Xbox One's Friends List Detailed

News Robert Bernstein 10/15/2013 at 9:57AM

Microsoft has detailed the new Xbox One friends list...

Microsoft's Major Nelson has detailed the new Friends App on Xbox One, detailing the new features, which makes the Friends App feel like a social network for Xbox One gamers.

The friends app actually has a great-looking layout, feeling a lot like the style you'd see in a Windows 8 app.  I know many of you aren't a big fan of Windows 8, but I am one of the rare examples of people that actually enjoy it.

This Friends app will be how gamers will be able to share their uploaded game videos (until we're able to send them to YouTube and Facebook) and recent achievements.  One feature I'm looking forward to using is favorites; adding a list of core friends that you play with most will eliminate the painful necessity to scroll through your entire friends list for the gamers you want to party up with.

Check it out, and look for the Xbox One on November 15th.

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