Resident Evil 6 cast and title latest

News Simon Brew 4/22/2014 at 8:52AM
Resident Evil 6 movie

Resident Evil 6 may be called Resident Evil Rising. And Bingbing Li is set to return, says director Paul W S Anderson.

With his latest film, Pompeii, struggling to make much a dent at the US box office earlier in the year, writer-director Paul W S Anderson is turning his attention to the sixth and apparently final film in the Resident Evil movie franchise.

It's already known and expected that Milla Jovovich will be reprising the role of Alice once again, but Anderson has also now said that he hopes Bingbing Li will also be back. She will be playing Ada Wong again, with the narrative following the venture to The Hive, "where The Red Queen plots total destruction over the human race".

The Tracking Board has revealed that the title for the new film is apparently Resident Evil Rising (although this isn't confirmed). Production hasn't yet started on the movie, and the expectation now is that it will be in cinemas around September 2015. That's yet to be confirmed, though.

More on the Resident Evil 6 movie as we get it.

The Tracking Board.

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Rising? Really? After Apocalypse, Extinction, Afterlife, and Retribution, the best they can come up with is Rising?

What? another one?? I think the series allready give everything they leave the series in peace..before it's too late...

They should call it: 'Resident Evil: How do we wrap this up?'

I appreciate the other poster's opinions. That said, I think these movies are just silly fun. Mila is great, the movies look good for the most part and have some great action. This is the opinion of most other people I know. I'd guess that anybody commenting will indeed watch the next Resident Evil effort. They were never meant to be The Godfather and are just entertaining comic book movies. Going with a old cliche, apparently those who dislike these movies don't matter much because they keep making money off of them.

I don't even understand these movies anymore. What was up with the last movie in that big dome thing? Was it all a pretend simulation? Where they all holograms? Clones? What was even the point of going there? Why was the Fast and Furious chick from the first one back and where did the chick from Superbad go? I don't even know.

I love Milla, but I gave up on these movies after the third one.