Latest Interviews

Super Power Beat Down Director Aaron Schoenke Interview

Gavin Jasper Interview Jul 24, 2014

The co-creator of the action-packed Super Power Beat Down discusses fights he's created and fights he'd like to see.

Den of Geek Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon: Interview With the Original English Voice Cast

Michael Mammano Interview Jul 23, 2014

We got to speak with the voice cast of the classic Sailor Moon series at Anime Expo.

Mike Cahill On The Science Of I Origins

David Crow Interview Jul 22, 2014

Mike Cahill, director of I Origins, sat down with us to talk the science of his new film and the crossroads of science and spirituality.

Michael K. Williams and Carmen Ejogo Talk The Need For The Purge: Anarchy

David Crow Interview Jul 21, 2014

We sit down with stars of The Purge: Anarchy to discuss the political undercurrent of the film, as well as where the next Purge could go.

Frank Grillo And James DeMonaco On The Escalation Of The Purge: Anarchy

David Crow Interview Jul 15, 2014

We sit down with director James DeMonaco and star Frank Grillo to discuss making The Purge: Anarchy, and the reason for the violence in it.

Gerry Duggan on Taking Over The Hulk and Writing Deadpool and Nova

Jason Tabrys Interview Jul 14, 2014

The writer of Hulk, Deadpool, Nova, and more opens up to us about what it means to be the voice of so much of the Marvel Universe.

Maisie Williams Talks Heatstroke, Game Of Thrones, And The Hound On A Hill

David Crow Interview Jul 11, 2014

We sit down with Maisie Williams to discuss her new movie Heatstroke, and why Arya made the choices she did in Game of Thrones.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes interview: Gary Oldman and Keri Russell

Don Kaye Interview Jul 10, 2014

Yes, there are humans in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and we spoke with two of them.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Andy Serkis and Matt Reeves Talk the Future of the Franchise

Don Kaye Interview Jul 8, 2014

The director and star of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes form a mutual admiration society right before our eyes and hint about the next film.

Chaz Ebert and Steve James Talk Ebert And Life Itself

David Crow Interview Jul 7, 2014

We sit down with Roger Ebert's wife, Chaz, and documentarian Steve James to discuss Roger's life and the new film, Life Itself.