Latest Interviews

Sherlock: Steven Moffat on the Ghost Story Aspects of the Special and More

Fred Topel Interview Aug 3, 2015

Steven Moffat spills a few more details about this year's Victorian Sherlock special....

Tom Kenny Interview: The Voice of Spongebob Squarepants

Simon Brew Interview Aug 3, 2015

For nearly 20 years, Tom Kenny has voiced Spongebob Squarepants. As Sponge Out Of Water arrives on disc, he spared us some time for a chat.

How You’re The Worst Became One of TV’s Best Comedies

Chris Longo Interview Aug 1, 2015

You're The Worst creator Stephen Falk talks with us about landing on FX and why the bad guy and girl are so good...

Vacation Directors: ‘We Didn’t Want to Disappoint Anyone’

Don Kaye Interview Jul 30, 2015

Jonathan Goldstein and John Daley talk hitting the road again with the Griswolds

Andy Daly Talks Rejected Reviews, What to Expect in Review Season 2

Daniel Kurland Interview Jul 29, 2015

Andy Daly of Comedy Central's Review discusses a crazier second season in our exclusive interview...

The Last Man on Earth: Dissecting the Psychology Behind the Apocalypse

Daniel Kurland Interview Jul 29, 2015

Our interview with Last Man on Earth’s Andy Bobrow gets deep into what made the ambitious show so special.

Inside Out: A Look at the Genesis of a New Animated Classic

Louisa Mellor Interview Jul 27, 2015

We chatted with the director and producer of Pixar’s terrific new film, Inside Out, about its development, breakthroughs and storytelling.

Rachel McAdams talks True Detective Season 2 and ‘Having A Thick Skin’ in Southpaw

Don Kaye Interview Jul 25, 2015

The Canadian actress on Southpaw, True Detective season 2, Doctor Strange and more…

Jake Gyllenhaal on Southpaw: ‘You Can’t Fake It Anymore’

Don Kaye Interview Jul 23, 2015

The actor talks becoming a boxer and exploring his rage for his new film.

Ant-Man's David Dastmalchian 'Always Wanted to Play Morbius'

Don Kaye Interview Jul 20, 2015

The lifelong comic book fan has appeared in both a DC film and a Marvel movie now.

Ant-Man: Peyton Reed on the Spoiler-y Trailer, Post-credits Stings

Rob Leane Interview Jul 20, 2015

Spoilers! Ant-Men director Peyton Reed on the post-credits stings, and whether he was happy with revealing a surprise in the film's trailer.

BoJack Horseman Season 2: Horsin' Around with Art Design

Daniel Kurland Interview Jul 17, 2015

We talk with Lisa Hanwalt, the designer of Bojack Horseman, about where the narcissistic horse is headed this season...

Ant-Man’s Michael Pena: ‘They Let Me Run With It’

Don Kaye Interview Jul 17, 2015

The Ant-Man star talks improv on the set, doing comedy and The Martian.

Ant-Man bad guy Corey Stoll: ‘The Villain Needs to Be Scary’

Don Kaye Interview Jul 16, 2015

Marvel’s newest super-villain on Ant-Man, The Strain, and more…

The Sailor Moon Cast on Equality, Gender Politics, and What's Next

Michael Mammano Interview Jul 15, 2015

At Anime Expo, the cast of Sailor Moon told fans about a whole range of topics relating to the show and otherwise.

Peyton Reed Talks Ant-Man, Marvel, Back To The Future

Rob Leane Interview Jul 13, 2015

We chatted to Peyton Reed about Marvel’s tiny blockbuster Ant-Man, and also a little about Back To The Future…

Self/less: Tarsem Singh says ‘I Don't Want to Fight My DNA’

Don Kaye Interview Jul 8, 2015

Director Tarsem Singh reins himself in for the sci-fi melodrama Self/less.

Hayley Atwell Talks Agent Carter Season 2, Captain America, and More

Rob Leane Interview Jul 6, 2015

While we wait for Agent Carter season 2, Hayley Atwell was kind enough to tell us about her Marvel Universe experiences.

Terminator Genisys Writers: ‘We Have Unanswered Questions’

Don Kaye Interview Jul 3, 2015

The screenwriters talk going back to the future with Arnold and the gang.

Teen Titans Go At 100 Episodes and the Future of the Show

Chris Longo Interview Jul 3, 2015

We chatted with Teen Titans Go producer Michael Jelenic ahead of the animated series' 100th episode...