22 Amazing Things About the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer

News Den Of Geek 12/5/2013 at 3:22PM

We go nearly frame by frame in dissecting and discovering all the Easter Eggs and information hidden in today's fantastic new Spider-Man trailer!

So, if you're like us, then you have already probably watched the first full trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 about two dozen times and are only now taking a breather before you go back for more. But in the meantime, we have something else to feed your wallcrawling cravings right here! Join us as we dissect this trailer from slinging skyscraper to reptilian sewer in the hopes of finding every little geeky Easter Egg or cool nugget you may have missed. It's time to live and breathe The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer in that expected Den of Geek way.
Well, that’s certainly one way of doing the Rhino! Gone is the odd, bonded skin-suit, and instead we get this crazy, tank-like armor. Can we say “Ultimate Spider-Man?” Let the 616 vs. Ultimates debate begin!
That’s the Green Goblin, alright! And does that look like it is Harry Osborn (as rumored by everyone from cast and crew)?
A fun bit of viral marketing there, urging viewers to read The Daily Bugle via Tumblr
. They’ve been posting some fun spidey-verse hints over there for quite some time!

Spidey is back to his classic costume for this one, but we knew that. It does seem a little more lightweight than the Raimi suits. And that’s Paul Giamatti in pre-Rhino garb shooting at him.


Dane DeHaan is Harry Osborn. While the Osborn family in this flick still don’t have that insane widow’s peak that only folks in comics have ever had, Dane does have those comic book Osborn eyebrows here, doesn’t he?

Now THIS is juicy. A few names and projects visible on this list:

Ravencroft (we imagine that's where Cletus Kasady, better known as Carnage, is spending his pre-symbiote days), OS-Suit Mark III (is this the Rhino or Goblin armor?), Venom Storage, Nano-Drug system (another Goblin reference?), Australia Project (possibly a reference to Kraven the Hunter), Dr. Connors File (no surprise there), Dr. Morbius File (You know what this franchise needs? Vampires!), Exoskeleton 232 (Doctor Octopus?), Eel Lab (oh...is that Electro’s origin?)


The secret Subway lab may hold some clues. What could that black fluid in the vials on the left be? A symbiote, perhaps?
Richard Parker knows Oscorp’s secrets, and knows what they’ve been using his research for. In the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, the Venom project was actually supposed to be a living suit that could cure cancer, and it was developed in part by Peter's dad. Don’t be surprised if we see this down the road, especially considering the other references to Venom seen throughout the trailer.
Norman Osborn, lit in his preferred color…
On the left, those are Vulture wings, and on the right, that’s Doctor Octopus’ harness...with Norman strolling in the middle. That’s a lot of Spidey history right there.
Seven storage units for seven pieces of villain technology? Let’s do some math...there’s the Sinister Six...plus Venom? Uh-oh…
Please tell us that they’re not using electric eels to give Electro his powers. What is this, Batman Returns?
That might be Marton Csokas, who has appeared in such geek-friendly films as Lord of the Rings and Kingdom of Heaven, and in this film, he's listed as Dr. Kafka. For any true believer worth their web-fluid, this is a marked change, as Dr. Kafka in the comics is a psychiatric analyst at Ravencroft...and is a woman. She is the one who tries (and fails) to rehabilitate Venom and Carnage in the 1990s, and is ultimately killed in an escape attack. Could this be a backdoor into introducing the symbiote down the road? Also worth noting is that Chameleon at one time took Dr. Kafka's form. With two Osborns, Adrian Toomes and, for all we know, Dr. Connors still shuffling around, why not the Chameleon too?
Dr. Manhattan references aside, Electro looks pretty cool here.
Another look at the Green Goblin! And yes, yes that is most definitely Dane DeHaan aka Harry Osborn!!! How’s that for an “ultimate” Goblin Legacy?
Norman Osborn doesn’t look well at all. We were told in the first film that “Norman Osborn is dying.” That’s pretty obvious, now.
That’s Richard Parker fighting with a pilot wearing a parachute. We know the Parkers died in a mysterious plane crash. Now it looks clear it wasn’t an accident. As if you had any doubt.
We’ll confess...Electro looks pretty awesome here.
It’s a small touch, but a nice one. Peter has posters of New York City rock n’ roll legends The Velvet Underground and Queens stalwarts The Ramones on his wall. We suppose having good taste in music WOULD make a 17 year old an outcast these days. And he’s cool enough for Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow-Up, even in high school.
Our best look at Dane DeHaan as the Green Goblin!
While not directly drawn from the comics, any Spidey fan who enjoyed the PS2/GameCube generation wackiness that was Ultimate Spider-Man (a supposedly canocial telling blessed by Brian Michael Bendis of the return of Ultimate Venom) should recognize this shot: Blue-lite Electro running amok in Times Square. The highlight of that game was Venom vs. Electro for the right to murder a wounded Spidey, and old Sparky up there did the impossible: He made Broadway go dark. Could this be a return of that epic showdown, but with Rhino or Green Goblin?
The Parker’s plane crash on its final descent!
So there are nearly 25 bits and pieces you may have missed. What about us? Did we overlook anything? Do you just want to geek out about the trailer some more? Leave a comment below and let us know!
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Wow y'all broke that down!

Look at the scene in Times square. There is the Disney logo with Iron Man in the background.

Sigh. Why keep calling it the Green Goblin when it looks neither green nor goblin? Bad as the mask was in the Raimi film, they at least tried...

Anyone else think the CGI sucks? I mean...seriously?

Wait a minute.. Rino ? In the machine ? What about Rino in the suit instead just like in the comic book ? ELECTRO ? Bad color skins and black man ? The comic book shown yellow and green suit with cool thunderous hat. It is not in the movie as well. DISAPPOINTMENT!

Norman Osbourne is the GREEN GOBLIN. Dean Dehaan is probably portraying Hob Goblin. Common guys, he is not even GREEN!!!!

1.even Den of Geek noticed that they are being faithful to the comics, 616 and Ultimate comics

2. can you really see a 5'8 Paul Giamatti(who said before he wanted to play Rhino) in the Rhino tights that looks it 616 comics or Jamie Foxx in green tights and a yellow lightning/starfish mask and either of them to be taken seriously as dangerous threats by the general audience

3. They are using the 616 versions(Aleksei Sytsevich the Russian mobster and Max Dillon the electrician with a somewhat sympathetic backstory) with the Ultimate looks(they haven't use the comics looks in a lot of cartoon or video games for a while either).

4. just because Max Dillon is black. does that really mean he won't kill it as Electro(Waiting for an asian Wasp, or Latina Liz Allen, etc)

5. look at pictures of real life electricity. it's usually always light blue with purple hints at Electro is an electrical being

its' not finished yet. no teaser trailer I know(Iron Man super bowl, Amazing Spider-man, etc) had finished CGI that didn't look better in theaters.

Sure, but it is not just me, a lot of people are commenting about the terrible CGI...furthermore I realize things can be unfinished and I can be understanding, but this just looks VERY VERY bad. More so then other movies with CGI. It is making me worried that Sony is rushing this film.

The director said Rhino would only last for about four or five minutes in the film. I guess he'd still be back for ASM3 with the tights you guys are looking for.

no, it was the gentleman who was walking at the side of the chambers.

Yeah, he was in the after credits of the first movie too. Talking to Dr Curt Connors.

Peter also has the "Coexist" album cover by The XX on his wall