50 Geeky Gifts For The Holiday Season

The Lists Ethan Lewis 12/18/2012 at 9:52PM

Here are some geeky gifts to get for your favorite geek. There's still time...

Geeks are notoriously awful to shop for. We here at Den of Geeks will try to make the holidays a little easier for our non-geek friends by listing some awesome geek gifts you can buy online. We have a little bit of everything and from many different fandoms. Did we forget your favorite thing ever? Comment below!


50. Pacman Cookie Cutters: Wakka Wakka Wakka want a cookie? With these cookie cutters you can bake cookies and reenact your favorite Pac-Man game! These cookie cutters come with one pac-man and 3 ghosts. Here

49. Pulp Pillow:
Pulp Fiction themed pillows that come in both Jules and Vincent. A must have for the Pulp Fiction fanatic in your life. Just avoid taking them to Jimmy’s house after the incident… Here

48. Hard Drive Iphone Case:
If the geek in your life is into something a little more techie you can get them a iphone case that looks like a hard drive. It is currently on pre-order. Check it out. Here

47. Solar Charging Ipad Case:
For the Apple geek who wants to go green. It claims to have an ability to last up to 10 days without a single charge so if your friend needs to update their twitter account while camping this is the perfect product for them.  Here

46. Nintendo Knee High Socks:
Everyone loves the baddies of the Nintendo universe and now you can have them all over your knee high socks! This would be a great gift for the fashionable video game geek on your list. Here

45. The Flash tshirt:
This t-shirt may not increase your actual speed but it will definitely increase your cool factor. Comic book geeks drool over The Flash. Here

44. Thundercats tshirt:
From a t-shirt featuring The Flash we move to a t-shirt with one of the coolest cartoons of the 1980s – Thundercats (ho). Rock this excellent vintage tee featuring Panthro, Cheetarah, and Lion-O! Here

43. Star Trek lunchbox:
Did you think we forgot about the Trekkies and their holiday needs? Absolutely not! No need to put your name on a boring old brown bag when you can bring your lunch to work in an original series Star Trek lunchbox. Here

42. Cthulhu Squishable:
Some people fall asleep snuggled up to their favorite teddy bears. And we here at Den of Geeks think that’s ok. But wouldn’t you feel safer snuggled up next to one of the Great Old Ones? His warm squishy appendages are great for cuddling, unlike the “real” Cthulhu. Here

41. Star Wars Pancake Cut- Outs:

We know some of you are still fuming about Disney buying Lucas Films but we can still all love Star Wars still right? Especially Star Wars in the early morning covered in maple syrup? Sounds good to us! Here

40. Marvel Spatulas:
While you are cooking your Star Wars shaped pancakes maybe you want to use your Marvel spatulas to filp them! Talk about a geeky (and perfect) way to make a complete breakfast. Here

39. XBOX 360 Controller Bra:

This one is perfect for the bra wearing gamer in your life. Be both sexy and geeky in this fashion statement. Here

38. Koopa Shell Backpack:
Wanna be the coolest kid in your school? And sport some geek pride at the same time? Sport this awesome Koopa Troopa backpack! Here

37. Starry Night Socks:
Who says Van Gogh belongs only in a museum? For the art geeks of the world you can now sport “starry starry socks.” And for Doctor Who fans, you can tear up and remember Vincent… Here

36. Ruby Slipper Socks:
These socks will keep your feet toasty when you follow the yellow brick road straight to your fridge for a midnight snack. Just keep clicking your heels together and saying “there’s no place like bed.” Here

35. Muscle Leggings:
These are exactly what they sound like. They are leggings with a muscle pattern. Not for the squeamish but definitely for the geeky! What a perfect way to scare (or impress) your friends.

34. Boba Fett Dress:
This sexy dress will not only make you look amazing but it will also give you some geek cred! Because Boba Fett is awesome. Why? DUH! Here

33. Word as Image Book:
Word as image is a word created with images that represent the word. Sound confusing? Check this book out. Its actually pretty cool and definitely a perfect gift for the word geek on your list! Here

32. Plush Organs:
These little organs are amazing. They are incredibly cute and cuddle worthy. And when your friend asks “what is that” you can happily answer “a gallbladder STUPID.” Here

31. Organ t-shirts:
But why stop at just cuddling with the guts? You can also sport gut related fashion featuring the I Heart Guts Characters! Here

30. Pessimist Mug:
We all have that one friend. The miserable one who always sees the glass half-empty. Well now they can actually have it. A mug that is just as pessimistic as they are! Here

31. Demotivational Posters:
Your pessimist friend doesn’t just need glassware. No! They also need some artwork to decorate their probably over-priced and depressing flat! And Despair, Inc has just the product for your friend. Demotivational posters! Instead of those cheesy posters your manager put in your office with “inspiring” messages you can have some posters with 100% more despair! Here

30. Sushi Slippers:
Your friend loves sushi. And they also love keeping their feet warm. Where will you ever find a gift to fit both of these needs? Look no further than Etsy! Only on Etsy will you find sushi slippers! Both cute and delicious looking it is a perfect and very kawaii gift! Here

29. Gloves you can use on your touchscreen:
How frustrating is it to have to choose between keeping your hands warm and keeping your gloves on and tweeting. The torture of having to choose between your most important priorities has finally been alleviated. These gloves advertise that they can be used with a touch screen! Now you can tweet your winter adventures without getting frostbite! Here

28. Icecream Sandwich Pillow:
A pillow to feed the inner child (no really, doesn’t it look delicious?). And perfect for a summer day!

