X-Men: Apocalypse Set in 1983

News Mike Cecchini 6/16/2014 at 9:00AM

The next X-Men film will be set ten years after X-Men: Days Of Future Past, it's been revealed...

Almost since it was first announced, we've known that X-Men: Apocalypse would be a period film. While X-Men: First Class took place in the early '60s, and X-Men: Days of Future Past was rooted firmly in 1973, the filmmakers made it clear early on that X-Men: Apocalypse would be set in the 1980s. But now we know exactly when.

X-Men: Apocalypse writer Simon Kinberg confirmed to The Q&A Podcast that they have a specific year in mind for the film, and it's 1983. These ten year time jumps have done the franchise well so far, so there's no reason to worry about this one. We won't see X-Men: Apocalypse in theaters until May 27th, 2016, but all this early talk has it sounding like the biggest X-Men movie yet.

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Source: The Q&A.

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Maybe we can convince them to give us Wolverine's iconic yellow and black/brown suit.

I'm excited for hopefully new casting for Storm and Rouge and hopefully the return of Nightcrawler.

I myself would like a reboot for a correct version of the Dark Pheonix Saga.

Hopefully, Michael Fassbender will have gray hair and James Mcavoy will sport a bald head by then. And give Storm her mohawk too.

Given the ending of X-Men DOFP, we can safely assume X-Men: Apocalypse has already happened in their timeline. Right?


I think apocalype is able to leave a time portal of some sort and insert himself into 1980, meaning that the future is again rewritten, but this time by him instead of the x-men cast

Nobody tell Capt. Janeway about this one. She's just not good with this sort of thing.

Who's timeline? The original casts? As far as I understand it, no, Apocalypse was not able to come out and play in the original timeline's history (the Original Trilogy timeline), but with the events of Days of Future Past changing things up, Apocalypse was able to do whatever he does in the upcoming movie. Think of it like the Butterfly Affect: the changed events of DoFP made enough of a wind that the hurricane of Apocalypse was able to form. From my understanding, there will be no time travel in this one.

Rogue in 83? I think you have your timelines messed up. In the film universe she was just barely a teen in the first one which was set in the not too distant future and released in 2000. Then again the have so many other things out of order like iceman was an original member now he is a kid, That is just one example, almost none of them in the age groups they should be from First Class to DOFP

Great scott: This is heavy!

Simply, Yes. The timeline at the end of DOFP is not the same as the original trilogy (although similar events may have happened). Also Prof X hints that Wolverine has "missed a lot" at the end.

Hopefully he's beginning to go grey rather being fully grey. Same with McAvoy... But balding - or receding.

616 isnt the movieverse, just like marvel has numerous comic versions of the same story with a multitude of differences, they can do the same with the movies, which is its own universe

Perhaps. In one of the ages of apocalypse, he woke because Legion went back in time and accidentally killed xavier, and the radical change in history caught his attention... but the timing on this one points more towards them working with the original style of him awakening which is either by someone waking him up by him planning to at the time.

First Class timeline has been running almost hand in hand with the introduction of the events in comics, and this new movie seems to be fairly close to Apocalypse's original arrival in comics, which is 1986. Days of future past came before Age of Apocalypse in 616, and it didnt seem to have much effect on the timeline then.. and in the Days of future past timeline Apocalypse had still awaken, so im guessing Marvel is going to go about it in a similar fashion

why would Apocalypse have to insert himself into the 1980's? He's already there

I'm gonna go ahead and assume this is going to suck as much as First Class and DoFP did. These films can't come anywhere close to being as good as the source material, which is why they consistently suck. I'm gonna go re-read DoFP and E is for Extinction and imagine what a good X-Men movie would look like. Because I've never seen one.

Fassbender aside, the Cast of First class is one of many reasons these new X-flicks really, really suck. Anyone who doesn't think McAvoy is god @#$%ing awful as Chuck is a @#$%ing idiot. Same goes for the stupidly overrated Lawrence.

I'm hoping for a complete reboot with new producers/screenwriters/directors. Because these movies @#$%ing suck balls.

Uhg, please stop making these terrible fucking movies...PLEASE.

Your arguments might be taken with some shred of credibility if you provided some actual logical basis for what your problem is with the actors/films rather than "they suck", are "stupidly overrated" or similar. Have you ever considered that your argument sucks, because your opinion is stupidly overrated? Anyone who disagrees is an idiot.

Please stop injecting your terrible fu***ing opinion as if anyone should give it credence.

Yeah, I have most of the Age of Apocalypse storyline in comic form. While it was decent, I don't see them doing it for this movie. They'd overkill the time travel bit if they do 2 time travel movies in a row. My guess is they'd probably even leave out the fact that Apocalypse was pushed to being who he was by the time traveler Kang the Conqueror. At least I'm hoping they don't bring in the time travel stuff... Once to reset things I don't mind, but doing it twice in a row would probably make a lot of people feel like their intelligence was being insulted. I do agree, though, that it makes more sense that they would do something similar to where he was in a suspended animation sort of thing and awakens in 1983 to cause some havoc.

