Resident Evil 6 Movie likely Not Coming in 2014

News Den Of Geek 2/3/2014 at 3:25PM
Resident Evil

Paul W.S. Anderson confirms that Resident Evil 6 will happen, but not as soon as the 2014 rumors would suggest.

After the continued success and growing popularity of nearly each subsequent Resident Evil movie, a Resident Evil 6 from Paul W.S. Anderson—the writer of all five previous Resident Evil films and director of all but two of them—seemed inevitable. It still does, but the motion is going especially slow on the next film.

In promotion for this month’s disaster epic Pompeii, Anderson sat down with Collider and revealed that there is not so much as a script, much less a release date, for the next installment. This disproves the dubious rumors of a September 2014 premiere.

Anderson said, “We’d like to do another Resident Evil movie, definitely. But the wheels aren’t quite in motion yet.”

Anderson said this in relation to what he is planning to do after Pompeii is finished and in theaters, which is apparently going to involve a much-needed vacation.

Some diehard fans of the series may worry that this means an end to the Alice and Zombies action-good-times, however while Resident Evil: Retribution (the fifth film) made less than its direct predecessor Resident Evil: Afterlife, it still brought in a worldwide gross of $240 million—almost four times its budget. And Anderson confirms Screen Gems is game for another. Albeit, Anderson did tell IGN last December that the upcoming Resident Evil 6 will likely be the last in the series, at least starring Milla Jovovich as Alice.

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