Batman vs Superman: Adam Driver Circling Dick Grayson as Nightwing **Updated**

News Robert Bernstein 11/16/2013 at 9:09PM

'Girls' star Adam Driver's name has been mentioned in connection with the Dick Grayson as Nightwing role. UPDATED with new information.

Dick Grayson aka Nightwing (formerly Robin) will probably be appearing in Batman vs. Superman, and Girls star Adam Driver has emerged as the frontrunner for the role. According to TheWrap, two unnamed sources told the media outlet that Nightwing will play a role in Zack Snyder's film, and the 29 year old Adam Driver might just be the guy to step into Dick Grayson's tights. Driver has a recurring role in Girls, but has also appeared in Inside Llewyn Davis and Lincoln, to name a couple of major films.

UPDATED 11/16/13In an interview with Collider, Adam Driver flatly denied any involvement with the role or the project, but he described the buzz connecting his name to Batman vs. Superman as "intensely flattering."

More on Batman vs. Superman as news comes to light, but for now, check out our Everything We Know About Batman vs Superman.

What are your thoughts on Adam Driver as Dick Grayson?

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I still hope this isnt true. Or hes in one scene, as a flashback of Bruce.
IFFFFFFFFFF it is true....

They could not have picked a goofier looking SOB to play him holy fuck.

No Robin, please.

After they cast Ben Affleck they just kinda said F**K IT!


giant earls....

A mask could only improve his looks.

they should get mark whalberg to play robin

No they should get Matt Damon to play him. Would be funny as hell.

they should get carlos mencia to play the joker, hes so funny.

and jeff dunham to play scarface

What if this whole production was a giant hoax? Like they string people along and then say, "Syke! We were just messin' with ya! Like anyone in their right mind would plan a movie that sounds as ridiculous as 'Batman Vs. Superman', and cast that goofy looking dude form 'Girls' as Nightwing."

Might as well get Chris O' Donnell to play Robin while they're at it. Certainly couldn't make things worse than casting horseface as Nightwing.

This move is looking worse each time I hear something new about it.

hahahaha priceless

They should choose ben stiller as nightwing

This guy? Nightwing is supposed to be a prettyboy.