Bruce Campbell Explains the Evil Dead Timeline

News Den Of Geek 10/31/2013 at 1:38PM

Once and for all, Ash himself, Bruce Campbell, explains the continuity issues between Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness!

Ever wonder why Ash was dumb enough to go back to that cabin a second time in Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn after the events of The Evil Dead? Or why the ending of Evil Dead II doesn't quite line up with the beginning of Army of Darkness? Well, Ashley J. Williams himself, Bruce Campbell, has all the answers for you. The good folks at YEAH!, the new streaming movie service for movie superfans, have just launched their extras-laden version of Evil Dead 2, and it is positively full of Bruce Campbell interviews, where the big guy tells some hilarious stories about the production...and even clears up those long-standing continuity issues.

"It's a requel!" he jokes in the video. But really, the questions about how all three Evil Dead movies fit together (or IF they fit together at all) has always been a point of contention among Deadites (is that the proper term for Evil Dead megafans?), and here, Mr. Campbell suggests a potential "supercut" of all three films that might just clear things up once and for all. Maybe. We might just have to try it out for ourselves! The good folks at YEAH! were kind enough to grant us this EXCLUSIVE clip from their Evil Dead 2 special features, where Bruce Campbell straightens everything out for us. Check it out...

Now, wasn't that helpful? We sat down with the YEAH! version of Evil Dead 2, a movie that is in constant rotation around here during Halloween season the way It's A Wonderful Life or A Christmas Story are on cable around Christmas. Having seen Evil Dead 2 countless times, the "Yeah Definition" experience, which includes running text commentary detailing how one of the ultimate low-budget horror movies of all time was produced was an absolute riot. The fact that these are periodically punctuated with Bruce Campbell interviews just made it that much better. So, if you're a fan of Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and the Evil Dead franchise, the information laden YEAH! Evil Dead 2 experience is a goldmine of funny stories and gruesome facts. Go watch it now!

UPDATE! It's come to our attention that some of you are having trouble viewing the video. If so, please try opening this in Chrome, as the problem appears to be primarily in Firefox, at least that we can see. Sorry for the inconvenience...we're working on it!

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