The Obvious Reason World of Warcraft Lost 1.9M Subscribers

News Robert Bernstein 7/26/2013 at 1:17PM

There's an obvious reason World of Warcraft lost 1.9 million subscriptions in three months...

I must confess, I haven’t logged into World of Warcraft for over two years. TWO years. And, it’s not because the game changed much, but I have, and so has the gaming community. We’ve come to expect better things. Yet, I still compare EVERY new MMO game to World of Warcraft in some aspect. My criteria for judging MMO’s has mostly been, “Is this as fun as WoW?” I know I’m not alone in using this criteria. And, for the most part, new MMOs have fallen short of WoW’s appeal. But, it’s still no surprise that Blizzard saw a loss of 1.3 million subscribers for World of Warcraft in the first quarter of 2013, and another 600,000 in the second quarter. There’s an obvious reason that WoW has lost 1.9 million subscribers in three months; people have changed.

The key to World of Warcraft’s appeal and success was that everyone was playing it; your best friends, your wife, your uncle, your mailman, your professor, your dog-walker, Mr. T, etc. This is no longer the case. The gamers that grew up playing World of Warcraft nearly ten years ago are now ten years older. Think about that for a minute; where were you ten years ago? I, myself, was in high school, with nothing else to do but neglect my homework and play video games. Where am I now? Married with two kids and a full time job. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for three hour raids and dungeon sessions. I certainly wouldn’t be able to play the game for a long enough period of time that would provide any worth to having a monthly subscription, so, again unfortunately, I go without World of Warcraft. It’s just not worth it to me anymore.

With the release of newer, more polished MMOs such as Guild Wars 2 and Neverwinter, there’s no denying that WoW’s graphics and cost model need updating. Guild Wars 2 was a one time purchase of $60, and then you can play it free for life (or until the company shuts down the servers), and Neverwinter, which will be hitting retail sometime soon, is now in a free, open beta. Free. But where WoW falls short on graphics, Guild Wars 2 and Neverwinter fall short (in one way or another) on gameplay. I’m just starting my journey with Neverwinter, so I can’t say just yet whether or not it has staying power, but if it’s anything like my MMOs of games past, my interest in it won’t last more than a year. I haven’t logged into Guild Wars 2 in six months. I haven’t logged into DC Universe Online since a week after the latest content update was released. I haven’t logged into Defiance since a week after finishing up my review for Den of Geek.

The money that I used to spend on my monthly subscription to World of Warcraft now goes to the necessities in life. On top of that point, I have to be more choosey with the games I want to spend my hard-earned money on. I can’t just go to GameStop and buy 2 or 3 games at a time like I used to when I was 15 years old without any bills to pay. So, some games are missed, and I tend to look for the cheaper options for gaming; World of Warcraft is not one of those options. It’s not like there isn’t a cost barrier for WoW to get new subscribers, either. You’d have to first purchase World of Warcraft and its first two expansions, The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King for $19.99, then Cataclysm for another $19.99, then Mists of Pandaria for another $39.99, PLUS a monthly fee? No thanks. World of Warcraft would undoubtedly benefit from a free-to-play model (which every Tom, Dick and Harry on the web is crying for). You can add my name to that list, sure, but the game would still have to be updated graphically to hold my interest.

There’s also the need for that “new-new”; gamers always want to try the newest games. Between new retail releases from big companies like EA, Perfect World, NCsoft, Trion Worlds, XBLA and PSN titles, Indie releases every week, and alphas, closed betas, open betas, etc, gamers are constantly getting new options for games to play. And, it’s nearly impossible to keep up. I can’t tell you how many games I’ve missed already this year that I, hopefully, will get a chance to go back and play at some point, simply because there isn’t enough time in the week to play all the new games and still keep up with real life. Thankfully, gaming is part of my career, so I do get to play more than the average adult gamer (awesome). Still, there’s not enough time in the week to play all of the new games that I would like to get my hands on. There’s no time to play it, and my pockets aren’t endless, so where would World of Warcraft even fit into this equation?

It doesn’t.

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Bottom line is this. You kill spiders at level 1. You kill spiders at level 85. It's a trap! WoW is a complete waste of life.

AGREE!!! that are the reasons of why i stop playing WoW, even if i miss it, but no friends in game playing and no time to waste wins

If 15 bucks is what you buy your necessities with, you need to stop playing video games altogether.

