Twitter Reacts to Ben Affleck as Batman

News Den Of Geek 8/24/2013 at 12:38AM

As expected, the internet had PLENTY to say about the casting of Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel. We're just gonna keep a running tally of our favorites...

It shouldn't come as any surprise that the announcement that Ben Affleck will play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman movie (for cryin' out loud...we have a cast and a release date, can you PLEASE give us a real title now, Warner Bros?) sent Twitter into a frenzy. We're rounding up our favorite reactions from the geek community, from comic book writers and artists to movie stars to The Batman himself! So, if Twitter is too much for you right now, just keep checking back with us and we'll sift through it and try to find you the best bits. No promises, though. As Mr. Affleck and the casting department are about to learn, there's just no pleasing some folks!

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Can't see him as Batman!

I believe he has a love of the character and genre, but he just seems clumsy.

terrible casting.still remember his daredevil,a godawful movie up there with halle barey catwoman flick.

Great director,dont have the actin chops to pull off Wayne and Caped Crusader.

All Im gonna see is Ben Affleck.fuck!!

You have one shot to make this right. With the overall history of WB and
comic films you have to be extremely careful in casting...or all the
good will earned via TDK series will be destroyed. Ben was laughable as
Daredevil...blame the script but he is like a log as an
Keanu Reeves...regardless of what the film it is like he is playing the
same character. The only way this could be worse would be if they had
cast Orlando Bloom....They have taken a 'must see movie event' and
already turned it into a 'why bother'. Superman was a love or hate type
of film and they needed a smart choice for Batman in this iconic
match-up to take away all doubts...and this was not it...this will end
up being on par with the Green Lantern...and this will derail the
Justice League movie...

Come on guys, Daredevil was not a good movie, but the reason was: direction and script. Also that kinping/electra performances that well... you know. Was not Affleck ´s fault you know? as far I saw, he made a credible Matt Murdock... I was surprised with him as the new bat but, why use as a reference a movie that was filmed years ago.... YEARS, Affleck now have a wider vision, you know? I will trust on this team.

Hold on, did I miss something? When did Joseph Gordon-Levitt change his name to Ben Affleck?!?!

Ok, first off I am not Pro-Affleck! But you have to remember, Heath Ledger got some vicious feedback when he was announced for the Joker, right? Same with Hugh Jackman and Wolverine. And look, some of the best comic film icons ever! So I definatly do not support WB's decision, but maybe give it a chance?

is not like fellow actors and other famous people would dare to dis him anyway, at least 1 or 2 of the tweets were actually funny.

If you removed Ben Affleck from that movie, and replaced him with an actor of your choosing, would that really make it that much better?

Considering they going for Frank Millers Dark Knight returns story (somewhat) I recon Ben could be good. It's all about character dev and story to save the day here..

Still don't care.

Think about it, if casting is meant to help spread the word about a movie, this is inspired.

Daredevil was a decade ago, in that time he's won another oscar, directed some brilliant movies and improved quite a bit. Hold judgement till you see the end product, we all know what happened when people flipped out when Heath Ledger and Michael Keaton were casted.

Why not cast Jim Parsons as Batman and Dom Deluise as Alfred??
How many lines of Coke were involved in this decision?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brother time don't fix bad

Then you haven't seen The Town or Argo have you. He's playing Batman, not King Lear.