Star Wars: Episode VII casting rumour latest

News Simon Brew 2/18/2014 at 7:48AM

A new behind the scenes image, and two casting rumours for Star Wars: Episode VII...

Expected to start shooting in May is JJ Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII, which has been the subject of no shortage of internet rumours over the past few months. Of late, most of those rumours have centred on the casting for the film, and we've got a few bits and bobs for you here.

Firstly, a good source has told us that auditions are ongoing for key roles in the new film, and that more are taking place in the UK at the end of this month. Furthermore, we understand that one of the roles available is Princess Leia - or at least that's what one or two of those auditioning are being told.

Carrie Fisher is pretty certain to reprise the role of Leia in Star Wars: Episode VII, so it may be that a younger version of the character is being cast for a flashback sequence, or perhaps as a daughter of Han and Leia. Obviously, we're speculating there, and it may just be that what those auditioning are being told is a smokescreen of sort. We'll find out in due course.

Furthermore, over at Ain't It Cool, it's being reported that Jack Reynor, next to be seen in Transformers: Age Of Extinction (and recently seen in Delivery Man) has been cast in Star Wars: Episode VII. The specifics of that role are not yet known.

Finally, LucasFilm updated its website over the past few days, and as such has posted a new image of the behind the scenes preparation for the movie. In the foreground of the image? People having a meeting. In the background? That certainly looks like some design work for things that might just feature in the film.

Star Wars: Episode VII is set for release in December 2015.

Ain't It Cool.

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Most fans, I'm guessing, don't want to see the original 3 recast. Imagine the pressure Hayden Christiansen had times a hundred. The casting would have to be spot on to the point where you'd even remotely be able to please the hardcore fans. Good luck with that. You'd be better off writing the character (or characters) out completely, which is what I heard they would do (according to Lucas).

Jack Reynor, not Jack Traynor.

This is Disney whereas the star Trek Reboot got it fairly correct, Disney will not. They need to just go into the future and use Cade Skywalker. Sure his story's dark. But somehow you can lighten it up a little.

I'll just repeat what I said when I learned Disney paid 4 billion dollars for Star Wars. To Disney, Luke, Leia and Han are like Snow White. Some girl played Snow White in the 1930s in that animated movie but that doesn't mean Disney will never cast the role over again. And again. And again. Does anyone even remember that girl's name? The valuable entity is the character; the actors are just hired hands who embody the character. Since recasting inevitable, why not just do it now? Zac Efron is probably gonna play Luke. Jennifer Lawrence could play Leia. Who knows who could play Han, but if Abrams can recast Spock, he can recast Han. Fans will be up in arms but movies are a global business and the audience will mostly be people who only saw pirated versions of the old Star Wars movies and don't regard them as holy writ. Just look at how angry Trekkies got about Abrams' movies, or the recent angst over Superman, or the howling over Ben Afleck as Batman. Fans can howl, but the studios can't hear it over the sound of global ka-CHING!

No you moron theyre in the film because the story is about anakin solo jacen solo jaina solo answer ben skywalker

Yah but you need the storys before otherwise people will not understand

Nah not exactly. As You can have some background as Star wars IV did for character backgrounds. People will pick up on "oh, he's related to luke"
Luke appears as a ghost. And they can add in some more background.
Oh Fel is related as a cousin?
People won't care overly much if they do just have them re-read the books and it's completely new and origional.

Great point Cade is awesome but i really want to see Darth Cadus *sorry if spelled wrong* its a great story i will enjoy but im mad that they want ro do it 35 years after roj disney fu**ing up there gave no thought to develop people like mara jade

Like for you sir although the star trecks were great. Yes ive seen all the old ones im just not a tight ass when it comes to reboots