They just lost a ton of subscribers because they banned a crap ton of bots and nerfed multiboxing. That's all there is to it.

True there isn't a pot of money at the end.

However, 10 years ago there was a sense of exploring this world together with a whole bunch of people. Adventure, Camaderie, Newness. Then it just turned into being leet and raiding. Boring.

bots are mostly free accounts. Free accounts aren't subscribers.

nah there are bots in level 90 bgs. and to be level 90 you need to subscribe. But I just think everything comes to an end, and its close to WoW's time for an end. Id give it another yr or two.

If $3.99 (even better with AU$ above parity until 2 days ago) a week is a lot of money to shell out on a game I'd get a new job imao. The issue isn't the cost, it's purely the time sink required still to do dailies (plenty of them), the really crap class balance still, biased in favour of pures massively (some classes totally skilless like frost mage for example which Ghostcrawler plays himself, reminds me of Kalgan and Warrior back in TBC, they're really pathetic tbh). The move to Arena based PvP was a failure in many ways, they could have balanced the hybrids better for mass group play, but no, had to have RMP the flavour of the month (as an example) and allow PvE damage disparities of such magnitude between dps specs, healing disparities etc.
The boring grind and lack of exploration options eats away at the "newness" and obviously the excitement that is the order of the day when first playing a new fresh game.
At the end of the day you need join a guild and raid 3 days+ a week to be reasonably geared.
As you say, people are just moving on, the time sink is ludicrous along with content and new ideas, it's just finally dying, it's boring in every way, along with the poor game design the past 2 expansions in many ways and bias towards certain class specs blatently obvious.

I played from 60max to 85max, and here’s just some reflections.

At 60max, there was a SERIOUS feeling of accomplishment when you did things. I mean, it was hard, took time, and generally took help. You had to qualify for everything, be geared properly, attuned, and all that jazz. I mean, heck, it was hard.

As things progressed and new content was added, you could see Blizz trying to make things easier for newer players while correcting things that frustrated older players. It’s a double-edged sword i.e. if you make it easier, you attract newer (younger?) players, but if it’s too easy, you risk losing your veterans. I think for a while the trade-off was worth it. Maybe now they’ve hit a spot where it’s not. Maybe now it’s too easy to play and there’s no desire to continue on?

I think some of the magic is sort of lost because it’s gone from “romance” to “porn”, if you know what I mean? Instead of taking one’s time to prepare for attuning to get into Kara or gathering the right gear for Molten Core, people race to get the best of the best whatever as fast as they can without really sniffing the daisies, so to speak?

What used to be the challenge was spending the time to get ready for the raid, assembling the right people, and then having the skill to complete the raid. It took a lot of resources, BUT they were all different resources that had to be pooled together. There was a grind, of course, then coordination, and then planning/execution. It wasn’t all of one. It took them ALL.

Later in the game, it turned more into grind. Sure, SOME of the raiding was still tough, but a lot of the prep was grinding, and a lot of the raiding was grinding in a sense. And it was LONG grinding.

Of course, the grind is what kept a lot of people. Once you put in ump-teen hours to get to a place in the game, you were less likely to just dump it. The game became work . . . a career of sorts. I think that, maybe now, it still is, but the reward isn’t worth the time?

I think Blizzard may have to rethink their balance between ease and challenge/reward. It’s a shame that probably 90% of their most interesting content gets lost along the way because progression is the driving force.

What would you guys think if Blizz released a “throwback” version where certain servers were back to level 60 max . . . with all the old game stuff restored? Would people do that? I would think it would be economical as all get out. Maybe you make players non-transferable? I dunno.

I think a lot of these criticisms are extremely unfair and silly (and oversimplified.)

Killing spiders at 1, and at 85 - oversimplification. Most games have very limited gameplay options (most only have one) and I wouldn't really say WoW is one of them.

I also can't see money being a huge issue either. Playing a new game every month (or even every 3-4 months) is much more costly than playing WoW which has fairly regular content updates and a rather long lifespan (even if you just level to max level and play end-game for a bit, you are getting a huge bang for your buck.)

I will agree that community is probably the biggest factor. If you have no one to play with, the game gets older a lot faster. But that is pretty true of any game.

