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Hans Zimmer Talks About Scoring Interstellar, and Why Batman Needs a New Theme

Don Kaye Interview Nov 21, 2014

The Oscar-winning composer talks traveling the cosmos with Christopher Nolan for Interstellar.

Interview: Interstellar cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema

Don Kaye Interview Nov 20, 2014

The man who shot Interstellar on working with Chris Nolan, doing Bond 24 and more.

Adam West interview: on being Batman

Brendon Connelly Interview Nov 14, 2014

The iconic 60s Batman series is coming to Blu-ray now, so Brendon had a quick chat about it with the man himself...

James Luceno Interview: Star Wars, the Sith, Tarkin & Palpatine's First Name

Megan Crouse Interview Nov 13, 2014

We had a chance to speak to author James Luceno about his latest book, Star Wars: Tarkin, the Sith, and Palpatine's first name.

Doctor Who: Steven Moffat on series 8, Missy

Louisa Mellor Interview Nov 13, 2014

At the RTS Doctor Who: Anatomy Of A Hit event, Steven Moffat chatted about Missy, Osgood, his favourite series 8 scene, and more…

Jon Stewart and Maziar Bahari talk humor and journalism of Rosewater

David Crow Interview Nov 13, 2014

We sat down at a Rosewater press conference with The Daily Show's Jon Stewart and Maziar Bahari to discuss the new film.

Doctor Who: Ben Wheatley on Deep Breath and Into The Dalek

Louisa Mellor Interview Nov 13, 2014

At the RTS Doctor Who: Anatomy Of A Hit event, director Ben Wheatley shared his experiences of making series 8’s opening episodes…

David Goyer Interview: The Other DC Characters Coming to Constantine

Marc Buxton Interview Oct 27, 2014

David S. Goyer tells us about what other DC Comics characters might show up on the Constantine TV show.

Constantine Star Matt Ryan Talks the Influence of the Comics

Marc Buxton Interview Oct 24, 2014

We spoke with Matt Ryan about playing John Constantine, how awesome Warren Ellis is, and much more...

Arkham Manor Interview: Gerry Duggan Talks Batman's New Mask

John Saavedra Interview Oct 22, 2014

We talked to Gerry Duggan about the upcoming new comic book series, Arkham Manor!