Seven Actors Fans Thought Would Suck

News David Crow 1/31/2014 at 2:15PM

In the wake of Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor casting breaking the Internet, we revisit seven other actors fans thought would suck.

Yes, Jesse Eisenberg is Lex Luthor, and for that matter, Ben Affleck is Batman [insert Phantoms joke here]. After the roar of Internet rage washes over you like a warm, wet, impotent blanket, stop for a moment and let that sink in. Jesse Eisenberg IS Lex Luthor, and the world did not end this afternoon, despite what some of the more creative and enterprising snarkers have tweeted. The sun is shining, the birds chirping, and as resignation slowly drifts through the fan community, the thought that maybe, just maybe, Eisenberg can pull off Lex Luthor spreads….
It’s possible. While Eisenberg nor Affleck are my first (or tenth) choices for those roles, I have seen both give good performances before and in Batman vs. Superman, they will certainly be sharing half the burden with the likes of Jeremey Irons as Alfred, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fisburne as Perry White, and an already perfectly cast Henry Cavill. Stranger things have happened. Don’t believe me? Well consider this list of seven actors who once upon a time fans were ABSOLUTELY positive would fail. Seven actors whose casting spelled doom in the trades and constituted an assortment of varying handwringing.
Here Are Seven Actors Fans Thought Would Suck:

Jennifer Lawrence the hunger games

7. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)
Before Jennifer Lawrence went on to win fans’ hearts at the U.S. box office with $408 million (a feat Iron Man 3 only just NOW barely matched) and everyone else’ with her Oscar Winning turn in last fall’s Silver Linings Playbook, she was The Girl Who Couldn’t Catch Fire. At least that is what a very vocal backlash in the fan community, as well as some decidedly harsh critics, had to say.
When she was cast over a slew of other fan favorites, including actual teenagers like Hailee Steinfeld, the then-21-year-old Lawrence was ridiculed for being too old, too tall and, most egregiously stupid, too “fat.” The actress who at 19 earned an Oscar nomination for playing a dirt-poor orphan of the Ozarks in Winter’s Bone was considered too well fed to star in a film called The Hunger Games (which was also shot in another humble mountain range setting: Appalachia). Even after the film was released, critics for The New York Times and The Hollywood Reporter suggested that she was too womanly and suffered from “lingering baby fat.” Funny how less than a month later, after The Hunger Games became one of the biggest films of 2012, some of the same critics were running glowing pieces about why Lawrence’s Katniss is a “new type of woman warrior” for young girls to admire. Riiiight.

Daniel Craig James Bond

6. Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 (Casino Royale)
Remember that one bloke called “James Blond?” He was that one who was cast as Bond back in 2005 when everyone wanted Pierce Brosnan to return. There was absolutely NO WAY he could play Her Majesty’s Loyal Terrier. Whatever happened to that guy?
As hard as it is to recollect now, Daniel Craig, arguably the most popular 007 since Sean Connery, was once repelled by a belligerent fan community. It got so bad that in 2006, before Casino Royale was even released, Craig had to speak of how stunning and vicious the calls were for him to be dropped from the role. He was accused of being too ugly, too mean and of course too blond. At least The Daily Mirror was slightly wittier when, after only a day had past since the casting announcement, they pronounced the actor, as if they were writing an obituary, to be James Bland.

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's

5. Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany's)
Before the Internet Age, fan skepticism and outrage was kept to the quiet dignity of their own homes or ignored Letters to the Editor. However, sometimes these fans could find a famous champion to carry on their disdain at Hollywood developments. For example, it doesn’t hurt when the author who created a character leads the charge. Look no further than when Truman Capote reacted in disbelief to the casting of Audrey Hepburn in her now most iconic role.
When Capote sold the rights to his short novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Paramount Pictures, he did so with the express wish that Marilyn Monroe play the part of Holly Golightly, New York’s ultimate Goodtime Girl. After all, Holly is supposed to be seductive, charismatic and able to ensnare any man on her hook, if only ever fleetingly. But when Monroe passed on the part because Lee Strasberg advised Norma Jeane that playing a prostitute would be bad for her image, the part went to the decidedly less bombshell Hepburn. When Capote saw that this thin, gamine waif was going to be his ultimate creation of superficial and jaded femininity, he remarked, “Paramount double-crossed me in every way and cast Audrey.” Thank. God.