That being said, it's perfectly normal that people quit a game that is almost 10 years old. Nothing is going to change that. WoW is going to have a hard time pulling in new players without a drastic overhaul, and a drastic overhaul would just be pointless since they may as well just create a new game (which they are.)

If you're bored with how the game is designed, then nothing will pull you back. But for those of us who still enjoy it, and there's a ton of us, this game will still be thriving for at least a few more years and probably longer.

That shows how little you know. Most bots aren't free accounts. Most bots are either collecting mats in Pandaria, BGing or leveling up (through questing believe it or not). Also, lots of people use bots to handle their rotation in raids. Do some research because it's pretty obvious you haven't.

Most bots are level 1's. The 'bots' collecting mats in Pandaria aren't bots, they're actual people farming and selling. Bots can't quest, level, or collect mats on their own.

Once again, your ignorance is showing. I'm a botter. I make money selling gold. I farm mats at level 90 with my bots. I botted my chars up to 90 with questing. Bots chars aren't level 1. It's not profitable. Google "kick's 1-90" and take a look.

I started playing WoW when it first came out. Everyone WASN'T playing it then. In fact, most people didn't even know what an MMO was. I was 28, which was probably older than you are now. I STILL play WoW, even though it's showing it's age and can be a grind......because nothing else comes close. Panderia was the best expansion so far (even if I totally dislike the whole Chinese/panda theme) and while I don't do hard core raiding, I still enjoy playing.

Maybe you were too young to remember DAoC and SW and Everquest and how much WoW raised the bar in terms of MMORPGs. It was heads above anything else before it and, as you stated, is still the bar that other games look to achieve.

Finally, as someone said, if you can't afford the $10 a month, then you should probably stop gaming altogether.

Your priorities have changed. Good for you. Other games don't hold your interest either? That says more about you than anything. It doesn't mean WoW isn't a good game anymore. Sounds like you played it because it was a it isn't as much a fad. So, go find your new fad and take the others with you. I actually don't want to be playing the same game as my postman and Aunt.

'If you're bored with how the game is designed, then nothing will pull
you back. But for those of us who still enjoy it, and there's a ton of
us, this game will still be thriving for at least a few more years and
probably longer.'

It's not new user friendly. 10 years of expansions and updates makes a new player over whelmed. This hurts the new player base. with so many games always coming out theres always something new for gamers to play. Over time its inevitable that the old players will eventually start playing something else.

Wow was a great game. It made blizzard millions of dollars. It lasted a decade. That's more than any other game can say. Let's move on

idiotic pandas, catering the game to 5 year olds with pokemon games, death of skill trees, class homogenization, nothing unique about your character, killed WOW.


For me it was the daily grind. When I got a chance to play I would have to spend time doing the same things everyday so I could get the rep to do things I wanted to do. Side note it always bothered me. How is it that a metalworker can make epic armor but can't fix his own?

Wow, you sound butt hurt.

Uninformed post is uninformed. The majority of those "subscription" losses were in the Asia market where people don't pay subscriptions. Someone buying a four dollar timecard to try it out once and then not play after counted as a lost subscription. WoW has never had great penetration in China where other MMOs cater to their cultural idiosyncrasies far better than WoW ever can. After Mists was released, they tried it out and quit it just like they always do.

Westerners, however, see the loss of a million subscriptions and assume that it's because of their individual western gripes and use it as a vehicle to drop "I told you so's!" about any butthurt they'd been whining about since the game launched.

its the money for me, 60 bucks times four expansions and 15 bucks a month for three years. $420 game. also i grind for two months to get geared then an update makes my gear unusable in raid, i cant anymore even tho i want to because of the time and money spent

You haven't logged into GW2 for 6 months? You missed alot.

Actually, my wife and I were talking about getting back into gw2 earlier this evening. I've heard good things about the content they've added this year and their plans for the future. I'm thinking I might get back into it...

Yeah alot of things have changed and even more so this coming Tuesday, you should check it out.

Yeah i think i am going to. Now, I just have to download and install the updates for the past six months. Sigh.

Lol yeah that's gonna be a pain.

Played it for two weeks and quit. I don't get the appeal.