27. Zombie Survival Kit Lunchbox:
To show your friends you are REALLY planning for the Zombie Apocalypse (unlike those other n00bz) bring a snack in your Zombie Survival Kit lunchbox! We all will know who is the most prepared to face the walking dead. Here

26. Bacon Flavored Soda:
Some people casually enjoy bacon. And some people really like bacon. And then there are the people that would drink bacon flavored soda. And those people need this! Here

25. Bacon Cookbook:
When your friend is finished chugging some bacon flavored soda they can use this cookbook to make an assortment of baconrific recipes. Bacon filled breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, and cocktail drink (we aren’t kidding). Here

24. Bite the Bullet Chocolate:
Maybe the geek in your life thinks bacon is too boring. Too tame. These chocolates would be the perfect gift for the adventurous and risk taking culinary geek. Chocolate bullets are tasty but beware. One of them has something a little extra spicy hiding inside. Here http://www.firebox.com/product/1976/Bite-The-Bullet

23. Tetris Light:
The perfect nightlight for the old school gamer! Its beautiful and would be an excellent addition to a geeky bedroom! 

22. Facebook Shower Curtain:
We all know those people who seem to be on facebook all the time. And sometimes we wonder when they get to take a shower. Well their obsession with social networking can follow them into the shower with this facebook shower curtain!http://www.spinninghat.com/product/social-shower-curtain/?utm_medium=ema...

21. Bloody Shower Curtain:
Maybe the geek in your life is less into social networking and more into psychopathetic murderers. This shower will make them feel like they are inside the film Psycho and will be sure to creep out their visiting parents.

20. Song Places Map:
Where exactly does the Highway to Hell intersect with Love Street? Or what is the fastest route from the Boulevard of Broken Dreams to Electric Avenue? Find out on this Song Places Map. Very creative and well done!

19. Caffeinated Soap:
If the geek in your life sometimes has trouble waking up in the morning (probably because of a late night WOW raid or a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Marathon) and they need a little pep in their shower get them some caffeinated soap. It works because caffeine can be absorbed through the skin.

18. I Heart (2X) Doctor Who:
This is perfect for the Whovian in your life that needs to express exactly how much they love Doctor Who but just a little more like a timelord (with BOTH hearts!).

17. Gamer Ties:
For the old school gamer who wants to dress business casual and also show the world how geeky they are these ties are perfect!

16. Home Planetarium:
This beautiful gift will turn any geek’s room into their very own planetarium with 10,000 stars!

15. Samurai Umbrella:
Put the badass back into “its raining and I don’t want to get wet” with this samurai umbrella. Would this make you a rain warrior? We think so!

14. Anatomically Correct Heart Necklace:
On this Etsy account you can purchase an anatomically correct heart. For the geek that wants a little creepy fashion.

13. Octopus Necklace:
This octopus necklace has a very steampunk/kraken feel to it. Fashionable and aquatic this sterling silver necklace will rock your boat!

12. Brain Candle: 
The brain candle is the perfect gift to light up anyone’s home. So it may be a little creepy (or incredibly cool) but it is definitely a conversation starter. http://theevolutionstore.com/store/brain-in-a-jar-candles-og1010/

11. Cricket Snacks:
For the adventurous snacker there are cricket snacks. They come in three flavors and they won’t even jump away.

10. Portal 2 Warning Signs Coasters:
Not only can you protect your furniture but also protect your houseguests from the dangers of Portal 2! These fancy warning coasters are sure to show off the geekiness of anyone’s home.

9. Manga Cookbook
For the serious Manga fan or for someone who just really digs Japanese cuisine! This cookbook will teach you to fill your bento box from your favorite manga!
8. Toxic Waste Laundry Basket:
We all have that geeky friend who has been saying they will do their laundry soon for the past month. This laundry basket could be used as a reminder or a warning to others.

7. Rainbow Dash Backpack:
For the Brony or Pegasister looking for the perfect accessory. It is guaranteed to add about 20% more cool to your look. And I’m sure it will impress the Wonderbolts!

6. The Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin:
Stand in solidarity against oppression Hunger Games style! For the geek who is incredibly excited about the next film coming out or someone who loves the books.

5. Giant Microbes:
Haven’t you ever just wanted to give someone an STD for the holidays? Well now you can with these giant plushie microbes. With everything from strep to the plague you can give your friends diseases they won’t hate you for.

4. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Bobbleheads:
Get your geeky friend this set of talking bobbleheads so they don’t ever have to leave the gang of Paddy’s Pub!

3. Keep Calm and Believe in Sherlock tshirt:
We dedicate this one to all the Cumberbabes out there. We here at Den of Geeks also love sexy British men and we love Sherlock. So keep calm and believe!

2. Breaking Bad tshirt:
A t-shirt celebrating everyone’s favorite ex-chemistry teacher and current meth chef. This is a creative spin on Walter White and Disney.

1. Bioshock Poster:
Every Little Sister needs a Big Daddy to protect her in Rapture. This poster will remind your favorite Little Sister to always stay close to a friend.