I guess they could even do something like someone who should have died if the events of Days of Future Past hadn't happened was alive they went and awoke him? Maybe even make it Trask? That might be interesting.

You read so hurt over the previous comment. LOL

That would be a solid blend between 616 and the artistic license the movies have been taking

Gee I wonder what they will make Apocalypse look like in this movies, a ball of fire, a cloud of smoke, a skinny guy in a cloak?? More fail from the rape of the X-Men Franchise.

Something tells me this sentence is incomplete.

Are you working for Sony?

i don't care about them male but pick Lawrence over rebecca is what i cant not understand, like for real she is not even that good looking nur that good of a mystique,rebecca did and will do a way better job

Hopefully being set in the 80s they will have somewhat younger versions of the X-Men lineup from Singers first movies. I still wonder how the changes made in the continuity in the last movie will effect subsequent movies. does it invalidate every thing that happened in X1, X2 and the horrible X3? if so then it opens up having characters that were introduced later in those movies to be re-introduced much earlier. We might get a lineup of Storm, Beast, Cyclops, Rogue, Gambit, Jean, Wolverine, Colossus, Angel and Nightcrawler. Being that its gonna be the 80s and glam rock was so huge back then I wouldn't be surprised if they bring in Dazzler.
Sad to say that is wishful thinking for a lineup, its hard to pull off such an ensamble cast especially if younger versions of those characters (minus wolverine) might be not accepted by people since it would literally say that the changes from Days had such a huge effect that it effects all their storylines. I mean in the 80s in the comics Rogue was in her 20s, as far as the movies go she is in here teens in 2000. How would Days change her age? facts like that make my wishful thinking just that, wishful thinking.
Hopefully whatever movie Apocalypse turns out to be will be a fairly faithful movie to the source material.

Or Marvel, who's trying to hinder Fox already with Fantastic Four.

Just as long as we get lots of Jennifer Lawrence's blue boobs!!!

I would like to see Selene one of the oldest mutants go against Apocalypse
17,000 year old sorceress against alien tech

But to be honest they should just reboot the movie like all the Spiderman and Batman movies. Different story and not make it so Wolverine heavy. And actually bring in Emma Frost in the right timeline so she can join the x-men

91% on Rotten Tomatoes and the movie sucks balls? Right... You consist of a VERY small minority buddy, that should rightfully be ignored.

All you have to is read the comic story-line. Anyone who has knows that. Ditto with any Age of Ultron 'news' -- just read the comic storyline(s) from which Apocalypse and Ultron are based (you'll find Avengers, X-Men/X-Factor, and Fantastic Four involved and intertwined in both).

All anyone need to is read the Apocalypse Marvel comic storyline. Not only is the comic set then but Avengers and Fantastic Four are involved along with time travel.

Hopefully they will run into Austin Powers time tripping to the 80s, because that is what we were promised in another AP sequel.

He did say "really, really". That is 2 reallys so that is all the credibility I need.

Does anyone else see an issue with this being in the 80's? If we see Cyclops, Jean, Storm they will have to recast those characters - making the end of DOFP utterly pointless to bring Jean and Scott back to life - unless they make an X4.

Also, they are bringing back Nightcrawler, who will have to be recast but he would only be 10 years old - assuming Mystique was pregnant in DOFP and Azazel (his father) was murdered.

Angel is rumored to be in this film, possibly setting up the Arch-Angel story line but Warren Worthington from X-Men Last Stand wouldn't have been born yet. Neither would any chances of seeing Ice Man, Rogue, Collosus etc.

I feel like this film is already doomed. Should have made it present day to avoid all these issues. Only reason they made it in the 80's is so they could use Fassbender and McAvoy which is a shame.

I think DOFP was the best movie yet... I really liked it a lot, a few (very few to me) inconsistancies but overall great. Way better than X1-X3 which I found horrible due to the casting and First Class was the worse because none of the xmen outside of Xavier, Beast and Magneto were "original" Xmen

Here's an idea; why don't you scrape together a few million $, make your own damn film, then listen to other people bitch and moan about how your version didn't fit their interpretation.
Stop nit-picking, and be glad these movies are around.

Can't Wait.

I just want Storm with a mohawk.

I would like to see them introducing Jubilee in an extended role and also psylocke

The movie is supposed to be taking place in the same timeline as the other movies, that is why the Rogue comment, In the comic universe having her in '83 is not only possible, but accurate. The other was just my complaint about not even trying to have people in the right age groups along with all the other completely inaccurate information and backstories.