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Experimenter Review

David Crow Review Oct 9, 2015

Peter Sarsgaard stars as Stanley Milgram, the man who proved human beings are not so inherently good. But does his movie pass the test?

Pride and Prejudice And Zombies Trailer Drops Delicately

Tony Sokol Trailer Oct 9, 2015

Not to be impolite, but why are you nibbling on my British brain? Trailer for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies stumbles online.

All hail the first trailer for Hail, Caesar!

Don Kaye News Oct 9, 2015

George Clooney, Scarlet Johansson and a cast of thousands take on Hollywood in the Coen brothers’ Hail, Caesar! Watch the first trailer…

The Final Girls Review

Don Kaye Review Oct 9, 2015

The Final Girls: what do you get when you mix Friday the 13th with The Purple Rose of Cairo?

Steve Jobs Review

David Crow Review Oct 9, 2015

Michael Fassbender will become a household name after Steve Jobs, a biopic that demonizes and flatters the man to tremendous effect.

Justice League Dark Movie Reportedly Set to Shoot in 2016

Ryan Lambie News Oct 9, 2015

The Justice League Dark movie is set to begin shooting in 2016 under producer Scott Rudin, a new report suggests...

The Flash Movie: Creators Going for "Tech-Based" Costume

Ryan Lambie News Oct 9, 2015

Exclusive: the makers of Warner's 2018 movie of The Flash are going for a "tech-based" costume for its speedy superhero, we've learned...

Mallrats 2: Kevin Smith Drops New Details

Simon Brew News Oct 9, 2015

Kevin Smith has revealed the basic premise of Mallbrats - and has revealed that a big call for extras is coming...

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2: Benicio Del Toro to Return

Simon Brew News Oct 9, 2015

The Collector is set to return to the Marvel cinematic universe in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2...

Deadpool: Ryan Reynolds on That R Rating and the Competition

Simon Brew News Oct 9, 2015

Ryan Reynolds: 'Deadpool's greatest superpower is annoying the [cough] out of people'

X-Men: Apocalypse: New Synopsis Reveals Fresh Details

Simon Brew News Oct 9, 2015

Is Jennifer Lawrence now heading up the X-Men team? Here's the detailed synopsis for the next X-Men film...

Speed 2: Why Keanu Reeves Turned It Down

Simon Brew News Oct 9, 2015

Keanu Reeves on Speed 2: 'I decided not to be in that.' Here's why...

Pan Review

Matthew Schuchman Review Oct 8, 2015

Peter Pan returns to the big screen with a new origin story that features Hugh Jackman and Rooney Mara. But can it fly on its own?

The Exorcist Made The Final Girls Possible

David Crow News Oct 8, 2015

The director of The Final Girls and Malin Akerman reveal at New York Comic Con the unique connection between their film and The Exorcist.

Full Marvel Movie Release Calendar

Mike Cecchini News Oct 8, 2015

We have the complete list of upcoming Marvel movies, including the newly announced Ant-Man sequel and more!

Disney Announces Dates For Incredibles 2, Toy Story 4 And More

Alec Bojalad News Oct 8, 2015

Disney has announced changes to their schedule that includes new release dates for The Incredibles 2, Cars 3 and Toy Story 4

Tatiana Maslany To Star In Boston Marathon Bombing Film

Alec Bojalad News Oct 8, 2015

Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany will appear opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in David Gordon Green's Boston Marathon Bombing Film, Stronger

Marvel Announces Ant-Man and the Wasp Movie

Tony Sokol News Oct 8, 2015

Marvel will bring the Ant-Man sequel out along with more mystery projects for Phase 3.

Star Wars: Episode VIII adds Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Simon Brew News Oct 8, 2015

The casting on Rian Johnson's Star Wars movie continues...

The Other Frankenstein Monster: The Strange Fate of Glenn Strange

Jim Knipfel Feature Oct 7, 2015

The six-foot-five Glenn Strange is almost as well known as Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster.