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Help do some good this Christmas

Mike Cecchini News Dec 22, 2014

We'd like to thank you all for reading in 2014, and hope that we can all pick each other up when we need it.

LG to unveil webOS 2.0 for Smart TVs at CES

Katharine Byrne News Dec 21, 2014

New UI will be faster and smoother, with boot times reduced by up to 60 per cent, says LG

Why My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is "Serious" Fantasy

Megan Crouse Feature Dec 20, 2014

Dismiss My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic at your own peril! The show knows how to deploy classic fantasy tropes to tell epic stories.

Into the Woods Review

Don Kaye Review Dec 19, 2014

The beloved Stephen Sondheim musical comes to the screen at last. Read our review.

Facebook to start "fixing" your photos

Barry Collins News Dec 18, 2014

New auto-enhance tools will fix your smartphone snaps before they're added to your timeline

Skype's amazing Translator goes live

Barry Collins News Dec 17, 2014

Skype translates English into Spanish as you talk

Soon You Can Watch Cowboy Bebop on Hulu

Mike Cecchini News Dec 16, 2014

Cowboy Bebop is coming to Hulu. If you haven't seen it yet, you've pretty much just run out of excuses.

Brock Lesnar Returns to WWE as Royal Rumble Build Begins

Mike McMahon News Dec 16, 2014

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar returned to Raw and began a path of domination as he heads to a title defense at the Royal Rumble.

Microsoft Windows 10 Consumer Preview coming 21st January

Chris Finnamore News Dec 16, 2014

Redmond event to focus on Windows 10 "consumer experience"

WWE TLC 2014 Results and Analysis: It's Time to Ditch Gimmick PPVs

Mike McMahon News Dec 15, 2014

WWE ran into a problem with theme pay-per-views last night at TLC, and it’s time to do away with them …