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Captain America: Civil War and the Future of Marvel Phase 3

Mike Cecchini Feature Nov 29, 2015

Now that we've had our first look at Captain America: Civil War, we consider why this one is so important to the Marvel Universe.

Star Wars: 10 Unsung Heroes Behind A New Hope

Ryan Lambie The Lists Nov 28, 2015

Den of Geek looks back at the artists and filmmakers who helped put Star Wars: A New Hope on the big screen in 1977.

Christmas Movies and TV Show Schedule 2015

Den Of Geek News Nov 29, 2015

We have a complete list of Christmas movies on TV AND your Christmas TV show schedule right here for your holiday cheer.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens News - Everything You Need to Know

John Saavedra News Nov 28, 2015

Everything you need to know about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, including trailers, casting, and release date!

Green Lantern Corps Movie News

John Saavedra News Nov 27, 2015

The Green Lantern reboot will be called Green Lantern Corps. Here's what we know about it so far.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice News - New Trailer Coming, Premiere Date, and More

Den Of Geek News Nov 27, 2015

Everything you need to know about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice right here, including trailers, release date, casting, and more!

Justice League Movie: Everything You Need to Know

Mike Cecchini News Nov 27, 2015

Here's everything you need to know about the Justice League movie, which is actually two movies, but who's counting?

James Wan Shares Conjuring 2 Photos

Tony Sokol News Nov 27, 2015

James Wan takes to Instagram to share Conjuring 2 pix with Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.

Story Of Your Life: looking ahead to a must-see sci-fi film

Ryan Lambie Feature Nov 27, 2015

Sicario director Denis Villeneuve’s tackling the sci-fi film Story Of Your Life next. What is it, and why should we look forward to it?

The Top 25 John Goodman Roles

Robert Keeling The Lists Nov 27, 2015

The mighty John Goodman doesn't get enough love. We count down 25 of our favorite Goodman roles...

Fantastic Four: Michael B Jordan Talks Problems

Simon Brew News Nov 27, 2015

As he wins rave reviews for Creed, Michael B Jordan has a word or two about this year's Fantastic Four movie...

Alien: Covenant confirmed as first of three new prequels

Simon Brew News Nov 27, 2015

It's going to take three more movies to join the Prometheus series up to the start of 1979's Alien, Ridley Scott has confirmed...

Gremlins 3 won't be a remake or reboot

Simon Brew News Nov 27, 2015

Zach Galligan confirms that Gremlins 3 is still coming - and that it's taking a Jurassic World-style approach...

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies: new trailer and poster

Simon Brew Trailer Nov 27, 2015

Lily James and Matt Smith star in Pride And Prejudice And Zombies. Here's the new trailer...

I Am Legend: Why Will Smith is Particularly Proud Of It

Simon Brew News Nov 27, 2015

Will Smith reflects on I Am Legend, and why on one sense it's "the most successful I've ever been"...

MST3K Turkey Day 2015 Details and How to Watch

Mike Cecchini News Nov 26, 2015

The greatest Thanksgiving tradition of them all returns! MST3K Turkey Day 2015 is here! Watch it right here.

Why You Should be Thankful for X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Mike Cecchini News Nov 26, 2015

While X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a turkey, its critical failure helped get us the revival of the X-Men franchise...and a Deadpool movie.

Mob Antipasta: Best Gangster Movie Food Scenes

Tony Sokol Feature Nov 26, 2015

You think your family is crazy? There are no families like mob families, and food scenes in gangster movies will kill you before they do.

The Last Waltz: Martin Scorsese's Ultimate Rock n' Roll Movie

Tony Sokol Review Nov 26, 2015

Martin Scorsese caught The Last Waltz on camera and The Band brought the turkey. Happy Thanksgiving to the greatest rock movie ever.

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe vs DC’s Extended Universe

DC Feature Nov 26, 2015

In 2016 the two comic book giants cross swords like never before. But who - Marvel or DC - will claim the ultimate victory?