Anne Hathaway Catwoman

4. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman (The Dark Knight Rises)
Everyone should recall this: Anne Hathaway cast as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman? What? How? A DISNEY PRINCESS?!
Mind you many of those loudest critics likely never saw her riveting work in Brokeback Mountain or Rachel Getting Married (the latter of which got her a well-earned Oscar nomination). And if they wanted seductive, they had to look no further than Havoc. Yet for many, Hathaway was little more than the chick from The Princess Diaries with a very, very bubbly public persona. Hardly the stuff of femme fatale. That’s why all the way up until the film’s release, there were still blogs like this filled with unflattering photoshopped pictures and snap judgments based on movies she did 10 years prior. But lo and behold when the movie came out in July 2012, she was the single best-reviewed facet of the movie. Whether you were Michael Caine or a message board poster, the only thing you could talk about was how good she was in the skintight leather and a mean pout. Even President Obama gave Ms. Hathaway a shout out when he said, “I got a chance to see Batman, and she was the best thing in it.”

3. Heath Ledger as The Joker (The Dark Knight)
And before there was Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, there was Heath Ledger as The Joker. Look at the above pic. Let that one roll around for a minute. Still not satisfied? Here is a page of fans whining about why it should have been Christopher Walken, Crispin Glover or anybody else. In 2006, nobody thought anyone save for Jack Nicholson could be The Joker. Then this trailer hit, followed shortly by similar images:

heath ledger the joker

Even after Ledger’s tragic passing, the role continues to be recognized as a benchmark of villainy not only in comic book films, but in ALL OF CINEMA, thus earning Ledger a posthumous Oscar, which was the first time the Academy had handed one out in the 32 years following Network. ‘Nuff said.

Vivian Leigh Scarlett O' Hara

2. Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O’Hara (Gone with the Wind)
Casting a Brit in an iconic American role always earns a whisper of chagrin from U.S. audiences and press prior to release. However, none was more thunderous than when Vivien Leigh, an obscure English actress born in British India, was cast as Southern belle and revisionist history heroine Scarlett O’Hara in David O. Selznick’s adaptation of Gone with the Wind. Often cited as one of the most beloved novels of the Depression, particularly in states south of Missouri and east of Oklahoma, Gone with the Wind was practically American heritage in its few short years of existence. As the ultimate soap opera epic, it captured idyllic daydreams with a mythic, fairy tale quality. And at the center of all that passion was Scarlett O’Hara, everyone’s favorite wicked creature.
The casting process, lovingly followed in the press as The Search for Scarlett, lasted two full years. Unsurprisingly, when Selznick finally settled on his admittedly dark horse candidate, Vivien Leigh, there took a lot of coaxing. Angry letters poured in, Gossip columnists were pressured to boost Leigh’s heritage, and a tightrope was long walked all the way until the movie’s Atlanta premiere. Today, whatever inclinations people may have towards its politics 70 years on, there is no denying that Leigh is magnificent. She not only won an Oscar for the picture, she won a place in permanent cinematic immortality as one of the most fiercely realized leading female performances ever committed to celluloid. Fiddle-dee-dee.

Michael Keaton

1. Michael Keaton as Batman (Batman)
Yes the most obvious comparison is still the most fitting. Michael Keaton, America’s official Mr. Mom, was cast by Tim Burton to play the Dark Knight.
Keaton is not an assuming man. As a comedian with thin, receding hair and a height of five-feet and nine-inches, a muscular uberman he is not. Also, when he was cast in 1988, many could not get past that this was the guy from Nightshift and Beetlejuice. Were they remaking the campy Adam West TV show? The Wall Street Journal reported on the hundreds (some say tens of thousands) of protest letters they received over the casting. There was literally protesting in the streets. And then this image appeared:

Michael Keaton Batman

The whining stopped. To this day there is still a school of thought that prefers Keaton to all actors who have donned the cowl, even Christian Bale. Not bad for an actor who The Times once described as a prankster.
There you have seven actors who fans were once oh-so-sure would suck. But the list is actually much longer. I can recall the skepticism that surrounded Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander. One can also note a slew of others in history from Hepburn again as Eliza Dolittle to Ian Fleming’s own misgivings toward Sean Connery. Ultimately, gut-reactions tend to be filled with hyperbole and slight embarrassment from hindsight. Hence, it may be best to take a step back before pulling out the message boards. Then again, I still want to leave you with this one more time:

So there is our list. Agree? Disagree? Still worried about Eisenberg or even Affleck? Leave us a message below!
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One can not forget about all the fans whining over Mark Ruffalo's casting as the Hulk or Chris Evans as Captain America. I'm really looking forward to this, it can be truly awesome!

I was one of those anti-ruffalo's. I was proven wrong.


Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four)
Julian McMahon (Fantastic Four)
Halle Berry (Catwoman)
Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns)
Kirtsen Dunst (Spiderman)
Topher Grace (Spiderman 3)
Jean Claude van Damme (Street Fighter)
Tom Cruise (Jack Reacher)
Keanu Reeves (Constantine)
Vince Vaughn (Pshycho)

how dare you say jean claude van damme wasn't the best guile you've ever seen! I think he played the role perfectly for what the movie was (it poked fun at itself)

With the exception of Dunst in Spiderman, the thing that all of those movies have in common which the ones in the article don't have, poor writing.

