Latest Interviews

Zak Penn interview: Atari: Game Over, Ready Player One

Ryan Lambie Interview Jan 28, 2015

Writer/director Zak Penn talks about his documentary Atari: Game Over, resilience in Hollywood, Ready Player One & Last Action Hero.

Chris Tilton & Sarah Schachner: Composing Assassin's Creed

Paul Weedon Interview Jan 26, 2015

The right music can make or break a game. Paul chats to the composers behind the latest Assassin's Creed to find out how they make it work.

David Koepp interview: Mortdecai, Jurassic Park, Indy 4

Wil Jones Interview Jan 23, 2015

Mortdecai director David Koepp chats to us about the film, along with Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Spider-Man, Mission: Impossible & more.

Sharon Horgan & Rob Delaney interview: Catastrophe

Louisa Mellor Interview Jan 20, 2015

Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney's new Channel 4 sitcom Catastrophe is a deeply funny, down-to-earth look at relationships...

Artist George Folz On Drawing Star Wars Daily And Creating The Roman Nose With Seth Kushner

Jason Tabrys Interview Jan 14, 2015

George Folz is the man drawing a Star Wars picture a day. He talks to us about this and "chase comic" The Roman Nose...

Anatol Yusef Interview: Boardwalk Empire, Meyer Lansky

Tony Sokol Interview Jan 12, 2015

Boardwalk Empire season five hits the streets. Anatol Yusef drops dime on Meyer Lansky.

Paterson Joseph interview: Good Omens, Doctor Who, Neil Gaiman

Michael Leader Interview Dec 22, 2014

Paterson Joseph chats to us about Good Omens, Peep Show, being cut from Paddington, and why he'd "never say never" to playing the Doctor...

Jim Carrey interview: Dumb And Dumber, comedy & more

Brendon Connelly Interview Dec 19, 2014

Mr Jim Carrey on why he returned to make Dumb And Dumber To, and what his ambition with Ace Ventura was...

Black Mirror interview: Charlie Brooker, Jon Hamm, Rafe Spall

Louisa Mellor Interview Dec 16, 2014

We chatted to Charlie Brooker, Jon Hamm and Rafe Spall about tech dystopia Black Mirror’s terrific festive episode, White Christmas…

joaquin phoenix movies

Joaquin Phoenix Interview: Inherent Vice, Doctor Strange, and More

Don Kaye Interview Dec 16, 2014

The enigmatic star on working with Paul Thomas Anderson, adapting Thomas Pynchon and what was up with Doctor Strange.

Evangeline Lilly Talks Her New Book and Ant-Man

Caroline Preece Interview Dec 15, 2014

The Lost and Hobbit star tells Caroline about her new books, and why she almost left Ant-Man...

Tricia Helfer Discusses Her Latest Role in Ascension

Michael Ahr Interview Dec 15, 2014

Will lightning strike twice for Syfy as it tries to repeat the success of Battlestar Galactica by including one of its stars in Ascension?

Luke Evans interview: The Hobbit, LEGO

Duncan Bowles Interview Dec 12, 2014

Duncan chats to Luke Evans about stunts, green screens, and being turned into a toy

top five chris rock

Chris Rock and Top Five Cast Talk Comedy vs. Drama

David Crow Interview Dec 11, 2014

We sat down at a press conference with Top Five's Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson, and more to talk comedy, drama, and stand up.

John Cleese interview: Clockwise, Muppets, writing, stand-up

Simon Brew Interview Dec 10, 2014

Chatting about writing, The Muppets, DreamWorks, Clockwise and Charles Crichton, all with Mr John Cleese...

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014: Nick Frost Interview

Cameron K McEwan Interview Dec 10, 2014

On a visit to the Cardiff set of Last Christmas, 2014's Doctor Who festive special, we chatted to Father Christmas himself, Mr Nick Frost...

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014: Dan Starkey Interview

Cameron K McEwan Interview Dec 9, 2014

On the set of Last Christmas, we chatted to Dan Starkey about his Doctor Who role in this year's Christmas special...

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014: Nathan McMullen Interview

Cameron K McEwan Interview Dec 8, 2014

Visiting the set of this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special, we chatted to Misfits actor Nathan McMullen about Nick Frost and elves...

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2014: Peter Capaldi interview

Pete Dillon-Trenchard Interview Dec 8, 2014

Peter Capaldi chats to us about 2014's Doctor Who Christmas Special, Last Christmas, "one of the scariest ones" they've done...

Jeffrey Katzenberg interview: Penguins, DreamWorks, universes

Simon Brew Interview Dec 2, 2014

The boss of DreamWorks Animation, Jeffrey Katzenberg, on too many blockbusters, 20 years of DreamWorks, Marvel, and Penguins....