Latest Interviews

The Giver: Lois Lowry Discusses Her Classic Novel and the Film

Don Kaye Interview Aug 20, 2014

The author of The Giver discusses seeing her classic children’s dystopian novel become a movie.

Brian Minchin interview: Doctor Who series 8, Peter Capaldi

Louisa Mellor Interview Aug 19, 2014

Doctor Who executive producer Brian Minchin took a lucky few of us inside the TARDIS during the filming for series 8…

Peter Capaldi Interview: Doctor Who Season 8

Louisa Mellor Interview Aug 18, 2014

We chat with Peter Capaldi about series 8, getting the part, the new Doctor's relationship with Clara, and being a Doctor Who fanboy...

Sarah Wayne Callies Interview: Into the Storm and The Walking Dead

Don Kaye Interview Aug 8, 2014

The Into the Storm star talks researching extreme weather, acting opposite a tornado and why she doesn’t watch The Walking Dead.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Megan Fox and Will Arnett Interview

David Crow Interview Aug 6, 2014

We sit down with Megan Fox and Will Arnett of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to talk about the movie, the characters, and Bat-Turtles.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Dave Bautista talks Drax the Destroyer

Don Kaye Interview Aug 5, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy’s fearsome Drax the Destroyer reveals he’s really just a big softie.

Hemlock Grove Creator Brian McGreevy Talks Netflix, the Source Material, and More

Alec Bojalad Interview Aug 4, 2014

We spoke with the creator of Hemlock Grove on his book, the Netflix adaptation and the state of supernatural stories...

James Gunn interview: Guardians, music, Marvel and more

James Hunt Interview Jul 31, 2014

We talk to the director of Guardians Of The Galaxy about working with Marvel, 70s music, and the mysterious end credits stinger...

Guardians of the Galaxy Interview: Michael Rooker Talks Yondu, Walking Dead, and More

Don Kaye Interview Jul 30, 2014

One of our favorite character actors talks Guardians, Yondu, The Walking Dead and more.

Zoe Saldana Interview

Zoe Saldana interview: GotG, Who, strong female characters

Simon Brew Interview Jul 29, 2014

The misnomer of strong female characters, tackling Guardians Of The Galaxy, and a bit of Doctor Who too: it's our Zoe Saldana interview