Also, it's spelled Psycho. No hate there, I'm hoping it was just a typo.

I always knew Ruffalo would be good, but I didn't like the politics of how it happened and what they did to Norton.

I guess I am the only one who didn't think Ledger was all that as the Joker. He was good, really good. But when I saw the movie -- it had been so overhyped, ya know, so it just didn't hit me like it should. I do not think he should have gotten the Oscar. It was just guilt for not wanting him to do the role. I think.

Keanu Reeves was awesome in Constantine.

Gotta say I'm not a big Daniel Craig fan. His version of James Bond is basically the antithesis of what James Bond has been. Bond was a suave,debonair proper gentleman who can occasionally do some super spy stuff, Craig is a rough and tumble action person who's trying to do the suave bit while being 007. Casino Royale hardly held my interest, Quantum of Solace I never wanted to see again, the last movie... hell I don't even remember what it was called.

I'm glad this article came out...all of these naysayers need to just accept it and move on. I never get mad about casting even if it's someone I don't really care for. I don't like Jamie Foxx much at all but I'm cool with him being Electro...I mean I'm sure he will do it well.

Also, that list the guy posted about ten miscast actors that sucked is using examples from movies that had many things wrong with them besides the casting. Most of those movies are poor in more ways than one:

Alba was fine, McMahon was fine, Berry was fine, Bosworth was fine, Dunst was fine at first but later became grating as the series went on, Grace was actually good but wasn't given much to do, Van Damme was great for what that movie was, didn't see Reacher or Constantine but I know those movies aren't universally praised...and the less said about Psycho remake the better...that whole movie was a giant finger to Hitchcock...not just Vaughn's take on Norman.

Michael Keaton and Daniel Craig are the only underdogs on that list that were great in their roles. The other ones were overrated as usual. Jack Nicholson is the best joker and people to this very day overrate Heath Ledger's joker because of it's darkness in the role and because he died. People tend to overrate someones legacy when they die young.

Hah, did Daniel Craig really receive "viscous" phone calls? Sure about that one, Crow?

Interesting article. Winter's Bone is set in the Ozarks, not Appalachia, though.

Well, they were dripping with vitriol...

Keep in mind that the Pajiba post with Heath pictured is from April Fool's Day, this year.

Um, that Pajiba article you screencapped? It's an April Fool's joke. Check the date. And pay closer attention, guys.

Appalachia is NOT the Ozarks.

Uhhh...But Anne Hathaway WAS a bad Catwoman...I like her, but she was still a bad Catwoman.

Add Ben Affleck in Daredevil.

The worst Batman ever was Michael Keaton, 2nd was Val Kilmer. As for Affleck as Batman, I don't think it will be so bad since his acting has greatly improved. As for the slamming of the Daredevil movie, I still enjoy it to this day. Mind you, I watch the extended director's cut which answered all my unanswered questions after watching it in the theater. I am more worried about the actor they have cast as Lex Luther, Michael Rosenbaum should have been picked. Matt Damon for Aquaman would be better than picking him for Martian Manhunter in the JLA.

You realize that picture in the article about Nolan's mistake of casting Heath Ledger is dated April 1st, 2013?

Um. that Ledger piece screenshot you posted was written this year.

Ben wasn't the only thing wrong about the movie. The problem was more that there was nothing right about any of it. Or the Elektra spin-off.

Schlockey-schlock-schlock let's make some more shitty hero movies, Hollywood. When's Ghost-rider 3 out?

I think you are mistaking bad acting with bad scripts.

Anne Hathaway did suck.

I thought Keanu was awesome in that movie. Then again, I never read the comic so what do I know.

Oh, shut up.

Mila Kunis (Oz)

Depends. Are you refering to how Bond has been portrayed in the previous movies, or how he was written in Flemming's books? The Craig Bond has been a good representation of the book Bond. Not so much bravery as recklessness that comes from an acute sense of his own mortality and a fair amount of self-loathing that stems from his work.

If you want sleek, sexy, self-assured, supremely confident Bond, you watch the Brosnan and earlier movies. If you want tortured, conflicted, reckless, self-loathing Bond, you watch the Craig movies or read the books.

Ledger was great. His facial expressions, body language, the voice he had going, every time he did that little licking his lips thing...he was perfect. He personified insanity. He actually acted crazy. If I hadn't already known it was him, I never would have guessed. He was the Joker, not an actor playing the Joker, if that makes sense. As for everyone else on this list, they may have been dealing a lot with bad writing and dialogue, but none of them were all that great.

Actually, I was disappointed myself and over-hyped may be the best way to describe it. But I haven't like most comic movies, a few were okay and only one (Captain America) was good. I have high hopes for Days of Future Past, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Winter Soldier. We'll see.

I believe Norton made excessive salary demands, which is what caused the change.

