Matt Smith Joins Terminator Reboot

News Mike Cecchini 5/2/2014 at 11:19AM
Matt Smith

Former Doctor Who star Matt Smith is joining the new Terminator movie in a "major role."

In case you were wondering how Matt Smith would spend his time now that he's done with Doctor Who, that appears to have been solved. The Eleventh Doctor is joining the new Terminator trilogy in a role that Deadline describes as "a major role that will grow in the second and third films."

In other words, he won't be cannon fodder.

The fifth Terminator film, alternately referred to as Terminator: Genesis and simply, Terminator, already includes Emilia Clarke (as Sarah Connor), Jason Clarke (as John Connor), Jai Courtney (as Kyle Reese), Day Okeniyi (as Danny Dyson) and an unknown gentleman named Arnold Schwarzenegger. That's an awful lot of potentially heroic types in this movie. Could Matt Smith be making the leap to villainy to distinguish himself from his time on Doctor Who?

Skydance productions confirmed the news via Twitter:

The first film of the new Terminator trilogy is scheduled for July 1st, 2015.

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It's like all creativity in Hollywood has been flushed down the drain. Most big movies are from an established franchise, with like a 4 or 5 after them. I wish they'd take a chance on something creative and original instead of cranking out Terminator 6 or Spiderman 11.

It's not Hollywood's fault, It's the audience's. If creative and original still made money @ the box office, more would be made.....

I'm confused. Is this a continuation of the old movies, or a re-boot?

Excellent news!More timey wimey shenanigans for Matt Smith then.Alan Taylor just finished working with Eccleston on his last movie,he'll be after Tennant for a role next then.Congratulations,Matt.Can't be far away from principal photography now,i would think.

I hope that add a dalek or two just for fun


They are traveling back through time during the events of the first two movies.

Please please please don't make him a bad guy! I love Matt Smith too much!

I am even more confused. How is Sarah Conner younger than John Conner??

2... its spiderman 2..

Time travel

Ok so it has to be some time jump thing, because the guy playing jon is like 20 yrs older then the female playing his mother. ??? Seriously


Why aren't they continuing with what they were doing with Christian Bale?

Exactly, franchise movies are more of a sure bet than one offs. Almost everything has been done before in some for or variation. Many things are in part inspired by other things that came before.

I think the point Revenant is trying to make is there will probably, unfortunately, be a Spiderman 11 down the road, because Hollywood cant come up with anything original....

95% of the movies out there are original. Look at the nominations for best picture last year. How many of those were sequels? There are plenty of both original stories and remakes/sequels in Hollywood. I'm tired of people saying that it's otherwise.

There've been more than two Spider-Man movies. Plus, hyperbole.

weeeell... spiderman 2 for the second time at least... and spider man '5' if you want to be technical. (And this is only a listing of the 'spiderman' movies from the 2000's)

Arnold will be playing a normal man who was the prototype for the terminiator.

90% of the reason why we keep getting spiderman movies is so that Sony can keep the rights away from marvel. Rights renewal is a major reason we keep seeing remakes and sequels.

They could make 100 Terminator sequels in a row and it would never get old.

I keep hearing reviewers say the backstory with his father is unnecessary, but none of them actually back it up with thoughts. It's as though they feel that if it's not in the comics, then it can't be good. In the first one, it gives him the solution to the problem that Kurt Conners is working on. In this one, it gives him a better connection to Harry than would have otherwise been possible in such a short time. Every character actually had utility to the story except for Rhino, but I'll give that a pass since it was such a short portion of the film.

Cause it sucked and was a dead end