If you have noone to play with the game gets old alot faster, but that is true of any game.
Umm no it's not. There are a ton of great single player experiences available. Games with amazing stories that are far more engaging than WOW (and don't require a group of jackwagons to play with to make them interesting). Skyrim, The Mass Effect Trilogy, Assassins Creed just to name a few.

WOW was and probably is still amazing. I quit about a year after Cata, not because it was no longer fun, I just had to back away. It was so time consuming, and I gave it around 7 years of my life. I still think about going back, but I hopefully will resist the urge lol

Theres no obvious reason, WOW has always been a bad game for mature adult people. just because u suddenly got older then u think the games dying. i have never played wow because i like a more mature community. thats why i play lord of the rings online, its casual gaming. not being pked an abused by 10 year old keyboard warriors.

You, sir, are completely wrong and you'd better not speak what you don't want if you don't want to seem (more) stupid.

don't know***

I stopped playing when they came out with the expansion that had those stupid little pandas that you could play. Seriously? Little fucking pandas? Pure gayness. What's next? Playable picachus? So fucking gay. Top it off with shitty graphics by today's standards and a monthly fee to top it all of. Like I said...Pure gayness.

Lol, the post is not the one who is uninformed Michael. I used to know 15 people personally who played 2 years ago. You know how many of them play now? One. I also talk to some guildies still on FB. Only about 3 of them play WOW anymore. Note we are all from the US. I've experienced it empirically, and I've seen the numbers. Though China is where it dropped the most, the US has certainly had a decline as well, though it has been a more gradual process.

I gave up on this game about 2 years ago. I loved it in WotLK. It had depth. However, it got old quick for me. Maybe I'm just not as easy to appease as those who played since vanilla. There were tons of reasons I gave up:

1. The daily grinds of having to do the same exact thing over and over for rep, gear, etc., became excessively boring.

2. The imbalance in the game was absurd. When a warlock with about 10 different spells to keep on top of along with cds, procs, etc., does LESS dps than a facerolling DK or hunter, it is only a matter of time before you get fed up with it. I never wanted to play a faceroll as a main because I like a challenge, but when the challenge lacks reward, how do you NOT get p*ssed off?

3. Developers completely ignored the player base. The subscribers would consistently point out the design flaws, the imbalances, the bugs, etc., yet development would ignore them. Each patch always had a bunch of bugs, most of which there were countless threads about in the forums that were completely ignored by Blizz. In addition, I understand that the player doesn't always know what is best. However, when you have 80% of your player base consistently requesting the same types of things for months in multiple threads, to ignore your customers like that is just bad business. Anyone with any basic business management skills knows that.

4. The graphics became horribly outdated. Once I played Skyrim, that was when it really hit me how outdated WOW had become.

5. The game caved to the casual player. That was the stupidest move they made in my opinion, and considering the subscribers started plummeting soon after those changes, it seems like it must have at least been a moderate factor. When they made (LFR - aka raiding for retards), it killed it. There were pugs that were downing content before our guild even started our first raid that evening. It was disgusting for them to just hand the content to the casuals. Who cares about better gear in harder difficulties if you don't even need it to get to the end-game content? It became trivial.

I could go on with about a dozen more issues, but point is, Blizz had this coming. In fact, it was long overdue. The only reason it took so long was people such as my friends and myself that kept hoping they would come to their senses. However, once they started losing their hardcore, they soon realized how fickle their casuals were, and that their greed was their downfall.

I loved and played WoW since just before BC. I've invested nearly a full year of actual game time. Cost was never a problem. I initially hated the graphics, but they grew on me. The reason I quit cold turkey two months ago was due to time and the a-holes I was forced to interact with. If you want to raid and actually progress, you have to find other good players who also want to progress, which is harder than it sounds. Most of the good guilds are full of elitist pricks who make playing the game feel like a second full time job. If you find yourself in a mediocre guild, you are required to put in countless hours of raiding and wiping on the first one or two bosses and spend all of your gold on repairs and provisions. I even bought gold just so the entirety of my life wasn't spent in WoW. Yea, gold is easy to make, but it still takes time, as does everything else in the game. If you want to be a successful raider, Blizz expects you to do nothing else with your life. One day two months ago, I had an epiphany while staring at my corpse, surrounded by hundreds of other skeleton corpses and 30g in my bag. Mumble was in a roar with frustrated guildies throwing blame at everyone but themselves. Another 5hrs down the drain with nothing to show for it. I logged off never to return again.