Uhh... you know that you liked his performance. That should be enough for anyone. I can't stand when people are unable to separate the book from the movie. They are two different mediums, you can't compare them, and it is pointless to try. I thought he was pretty good that movie too.

In an interesting juxtaposition, the writer has featured a photograph of Affleck with George Clooney - arguably the worst batman ever.

Jean Claude van Damme was awsome as Guile so was Keanu Reeves in Constantine

what the hell you talking about nab?

go eat poo you fat idiot

Are you kidding?!? The worst Barman, hands down, was George Clooney. (which adds a special dose of irony to the photo above)

Damnit ... Batman, not barman. I'm sure Clooney could serve a mean cocktail.

FYI to the authors of this piece. Winter's Bone was not set in Appalachia. It was actually set in the Ozarks.

jack reacher was awesome lol

Keanu Reeves is awesome in everything. Sure he plays everything the same, but that is his style and he is the king of it.

The whole f'n point is don't judge until you see the end result.

You don't think he should have won? Who should have? He still has the most memorable performance out of anyone that was nominated for any Oscar that year....

He's the only person who's playd guile in the movies isn't he?

So yah.. of course he's the best.



I thought Elektra was dope. Daredevil was complete rubbish. Never dug Affleck until The Town, he was pretty badass in that. So fuck it, who knows? ....nah I'm just kidding, this is terrible. But at least I just saved 10 bucks on a ticket.

I disagree with some of this, but I maintain that the worst cast actor of recent history was Tobey Maguire in The Great Gatsby. What a trainwreck.


Like anoyone gives a flying f--k.

Still anti-Ruffalo. He wasn't terrible or anything, but he was no better than mediocre. Watch his work without any CGI Hulk action and it was a pretty boring, lackluster performance.

Is everyone forgetting Val Kilmer and George Clooney?

actually, I thought Clooney was the ONLY actor, thus far, that pulled off both Batman and Bruce Wayne well. He was just saddled with a horrible movie, in my opinion.

If you think the worst Batman was Michael Keaton and you liked and still enjoy the Daredevil movie to this day, then everything else you will ever say is invalid.

You lost all credibility within your first 3 sentences.

Theres NOTHING overrated about Ledgers performance. He brought the darkness to the Joker that Nicholson sorely lacked.

Ill never understand peoples love for that Tim Burton Batman Movie.

Personally I thought it sucked.

Youre not the only one. But those who agree with you are just as wrong as you are.

The Dark Knight is the ONLY Batman movie of the Nolan Trilogy thats worth watching and thats because of Ledgers performance.

Bale made a decent batman but saddle him with a horrible story and an even worse take on a villain ( Bane ) and you end up with three hours of meh ( The Dark Knight Rises )

I could just as easily name seven that DID suck. These are utterly pointless comparisons.

Thanks for the catch. It was corrected. :)

You're right about Ledger, wrong on Burton. You don't have to choose between the two, they were completely different takes and attempts at portraying the character of Batman.

Burton's first 2 bat flicks were dope for their time. Remember that this was before mainstream comic book movies really existed.
And while Soldier is right that people tend to overrate performances based on the behind-the-scenes type of stories, tragedies or info behind them, Ledger's Joker is NOT an accurate example of this.

It may have been over-HYPED - in fact it definitely was in a thousand different ways - but not at all overrated in any way.
Dude was COMPLETELY unrecognizable as himself in that role. He blew the roof off of what that character could have been or was up until that point.

That was an as iconic performance of any larger-than-life character than I've probably ever seen. I'm an incredibly huge fan of great villains, and if Ledger's Joker isn't in your top 3 or at least top 5 of all time then you should slap yourself as hard as you can and rewatch that movie. No joke.

I may sort of agree about the last Nolan bat flick, and I definitely agree that Bale was not great as Batman. He wasn't bad at all, he was okay, maybe even kind of good? But yeah, nothing about his performance in any of the 3 movies stood out to me as being impressive in any way. I believe he was mediocre in the roles of both Wayne and Batman, but I don't mean that to be as bad of a review as it probably sounds. I guess I mostly just mean that Nolan, the writers, the set designers and costume designers made those movies what they are in my mind, way more than anything about Bale's performance in any of them.

Anycrap, you (Diana P) really are wrong about Ledger's Joker (in my opinion, of course). I don't say that to be insulting, and I'm sorry if it comes off that way.
But all I really mean is that your experience should probably make you hate hype more than it should sour you on Ledger's performance.

Nobody can argue that both the film and Ledger's performance were ridiculously over-hyped after Ledger's death. In fact I even hesitated to see it because I started to believe it was all hype, no substance. I knew immediately that I was wrong, and several viewings later have confirmed my initial impression.
Just out of curiosity, have you checked out the movie again since whenever you first saw it under all of they hype?
I feel like if you just tried to watch again, and pretended there was no hype or back story, but that it was just some random movie you stumbled upon, and then evaluated his performance based on that you would probably be more impressed. Although I admit it can be hard to separate.
And more importantly, I'm not that smart, haha, so what do I know?

