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RoboCop: The Franchise of Diminishing Returns

Mike Cecchini Feature Feb 27, 2015

Few genre movies are as perfect as RoboCop. So of course they tried to milk it to death.

20 Best Last Man on Earth Movies

Daniel Kurland The Lists Feb 27, 2015

On Fox, Will Forte might be the Last Man on Earth, but we look at the 20 best examples of Last Man on Earth films!

Upcoming Movie Release Calendar

Nick Harley News Mar 1, 2015

We've got all the theatrical and VOD releases for February and March right here...

Avengers: Age of Ultron Character Posters

Mike Cecchini News Mar 1, 2015

Check out five very cool character posters for Avengers: Age of Ultron right here...

11 Movies That Might Have Been Directed by Someone Else

Simon Brew The Lists Mar 1, 2015

Is the named director of a film the one who's actually been calling the shots? Here are 11 where a 'ghost director' may have been involved.

Stephen King's The Running Man Was a Film Ahead of Its Time

Simon Brew Feature Mar 1, 2015

A 1980s sci-fi classic? The last film Arnold Schwarzenegger made before he got really powerful? Guilty on both counts, Simon argues...

Brewster's Millions: new remake on the way

Simon Brew News Mar 1, 2015

The 11th - really - big screen adaptation of Brewster's Millions is in the works...

10 sequels that ignored previous films

Ryan Lambie The Lists Feb 27, 2015

In the wake of the Alien 5 news, here are 10 franchise sequels that also ignored at least one previous film.

New Bruce Lee Biopic in the Works

Mike Cecchini News Feb 27, 2015

Bruce Lee's cinematic impact continues, as another biopic about the legendary martial artist is in the works.

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy 1931-2015

Mike Cecchini News Feb 27, 2015

We bid farewell to Leonard Nimoy, an icon who has left us at the age of 83.

Maps to the Stars Review

David Crow Review Feb 27, 2015

David Cronenberg's vicious satire of Hollywood brings much talent to Maps to the Stars and the NYFF, but offers little else in grim tour.

Den of Geek is Screening The Original RoboCop on February 27th

Den Of Geek News Feb 27, 2015

The original RoboCop is one of the most perfect films ever made. We'll be celebrating it in all its violent glory.

The Crow: now Jack Huston is linked with lead role

Simon Brew News Feb 27, 2015

Bradley Cooper, Tom Hiddleston and Luke Evans have all been linked with The Crow reboot. Now it's Jack Huston's turn.

Neill Blomkamp: "I'm not trying to undo Alien 3"

Simon Brew News Feb 27, 2015

The director of the new Alien film clarifies that he's not trying to write Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection out of the series...

Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection: given a raw deal?

Ryan Lambie Feature Feb 27, 2015

Is the recent hint that the events of Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection are to be overlooked a little too drastic?

The Gunman: First Look at the New Poster

Simon Brew News Feb 27, 2015

Sean Penn stars in The Gunman, from the director of the good Taken movie. Here's an exclusive look at the new poster...

Bruce Willis' Movie Shut Down Over Financial Problems

Simon Brew News Feb 27, 2015

Wake, starring Bruce Willis and Ben Kingsley, appears to have run out of funds, less than two weeks into shooting.

Blade Runner Sequel Has a Director, Harrison Ford Will Return

John Saavedra News Feb 26, 2015

The Blade Runner sequel is moving forward, and it has found its director!

Bizarre Robocop Commercials Must be Seen to be Believed

Chris Cummins News Feb 26, 2015

Check out a compilation of the strangest and most awesome Robocop ads ever made.

Leonardo Dicaprio Django Unchained

Leonardo DiCaprio Developing Robin Hood: Origins Film

David Crow News Feb 26, 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio is teaming with Joby Harold to develop Robin Hood: Origins, a new genesis story for the Sherwood outlaw.