38 years old fighting for a mmorpg? dude you really need to get a's just his opinion...

" i have never played wow because i like a more mature community. thats why i play lord of the rings online..."
LOL sorry that just sounded really funny.

Wrong. Diablo 2 and Counter Strike are better and older.

not $60 per expansion, they dropped prices on those as more expansions came out. they knew the money was in the subscription, not the initial down payment

i love to pvp but the pvp gear looks like a toilet exlpoded on my characters and they are covered in poo water. Meanwhile they design the raid gear to look so badass......yet is unattainable to me . Now ide love to get season one pvp gear. the warlord orc warrior pvp gear is badass yet blizzard makes it where you cant transmog it. little anoyyances like these make me hate the game

ITT: people who care too much about a video game. lel, just stop playing it, dont need anyone writing articles or multiple paragraphs explaining to me why YOU can't play. lmao.

I agree with this. Look at the generational demographics. A 13 yo that started playing at launch is now almost 23, probably (hopefully) starting a career and/or thinking of a family. A 23 yo that started playing at launch is now almost 33. Certainly has a career and probably a family. Interest is just waning.

Not to sound condescending, but people are growing up and WOW is still a kiddies game. It's only a matter of time until F2P comes along. The new store is just a precursor.


LOL you guys are just mad that grown adults have time for MMO's

Some people are just great with time management and organization

As for cost... MMO is a gaming bill. Paying for bills is easier when you're an adult. As is managing money in general.

All games are a waste of time by that measurement. But you can feel at peace that the Generic Bitter Nerd Brigade has your back.

Wow you sound 12.

dude you are 12. You really need to get a life... it's just his opinion... See how that works?

Yeah like spending $1000's a month at a bar chasing loser women who want you to spend more money on them is such a wise investment. And I tended bar for 12 years.

How bout broadening your vocabulary so you don't sound like an angsty teen. Try making your point without using gay or some other form thereof. You'll find people will actually start taking you seriously.

That's a ridiculous return on investment considering the amount of time you probably spent playing. Take that $420 and see how it breaks down in terms of hours and then compare it to how many movies you could've seen or books read, or sporting events. People bitch about the cost, and while Im sensitive to budgeting myself, even as a non-WoW player I can still see the upside In value.

In my opinion, WoW is still one of the most fucking BORING games ever. Absolutely boring fight system; pointless and boring exploration and none at least 4/10 story.... in fact, they have ruined the whole Warcraft universe with this.
Why do people play it? Because back then, the idea of MMO was very new and WoW was just the biggest name. Nobody bloody cared about the fight system, because it was pretty much normal. But now, things have changed and most of people are angry about the WoW, because developers keep constantly changing the things players actually liked! Like Thrall for example and these kind of things. People did not change so drastically, so they leave WoW within half of a year. They grew with the game, that is now lost in time and Blizzard is wondering, that changes enrage people? Maybe if they were not moneylusted freaks, WoW would still have fans!

I stopped reading after "i have never played wow"

Has nothing to do with graphics it has to do with the ease of play its to damn easy a game compared to vanilla.

Yet sitting on your fat ass watching tv day in and day out is just as much a waste of time and for that matter life,....

You never played wow so you have no idea on the game idiot your opinion on the matter does not really matter..and most of us Pks are old farts we love to see you cry...

If you pay 6 months at a time its 12 bucks a month so its not really all that bad and whats 12 bucks or 15 per month anyways.. a 12 pack of beer or a really cheap bottle of wine.

i also think you have to look at it in terms of cost to entertainment. going to the movies is like $10 for two hours of entertainment. most console releases are $50-60 for MAYBE 20/30 hours of gametime, and thats if your really invested. WoW is (after the initial cost) $15 once a month for, in many cases, an innumerable amount of hours of entertainment.

The game got too boring and repetitive and the community was broken by blizz to accommodate the average whiner. it used to be that you knew people on your server and did stuff with them. once they introduced a random system, all sense of community went out the window. log in, stand in a q, do a random with a bunch of people who are playing like assholes cause it doesn't matter, they'll never see you anyways, like seriously, they broke their own game.