I really do like Lawrence as Katniss, she's brilliant, but I have to say she actually isn't an accurate physical representation of the character. The character is said to be very short--its hinted that its from malnutrition, as just about everyone is starving. The world, which wasn't portrayed to this severe extent in the movie, is definitely concentration camp-like. With that being said, the character is VERY skinny. Anyone who says Lawrence is fat is an idiot, but she is a healthy, average weight. The character is also described as possibly part Native American. So yes, to readers of the trilogy, Lawrence was an odd choice at first, but she nailed the character.

I love Jennifer Lawrence, but I do believe she is too fat... for that role. If you read the books Katniss and her district are all practically starving. Jennifer Lawrence herself is by no means "fat" but while reading the books I did imagine someone more gaunt. That's why there was fan backlash.

Haha, I like how someone else just thought the same thing I did. It really is nothing against her, but the characters physical description is a big deal because it is a reflection of the society she lives in.

Gone With the Wind was not a novel of the Depression. It was about the Civil War.

yeah that catwoman movie was awful and no amount of awesome acting could fix the terrible story

I think most of those on this list only justify the reasoning people are complaining. Seriously, you're using Anne Hathaway's Cat Woman to say people overreact? Daniel Craig sucks. Jennifer Lawrence was relatively unknown and I don't recall there being an uprising about her playing that role.... One which is no where near as iconic and legendary as Batman. Heath Ledger was ok, but if he didn't pass away near the release time I would doubt his performance could have been as blown up as it has been. Michael Keaton is the only one I would have been surprised by in the entire list.

"... a dirt-poor orphan of the Ozarks in Winter’s Bone was considered too well fed to star in a film called The Hunger Games (which was also shot in another humble mountain range setting: Appalachia)."

got it, aarticle was already fixed when I read it.

The reason for most of those was simply because of bad writing/directing.
VInce Vaughn is a terrible actor overall.

he slept walked that role. He even admitted to it.

Ruffalo was *okay*. He only got the role because of Robert Downey Jr since they had worked together before and he put in a good word for him. There's probably a better fit for the role somewhere out there in the world.

It took me a while to put my finger on why I don't like Affleck for this role...but it's his eyes. He's in a constant state of squint. "So? Vulture you're an idiot." but yea, think back to the 90's animated series with Batman in them. His facial expressions were lead by what his eyes did 99% of the time, and because of that we knew what batman was thinking/feeling based on what his eyes did. It's very subtle. Going into the movies with the same thought...every batman (minus Adam West) wears black around their eyes and rarely shows any facial expressions with their mouth (a smile once or twice, and rage a few times) while they have the mask on. It's all mostly stoic scenes, but there are plenty of times where the eyes are at the center of the frame...focusing on their despair, confusion, anger, etc. This actually explains why they picked Clooney for that particular movie: They wanted someone with eyes that could open up WIDE when he sniffed in that drug from Poison Ivy. And anyone that watches NCIS LA can tell you that Chris O'Donnell's eyes are always changing expressions.

Rooney Mara did suck as Lisbeth Salander. In the original film, Lisbeth is a dynamic badass and easily the main character. In the American version, she's there for Daniel Craig to play off of. Granted that's a decision made by writing team and the director, but she was cast because she wasn't going to steal the show from Daniel Craig. Now, I like Daniel Craig, but my point remains.

Not really digging the Hathaway deal. I hated the thought of her as Catwoman and after watching the movie, I hated her as Catwoman.

the problem with Affleck is the voice. Everyone is expecting him to come out with, "WOOK, IT'S DA JOKAH!" Bruce Wayne is not from Boston's mean streets. So, Ben, you'd better work on your Bruce Wayne voice or you'll get spanked.

While I agree we have no idea if Batfleck will be good or bad, this conveniently forgets that a lot of people said that Daredevil, Elektra, Catwoman and Green Lantern and Green Hornet would all suck and they all did. Hard.

To be fair, there wasn't much more you could do with the limited screen time. Hulk in Avengers wasn't supposed to be great, it just had to be good (Avengers being an ensemble piece after all).

I'm surprised Tom Cruise as Lestat didn't make the list. Everyone's problem with Jennifer Lawrence was physical, and I think it was mostly fangirls. Everyone's problem with Tom Cruise, however, was that he was too much of a pretty boy to be Lestat. Anne Rice was horrified and furious. I still can't believe he managed to pull it off.

there is no such thing as bad publicity, maybe, just maybe, that's what this is, make everyone want to see the movie to see how bad he does?

