Of Geek News Mar 27, 2015

80s dancing, an Indian Game of Thrones, young Brock Lesner and a funeral for a hairpiece. It's an AM Link Tank!

The 50 Greatest WrestleMania Storylines

Gavin Jasper The Lists Mar 27, 2015

30 years of Mania have given us plenty of great memories. Here are the best storylines from Mega Powers exploding to careers ending.

Link Tank: Where in the World Is Hideo Kojima Edition

Den Of Geek News Mar 26, 2015

Plenty of choices on today's Link Tank. Five links from the best places on the internet!

Must watch: Star Wars - TIE Fighter animated fan film

Ryan Lambie Viral Video Mar 25, 2015

Created by just one animator over four years, TIE Fighter is a superb, anime-style fan film set in the Star Wars universe. Take a look...

Lost season 6

Link Tank: John Carter, Glee, and Lost Edition

Den Of Geek News Mar 25, 2015

Today's Link Tank is a little TV and movie obsessed. We don't think you'll mind, though!

WWE, NXT and the Future of Professional Wrestling

Vinny Murphy Feature Mar 25, 2015

If you aren't watching NXT, you should be. If not, you're missing out on the next true evolution in professional wrestling.

Brock Lesnar Will Remain with WWE after WrestleMania 31

Mike McMahon News Mar 24, 2015

It looks like Brock Lesnar will stick with the WWE for the time being. What does this mean for the future of the company?

The Problem With WrestleMania 31

Mike McMahon News Mar 24, 2015

WWE ran off a bridge on "the road to Wrestlemania 31" this year ...

Dragon Ball Z.

Link Tank: Dragon Ball, Jack Kerouac, Fiction, and More

Den Of Geek News Mar 24, 2015

Start your morning with five really cool links from all over the internet. This is Link Tank!

Win a Copy of Harlock: Space Pirate on DVD

Den Of Geek News Mar 23, 2015

We're giving away a copy of Harlock: Space Pirate on DVD! Here's how you can win...

Link Tank: Things Get A Little Weird on Monday Edition

Den Of Geek News Mar 23, 2015

Happy Monday, everybody. Here are some very sweet links to get you through the day!

Undertaker vs. The Supernatural: 16 Otherworldly Opponents

Gavin Jasper The Lists Mar 23, 2015

Undertaker's taken on his share of mystical enemies in wrestling and other mediums. Plus there are some he never got a chance to thrash!

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 18 - Invasion/Sailor Venus review

Michael Mammano Review Mar 22, 2015

There's no shortage of character development in the latest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal. Here's our review...

TNA Impact Wrestling Just Had 3 Awesome Title Matches

Mike McMahon News Mar 22, 2015

Kurt Angle won TNA’s World Heavyweight Championship as TNA hopes what’s old, is new again …

WWE Hall of Fame to Induct Macho Man Randy Savage

Mike McMahon News Mar 20, 2015

It's about time! Macho Man Randy Savage expected to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year.

Link Tank: More Eclectic Than Usual

Den Of Geek News Mar 20, 2015

UFO's, Wes Anderson documentaries, the Seinfeld theme, and Ancient Rome. Yeah, today's Link Tank is all over the place.