Yes many people do grow-up and want to try new things, nothing wrong with that. What's funny is that because something has been out for 10 years, people still find a reason to find something wrong with it. It lasted this long because apparently there are people who still want to pay for something they enjoy.

Everything has flaws and one company can't cater to millions of people, that will never be possible. If you are willing to put 10+ hours a week into something you enjoy, what you pay for it, is worth it. I've played WoW for about 5 years now, and several times I've taken a break. Each player is different and does things at their own pace and style. If you don't like the guild you're in or the server your on, move. Its that simple.

Don't complain about stupid little things that make you stationary when there are options to change. If you feel you have spent too much time and money on one thing, then good, that's your choice. If you want to pursue other options in the gaming world, that's awesome too, just stop criticizing what other people spend their money on and enjoy doing.

I lost interest when they nerfed world pvp to be almost nothing because too many people cried about getting killed time after time. What's the point of playing on a pvp server if you don't like getting killed!?

Awww did the little itty baby cry to a GM cause I kept killing him while we both are gathering mats?

1. Go somewhere else, I'm here!
2. Get a friend to help kill me
3. If equal level or close to it, learn how to pvp

If Blizzard wants to have pvp servers then they need to stay the hell outta fights when people complain! I couldn't give a crap if the kid is 25 or 13!

It wasn't any of that that caused people to leave. I still remember the day I quit. In 2-3 months I was set on leveling my warrior from 75-80 and getting geared up and to tank the Lich King. Well that all happened in a month period. I got to 80 in a week of not even playing that much. To geared up for the lich king in 3 weeks from heroics. I tanked him that night, not one wipe. In a pug... with guys not even that well geared. Quit that same night.

Simply put, it was easy, wayyyy to easy. I never got my first epic once reaching max level within a week, let alone a month. Unless you ride a guild that has already cleared the content. I did come back to look at cata, and i saw the epic vendor and people already in full epics about a month in. I never logged back in since.

Its not the "not having the time" its not the "I got bored", its not even the "I don't have the money" though it is getting out of hand with those expansion prices(NOT THE WAY YOU BRING PEOPLE BACK BLIZ!) It was the content, no sense of reward or accomplishment.

I like blizzards logic when it comes to losing players to free to play games. They say they come out with new expansions more often to keep it interesting... But their expansion costs 50 dang dollars. Great way to bring back people not wanting to spend money.


You can go play on absolutely perfect vanilla and BC servers with no errors at all, its after wotlk, cata, and MOP they started to make it hard to make a private server. Vanilla Private servers are alive and kicking!

MMORPGs are hemorrhoids on the ass of the gaming culture. Can't believe people stilll waste their time on them

"The money that I used to spend on my monthly subscription to World of Warcraft now goes to the necessities in life" if your so poor that 15 dollars a MONTH has a huge effect on your "Necessities of life" you shouldnt be playing video games at ALL much less World of Warcraft. you should be studying your ASS off so you can get a job thats somewhere between burger flipper and crack dealer, because its more then clear your current living condition is "Homeless -Will work for Food- Bum"

Its cute how people think spawning 3 Children and getting married are somehow "A Life" but anything thats viewed as Entertainment are viewed as "A waste of life" Spoiler, your going to die. in the end what the flying Hell does it matter? who will remember you? your friends, family, maybe someone else? do whatever you want with your life and live happy knowing everyone is miserable. no matter how much money they have, no matter how much LOVE they have. because in the end we all know we are growing older and we are GOING TO DIE. nothing you do will save you, so enjoy what time you've got doing what you want, and dont let generic nerds tell you that your wasting what time YOU HAVE doing what YOU WANT. if they had it their way you'd be dead by now anyway.

Thriving for just a few more years, and probably longer? dude EverQuest is almost 20 and its STILL got tons of people playing it. all blizzard needs to do is go free to play like EQ and make the end game easier and people will return in the thousands. i quit because i was tired of dealing with asshole guildies constantly. that was my whole problem. beating a boss shouldnt be a second job, it should be rewarding and fun. not fucking brain surgery. and the sad fact is most of these kids who play the game are stoned out of their minds and dont know a Rune Strike from a Death Coil.

Life itself is awaste of life, so really playing games is just another way to pass it by. It's no different from a film buff or someone who reads a lot...just another input for another form of story telling.