Out of the entire group listed, the only individual I didn't like in the role they played, was Cat-woman, and Michael Keaton was at best a mediocre batman from a mediocre movie.

My problem with Affleck is that like all of his films, his accent will be the same, his performance will be the same, his ability to adopt the role will be the same. Which to sum up, means Ben Affleck will be Ben Affleck as Batman, not an actor portraying Bruce Wayne, or portraying Batman.

I REALLY REALLY wish people would quit citing Keaton as the ultimate Batman. He was terrible in the role.

OH I remember. Compared to The Punisher starring Dolph Lundgren, Burtons Batman was awesome.

But I was comparing it to Frank Miller at the time and found Burtons Batman lacking.

I thought Batman Begins was only pretty good.

In my opinion the first AMAZING superhero movie was The Dark Knight and that only because of Ledgers take on the Joker.

Everyone has opinions, but I strongly disagree. I thought she nailed the part better than Pffeifer, who admittedly played more of a Tim Burton creation than the original character. And given the glowing reviews sh amassed in 2012, I'd say you're in the minority.

Thanks for commenting!

I did think about including that one. Anne Rice even took a page out of the New York times to criticize him...and then another to apologetically praise him. Good call.

Not a bad list by any means, but Audrey Hepburn and Anne Hathaway really did 'suck'. A lot.

The first thing I thought when I heard he was cast for "Batman" is, "Wow, what a great idea". I don't know why there's so much indignation about it. He's a great actor, lean, tall and good-looking. Win.

Go for Ben!! We are with you.

I hope they let the heavy voice out. This was distracting me from the movies.

Gone with the Wind was the Civil war...not the Depression. could anyone mess that up?

Still don't like Keaton's Batman, Craig's James Bond. Thought Hathaway would be great as Catwoman; and Ledger as Joker. And both were magnificent. Lawrence is bland for me. While Hepburn and Leigh's take on their respective celluloid persona remain ICONIC.

And, oh yes, Affleck. He's tolerable but ultimately a let-down...

Some people are reading into this article incorrectly. The article is not saying "because fans were proven wrong about this casting then Affleck will be great," and it doesn't matter in the slightest if you could name 10 or 100 more roles in which fans were ultimately right in their disdain for the casting.

The point is ultimately this: don't make up your mind about the casting before you've seen anything.

Are people allowed to dislike Affleck being cast? Yes, and they can surely express their reasons until their fingers bleed. The issue lies in the trolling, in the childish remarks and childish actions, I mean, do people honestly believe Warners is going to buy-out Affleck's contract because of a petition? It lies in the proclamations that the film will definitely suck or Affleck will definitely suck, or that people will complain during the movie the whole time, or whatever.

But here's a thought: why not wait for production materials? Why not wait for sound bytes? Why not wait for stills? What about trailers, clips, and tv spots? What about seeing the actual movie?

That's the major issue here, that people are judging the casting without seeing what the casting ultimately brings.

When Affleck's portrayal finally hits the big screen, if it turns out to be utter crap, then by all means, critique the performances all you want, because guess what? You finally have something tangible to criticize. As of now, you have nothing but theories and ideas, but until the performance is solidified in the actual film, there truly is nothing for which to pass judgement on his Batman performance, because as of now that performance doesn't exist.

I mean, just look at the examples at the top, at their most basic ideas for which they were criticized at the time.

With Heath Ledger: a pretty boy no-name who doesn't look like the Joker, who never played a villain, who can't act, and once played a gay cowboy. These were the initial criticisms of his casting that I heard over and over again, that were perpetuated for nearly a year and a half before the first theatrical trailer was released. And tell me, of any of those criticisms, how many of them held any weight by the time Ledger's family accepted his Oscar?

What about Keaton: a short, unintimidating actor who doesn't look like Batman and dabbles in comedies. There's a reason he's #1 in this article, because if twitter and social media was available back then, then the negative response would've easily eclipsed what Affleck is getting right now. Easily. But of course, once people saw stills of Keaton in the suit and that first trailer, and ultimately the movie, none of those criticisms mattered, because Keaton WAS Batman, and to many he still is.

And this all comes back to the main point: it's the final product that matters, whether good or bad.

It's a shame that some of us have to endure the tantrums, the kicking & screaming, and generally all the hyperbole, but it's a small price one has to pay for following the production of a studio tentpole. I really wish that some fans would eventually learn to chill, step back & take a deep breath.

I'm all for them expressing their opinions, but why not express them thoughtfully and maturely as opposed to doing it...well, like a child. I know they feel as though they're representing the legacy of the character when they act out like this, but quite frankly, this behavior makes me embarrassed to associate myself under the same label as they are.

