First trailer lands for Fury, starring Brad Pitt

Trailer Simon Brew 6/25/2014 at 7:38AM

David Ayer directs Brad Pitt in Fury, heading to cinemas in November. Here's the trailer...

Off the back of his success with the excellent End Of Watch, director David Ayer has followed it up with two movies. The first, Sabotage, didn't win too many people over earlier in the year. But we've got high hopes for his next release, Fury.

Fury stars Brad Pitt, a World War II movie set in 1945, as the Allies make their final push in Europe. Pitt plays an army sergeant who leads a tank and its crew on a near-suicide mission behind enemy lines.

The film co-stars Shia LaBeouf (for it is he), Logan Lerman, Jon Bernthal and Michael Pena. And it's due in cinemas in November. Here's the first trailer...

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Honestly, it looks silly…At different parts of the trailer you can hear the accent Pitt used in "Inglorious Bastards." Ruins it. Remember Christian Bale's awesome performance and accompanying accent when he played the character 'Dicky' in The Fighter? Okay now imagine he recycled that accent while playing Bruce Wayne in Batman. Yep, like I said "silly."

Not really, while this movie looks boring (WWII movie again? rly?) it makes sense to use an American in WWII's accent for another American in WWII

Wait a minute, you mean you can hear Brad Pitt talking when Brad Pitt is talking? Outrageous. What a hack!!!! Seriously, if I there was one thing I wasn't expecting to hear it was Brad Pitt's voice coming out of Brad Pitt's mouth. If they want anyone to go to this movie they better get someone to overdub all his lines. Despicable

Hahahaha Christian Bale sounds the EXACT same in all of his movies, right? Nope, don't think so. Hell, even Tom Cruise managed to pull off a half-witted irish accent in Far and Away. Pitt is drawing too much off of his character in Inglorious, that's all I'm really saying. At the very least, his performance in Fury will draw your subconscious to his character in Inglorious. I agree, it is "despicable" to get paid millions of dollars by "hack(ing)" the character you portrayed in a previous movie and attempting to pass it off as an entirely new character. I, of course, agree with everything you said if "Fury" is in fact, "Inglorious Bastards, Part II." Really really nice try luke. "The force is NOT with you"- Signed Christian Bale Superfan

I like the director, star, and the trailer was pretty good to me.

Just out of curiosity, what does an "American WWII accent" sound like? Had no clue there was such a thing. Whenever you muster up the ability to replicate it, give me a call. My real name is Indiana Jones, my number is (123)-456-7890. Thanks

There are different kinds of American accents. I'm from the Midwest, born in Chicago. I went to high school in Kansas City, Missouri. There are different kinds of Midwest accents. There's a Chicago accent. Southerners don't all sound the same. Texans and folks from Alabama don't sound the same. There's no general American accent. A lot of actors of England make that mistake a lot when they play Americans. Emma Thompson made that mistake in an interview around the time she was promoting Primary Colors. I was taken aback by her comment about how Americans speak. Americans who live in New York who are Puerto Rican who've lived there for generations speak with accents from the island. I'm African American and Black people who live in Chicago born and raised a lot of us still have Mississippi, Alabama and other southern state accents.

I'm going to watch this not for Brad, not for Shia, not for Jon. I'm going to watch this because of Michael Pena, one of the best actors out there. He was great in End of Watch and should get more opportunities in starring roles.

Im not even gonna watch this for Brad Pitt. He's mediocre. Not bad, but there is plenty of other talent in this film. As a junkie for war films, this looks rather entertaining even though Brad Pitt is the star.

Where is the horse?

You did not answer the question. The answer is, "There is no such thing as a WWII accent." But I think the original poster's statement sounded that way as a result of poor grammatical construction, nothing more.

How to tell when a culture is nearing total intellectual and moral bankruptcy: when it has to, out of necessity, rehash the same glory story over and over...because there is nothing at all left for it to say that would credible to reasonable ears.

A war movie. Killing. I hate war. But it looks interesting and maybe I will learn something I don't know. All are good actors in their own way.

WWII movies are amazing, specifically about real events (while WWII topics in general are "real" the story that sticks out may not be. E.g. Inglorious Bastards storyline about how to kill Hitler, didn't happen, though WWII DID happen.) What would be interesting is if the story about this crew of men on this tank were real, even based on the lives of some folks who experienced some of the things they will in the movie.

While I did love him in End of Watch, I REALLY loved him in Crash. THAT role had me crying my eyes out. Also, he was great in The Lucky Ones. <-another war movie.