Real Life Masks...Ashton Kutcher Takes A Look

News Robert Bernstein
12/18/2012 at 7:35PM

Ashton Kutcher wears many masks, himself. This time, he wears the executive producer mask, and brings us on a journey through the eyes of The Extreme Justice League...

Thrash Lab and executive producer, Ashton Kutcher, bring us on a journey through the eyes of Real Life Superheroes.  The video below tells the story of some real life heroes (nothing super about them besides their courage) that patrol San Diego.  

These heroes are self-proclaimed activists.  The crew deam themselves the Extreme Justice League, and include Mr. Extreme, Urban Avenger, Grimm and Devine Force.  

This is not the first documentary based on real life superheroes that we've seen.  Years ago, HBO brought us a documentary film simply titled Superheroes, which also dealt with real life superheroes and even included the Extreme Justice League.  Many real life super heroes are actually part of a larger group and even have their own website. Their stories are all inspiring, even if a little strange.  

Check out Ashton's documentary below.

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