I will definitely get some thumbs down for this, but people should stop comparing this issue to the time when Keaton, Bale and Ledger were cast into the roles. We should note that these three actors have not played a superhero role before Batman so yes, we were proven wrong when they did a great job with it. However, Affleck has already destroyed Daredevil so this shouldn't even be a discussion to begin with. I'll give him credit for his last few movies he made, but I would suggest for him to stick to those and stay away from any superhero role.

I think Ben can do it. The problem is with how recognizable he is as "Ben Afleck". As said by angry joe

I remember when they cast Heath and I said " I love Heath Ledger but there is no way he can play the joker".... and boy was i go Ben!

Gone with the Wind was first published in 1936 during the height of the Great Depression, which was experiencing a double dip. By the time the film came out three years later, still during the Depression, it had become one of the highest selling books of the decade and had an almost sacred status among readers who used it as an escape from their own contemporary woes. How could someone mistake the time a book is set with when it was written?

And he is reportedly a pain in the ass to work for. Changing his lines and shots and character motivations. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, Disney/Paramount wasn't going to put up with it anymore.

Actually, IF you READ the books, Katniss and her family are NOT starving. He's an expert hunter who's been putting the meat on the table for years, as well as edible plants, and trading at the Hob (black market) for other foodstuffs. Katniss being a great archer and hunter is her #1 identity before she's reaped.
But I'm guessing that most of these "critics", you included, haven't actually read the books, just looked at the title and thought: "Ah! They must all look like they're in a concentration camp! Let's have an anorexic actress in the role!"

You mean this physical description?

"I stand straight, and while I’m thin, I’m strong. The meat and plants from the woods combined with the exertion it took to get them have given me a healthier body than most of those I see around me. The exceptions are the kids from the wealthier districts, the volunteers, the ones who have been fed and trained throughout their lives for this moment."

No, it's not hinted it's from malnutrition, or else Gale would have been short. and he's described as tall. In fact, she says she's "NATURALLY smaller". She's on the smaller side, yes, but "very short", well... She says "Almost all of the boys and at least half of the girls are bigger than I am, even though many of the tributes have never been fed properly." At least half of the girls? This would make her average height for a girl in Panem, or somewhat below average.

And she's definitely not supposed to be "VERY skinny". She describes herself this way: "I may be smaller naturally, but overall my family’s resourcefulness has given me an edge in that area. I stand straight, and while I’m thin, I’m strong. The meat and plants from the woods combined with the exertion it took to get them have given me a healthier body than most of those I see around me. The exceptions are the kids from the wealthier districts, the volunteers, the ones who have been fed and
trained throughout their lives for this moment."

Described as possibly part Native American? Based on what? Her grey eyes (which she got from her father, as opposed to her blue eyed blone mother)? Straight black hair, olive skin, grey eyes, that could be a description of white people or mixed race people, but it doesn't point out to any specific ethnicity. (It could also be a description of Olga Kurylenko or Ana Ivanovic.) Olive skin is often used to describe people from the Mediterranean. Yes, she could be POSSIBLY part Native American, but she also could be POSSIBLY part something else, or POSSIBlLY 100% white. And for that matter, someone looking like Jennifer Lawrence could also POSSIBLY be part Native American. Prim has blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes, and if Katniss is part Native American, Prim is just as much, since they have the same parents.

Ruffalo was the original choice to play the Hulk when they remade it following the Ang Lee/Eric Bana meltdown, he wasn't considered a big enough box office draw. Thats just according to an interview with the director of the movie, so it could just be bullshit.

I am very much in the thought that you can not judge an actor before you see their performance. Please, keep the scoffing until you actually SEE the flick?

You are correct Rupert about me needing to watch the movie again away from the hype. And I did say that Ledger was really good. I just didn't get the reason for the hype -- mainly because I saw him in Brokeback Mtn & thought he was really great. So I wasn't one of the naysayers. So the whole movie underwhelmed me, and I didn't get the same orgasmic experience, seemingly everyone else did.

But I do definitely need to watch again. I hope I get that "magic" feeling.

If true then the other actors, including the males, would also have to look 'starving' too but nobody whines about Peeta and other guys as being 'too fat'. Anyways, as others have pointed out, Katniss and co. were portrayed in the books as poor but not 'starving' and she was a hunter, so looking physically fit and not hollywood skinny is totally appropriate.

So, was the author drunk when he wrote this? These are from the one entry I read:

"Remember that one bloke called “James Blond?” He was that one who was cast as Bond...."

"At least The Daily Mirror was slightly wittier when, after only a day had past...."

And I don't remember "everyone" wanting Pierce Brosnan back in the role. I remember most had different choices than Craig.

I'm so glad I didn't read this whole thing. If the author doesn't give a shit about what he's writing, why should anyone else?

Somebody made a relevant point on the DKR trailer video comments though:
Affleck has 15 Golden Raspberry noms, and 5 wins for Worst Actor...none of these other actors on this list ever sucked that bad, that long, that consistently.
I have reeled in my initial vitriol for Affleck getting cast, but that doesn't mean I have any faith yet.

agree with all except Keanu. He was good, come on.

