Latest Previews

Movie Poster Released for Leprechaun: Origins

Gavin Jasper Preview Apr 17, 2014

Lionsgate/WWE Films' new take on the Leprechaun franchise starring Hornswoggle is on its way. Check out the gold, but hands off!

Dead Island: Epidemic Preview

John Saavedra Preview Mar 27, 2014

Dead Island: Epidemic is the most fun you'll have in a "ZOMBA" ever! Here is our preview...

Marvel Comics Preview: Deadpool is Getting Married in Deadpool #27

Gavin Jasper Preview Mar 17, 2014

Deadpool's not only getting married to the sultry succubus Shiklah, but he's bringing back all his old writer friends! Behold!


Nether Preview

Joe Jasko Preview Mar 4, 2014

Survive a repetitive apocalypse and see how many bugs and glitches you can find! Here is our Nether preview...

The Tale of the Tape: Deadpool vs. Carnage

Gavin Jasper Preview Mar 4, 2014

Along with a preview of next month's Deadpool vs. Carnage #1, here's a quick look at how these 90's-as-hell psychos compare!

Countdown to Chaos Concludes in Sonic the Hedgehog #256

Gavin Jasper Preview Jan 13, 2014

In these exclusive preview pages from Sonic #256, Sonic's friends are being hunted down by his mute, metal doppelganger! Come look!

HBO’s True Detective Clues Prove Elusive

Tony Sokol Preview Jan 7, 2014

What is this Devil Trap?

HBO Sends a Clue to True Detective Reviewers

Tony Sokol Preview Jan 6, 2014

HBO works its mojo for upcoming True Detective series.

WildStar Preview

Robert Bernstein Preview Dec 22, 2013

We're now allowed to detail our time with the first 15 levels of WildStar. Prepare. For. Awesomeness.

Dying Light: 9 MInutes of Night-time Gameplay

Robert Bernstein Preview Dec 17, 2013

Dropkick a zombie, electrocute another one, distract a horde and parkour your way to safety...