Xbox For Women, Too: Nearly 40% of Xbox Live Audience in US

News Robert Bernstein 9/21/2013 at 10:58PM

Women now make up 40% of the Xbox Live audience in the United States...

Microsoft's COO Kevin Turner announced that women now make up 40% of the Xbox Live audience in the United States.

By audience, we are assuming Turner means user base, but Microsoft has yet to clarify what exactly their version of 'audience' means.

Turner noted that this 40% is a big change from Xbox Live's first year in existence.

On a related note, the ESA's 2012 numbers revealed that females make up 47% of the gaming audience, and 48% of the most frequent game purchasers.

The big change is likely due to the Xbox 360's major shift from being a gamer's console to being an entertainment center for your living room with services like Netflix and Hulu.  Not to say that women don't play games (obviously, they do), but women tend to be heavier users of the video content services.

Source: GameSpotGameonnet

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