Is Clooney that short?

This person thinks portraying Batman is all about how you look.

Kirsten Dunst was decent in Spiderman, the character wasn't written to have much substance. Jean Claude van Damme... sorry, but it's impossible to suck when playing in a movie based off a fighter game that has nothing to live up to. Tom Cruise was good as Jack Reacher, he just didn't fill the book's specifications, but they weren't making the character the same in the books. Vince Vaughn's Psycho sucked because the director was an idiot and tried to make it a shot-for-shot copy that didn't need to be made.

But Daniel Craig DO suck as James Bond - he's the reason I stopped watching the movies after the horrible "Casino Royal" - he's taken the fun out of the franchise

I was super anti Ruffalo, and now he's my favourite Banner. He brought subtly to the role that the others didn't.

Agreed & yet now when I look at Evans--I see Captain America & Ruffalo was incredible(pun intended) as Banner/the Hulk.

I still remember my reaction at watching Heath Ledger playing the joker - my exact words?
'F*ck, I was SO wrong about that guy...'

Except for Heath and Keaton the rest did suck and still do.

I liked Kirsten.

I never met someone who thought Audrey Hepburn sucked as Holly Golightly. You are a brave explorer to be so far out from the rest of humanity. :)

Sorry Ben Afflick is NO BATMAN... This reminds me of the shamble batman films when Val Kilmer and George Clooney took on the role, these films were rubbish@!@@ and now they are running a thin line casting Afflick... god damn it, why wont Christian Bale come back for the final installment???

Full respect to Hugh Jackman for staying as Wolverine...

Except this person also thinks being a good actor might contribute something to portraying Batman. It's not "Hamlet" you know.

The most outrage I recall was Tom Cruise in Interview With The Vampire. Even author Anne Rice took back her skepticism when she saw the film. I normally can't stand him, but his LeStat worked.

Well I personally was fine with seeing daniel craig as james bond in the trailer, although i still like Brosnan a lot. and hathaway was good too cuz I think we can trust christopher nolan's direction. I will however, disagree with the Obama, she was far from the best thing about it.

I have no antipathy for Audrey Hepburn as a person, but her acting was, almost without exception, dreadful.

I'm used to being in the minority when voicing that opinion though, and regardless of my views on her acting, I think it's nice that her work pleased so many people - I suspect she would too.

Just my opinion, but I don't think Ben has the 'voice' that a batman should possess. Batman needs to sound truly imposing, dark and scary... Someone help me out here.

Hathaway was still my least favorite part of TDKR

In the book, which is the source for the story, Craig's character IS the protagonist, so that's exactly right. And Lisbeth is not at all "dynamic," she's often confused for being mentally retarded, hiding a bruised genius, she's also described as looking underage, being extremely gaunt and petite. I liked Noomi, but in the movie her character came across more as simply an angry, defiant woman (and it was tough to hide Noomi's sex appeal). Rooney's physical appearance and guarded performance were much, MUCH closer to the character as she was written.

I'm surprised to find out not only did Capote not like Hepburn, but that he was rallying for Monroe? Holly Golightly was described as very thin, with almost a childlike face (the narrator guessed her age as anywhere between 16-32), large mouth, upturned nose, and had an affected way of speaking. I remember reading it thinking how crazy it was that Hepburn seemed to be the actual personification of what Capote had written. Aside from being blonde, Monroe seems all wrong for the role, I can only imagine Capote's judgement was clouded by his friendship.

I'd think if he was going to object to anything, it'd be the casting of hunky Peppard as the character in the book that was clearly modeled on himself, but I guess we have less objections to Holly

Agreed, I've seen a few of these articles pop up in the light of the Batfleck news, and am always surprised that they omit Cruise as Lestat. The furor over Cruise rated right up there with the backlash that came up for Keaton as Bats and Craig as Bond.

It makes perfect sense. Jack Nicholson played the joker. Heath Ledger was the joker. It's an entirely different kind of acting.

Im a little skeptical about affleck, but these guys seem to know what they are doing

Worst Batman? Yes. But best Bruce Wayne.

Who thought Anne Hathoway was going to suck? Same with Jennifer Lawrence... Fans were worried the hunger games would suck (which it did).

Um to be honest after Christian Bale as Batman... First movie I don't even recall it, second one was great bc of the Joker, Heath Ledger made the movie special. Third one a meh again. So all Affleck has to do is be better than Bale. With the right script we can get a better batman easily.

Affleck should be playing Luthor, Boiler Room style.

Henry Cavill, Heath Ledger, Daniel Craig, and Michael Keaton DID suck, what the hell do you mean? that Nolan = smart and cool bullshit is getting annoying, get over it already!