Latest Interviews

Felicia Day Talks Gaming, Geekiness, and Babes

Dana Schwartz Interview Oct 6, 2015

From Gamergate threats to her new autobiography, we chat to Felicia Day about being weird on the internet...

Heroes Reborn: The Psychological and Physical Challenges of Being a Hero

Fred Topel Interview Oct 5, 2015

We spoke with Heroes Reborn cast members about getting into the supernatural mindset...

Robert Zemeckis Interview: The Walk, Modern Filmmaking

Louisa Mellor Interview Oct 5, 2015

We chatted to Robert Zemeckis about his dizzying new film, The Walk, and the job of a movie director…

Manhattan: Thomas Schlamme and Sam Shaw Talk Season 2

Chris Longo Interview Oct 1, 2015

The minds behind WGN America's nuclear drama Manhattan chat with us about season two...

Harry Gregson-Williams Interview: The Martian, Ridley Scott, Hans Zimmer

Ryan Lambie Interview Oct 1, 2015

The composer behind The Martian talks to us about scoring Ridley Scott's sci-fi thriller, working with Hans Zimmer, and more...

Cinematographer Roger Deakins on Sicario and Blade Runner 2

Don Kaye Interview Oct 1, 2015

One of film’s finest directors of photography talks shooting Sicario, working with the Coen Brothers and getting ready for Blade Runner 2.

Brit Marling: The Keeping Room ‘Felt Really Fresh’

Don Kaye Interview Sep 30, 2015

The Keeping Room stars Brit Marling and Hailee Steinfeld on making a female-driven Western.

Drew Goddard Interview: The Martian, Daredevil, World War Z

Ryan Lambie Interview Sep 30, 2015

From Buffy to his latest film, Ridley Scott’s The Martian, we talk with screenwriter Drew Goddard about his work to date...

Ridley Scott Talks The Martian, Prometheus sequels

Ryan Lambie Interview Sep 29, 2015

We talk to Ridley Scott about his new film The Martian, his career in film, including Alien and Blade Runner, and his plans for Prometheus.

Justin Kurze Talks Macbeth, Breaking Bad, Animal Kingdom

Ryan Lambie Interview Sep 28, 2015

The director of the must-see Macbeth, starring Michael Fassbender, talks to us about Shakespeare, violence, and Breaking Bad...

Richard E. Grant Interview: The Jungle Book, Doctor Who

Rob Leane Interview Sep 21, 2015

We caught up with Richard E. Grant to chat about The Jungle Book: Mowgli Stories, Doctor Who, and Jekyll & Hyde...

Gotham Season 2 Stars Talk Heroism and Villainy

Kayti Burt Interview Sep 18, 2015

We visited the Gotham set and chatted with the series' stars about what's in store for their characters in season 2.

Everest Director Baltasar Kormakur: 'No One Is to Blame'

Ben Mortimer Interview Sep 18, 2015

Director Baltasar Kormakur on Everest, reviews, and creating a mountain on screen...

Heroes Reborn: Zachary Levi Talks Mundane Powers And Nerd Culture

Fred Topel Interview Sep 17, 2015

Zachary Levi talks Heroes Reborn, nerd culture, his place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and more!

Marc Guggenheim Infinite Adventures Jonas Quantum

Marc Guggenheim talks Jonas Quantum, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow

Kayti Burt Interview Sep 14, 2015

We chatted with Marc Guggenheim about Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and new original comic book The Infinite Adventures of Jonas Quantum.

Chris Evans talks Directing: ‘I Liked Wearing Both Hats’

Don Kaye Interview Sep 10, 2015

Captain America puts down the shield and picks up the bullhorn as Chris Evans discusses his directorial debut, Before We Go.

Rick And Morty: Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland Interview

Joe Matar Interview Sep 9, 2015

The minds behind Rick and Morty talk season two, the UK premiere, and way more...

Doctor Who: Steven Moffat & Brian Minchin Talk The Magician's Apprentice

Patrick Sproull Interview Sep 8, 2015

After a fan screening of The Magician's Apprentice at this year's Edinburgh TV festival, Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin gave a Q&A...

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon interview: Me And Earl, Glee, Scorsese

Ryan Lambie Interview Sep 2, 2015

With his new movie Me And Earl And The Dying Girl in cinemas soon, we talk to director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon about Glee, Scorsese and more...

Howard Gordon Talks The X-Files Revival, Homeland, 24

Matt Allair Interview Sep 2, 2015

TV vet Howard Gordon talks with us about X-Files fandom, if he'd want to return to the series, and his more recent projects...