Going out is fun, staying in and playing games is fun. I don't see why people get all up on their high horse on which side to take when it comes to "Having a life". You do what you enjoy. He is right, your life will end....and filling it with a pastetime you enjoy? What's wrong with that?

Also the assumption that all gamers have no life is dumb as all hell. I bet most of the people you walk past in town play games...most people do, because they find it fun, and still find the time for real life. If you believe silly stereotypes like that then really, there's no hope. A gamer might not have a life...but many others do...the same as non gamers, some of them don't have a life either.

WoW fell apart starting with uniting 10 and 25 man to cater to casuals (btw casuals don't play games for extended periods of time).They literally made people break up pre-existing groups and choose one and namely halving the time hardcore people played (more for some). One way to kill your game in implement mechanics that reduce their hours in-game to make it more convenient for people who play only "sometimes" aka casuals.

Next was complete over simplification of the game. Each character had depth in 3 specs and made choices to get certain bonus's and benefits. Now, you make far less choices when it comes to customizing your character making it less interesting and removing the desire to try out variations in each spec thus less time played.

Dailies became over used as a gating mechanic in most situations and the only way to gain faction in most cases. It starts to feel like (and its been a few years let me tell you) high school again where I am required to do certain dailies each day, visiting each one, doing the required duties and repeating it everyday. The individual lacks the choice to really work on what he wants when he wants and gameplay starts to feel like a chore. It almost seemed like the grind became too obvious and blizzards only goal was to extend your subscription when the most efficient way to grind a faction was to log on each day and do the 5 dailies for a month straight.

When the player has to make choices it adds depth to the game. Adding depth to a game adds to replayability and Blizzard has done to the game since Wrath of the Lich king was remove the players choices and remove the depth in their game thus players interested in the game and being logged in.

agree 100% blizzard helping the casual player is why i quit the game myself being a hardcore raider became meaningless due to raid finder even though my gear was a few item lvl higher that didnt mean shit

Disagree. I have a pretty good job and I'll admit $15 is very minimal. But add the $15 of Wow to the $15 extra in data on my phone to the $15 extra for coffee, etc... and before I know it, there's an extra $100 I don't have.

It would be one thing if Wow was engaging enough to be my only form of entertainment - but it gets old. $15 is an amazing deal for raiders who spend hours a day on Wow. But I'm in a slump right now and $15 isn't worth it for the 30 minutes I've spent on Wow this month.

I have also been a loyal subscriber for the past 7 years but cancelled very recently. My reasons were very simple and it was "Game corruption". From June to July of this year I spent many hours compiling stats to provide solid proof that Blizzard and it's programmers purposely do things to "handicap" the good guys in the game. If you want to have success in the game you are forced to play the bad guys. That does not bode well for me and makes me question the moral compass of Blizzard. Who would want to play a corrupt game anyways?

That's a rather negative view. I spend 2 hours before going to bed to relax, play video games to unwind and enjoy my hobbies, yes, video games are a hobby. THe point of hobbies is to do something you enjoy and help you relax and get rid of stress.

Just because my hobby isn't watching football or playing hockey or woodworking doesn't mean that I don't talk to people. I do, in fact, I have friends in real life and we play online together, that is a form of socializing. We also meet in real life and do things like talk and share a beer, we just ALSO play video games together.
Video games are a social medium, have you never heard of LAN parties? It's where everybody goes to the same house and fake kills each other in video games in the same room on the same internet connection..... which does render the headsets pointless but I guess it helps with the conflicting speaker sounds.

Most of the subscribers were in asain countries... Pay to play mmos like WoW can't compete over there.

i do not understand why so many people focus on how much it cost to play cost 15AUD/month....PER MONTH 30/31 is that expensive? log on have a browse in the AH, log on have a chat, log on after work for a quick BG... whats the big fuss... then again, i am not a serious gamer. i just unskillfully gank at HH and i think that is possibly the best fun for this game now days. over all, i think 15bucks a month is the cheapest entertainment ever. then again, i am easily entertained.

I actually liked that they made it easier to see end game content, or at least give you the option to see it with lower valued rewards. I use to be in a top 5 guild on my server and I'll say that while seeing all the new raids while it was still a challenge and beating content before most people gave a sense of accomplishment I do not miss the trade off. My guild was big on farm your own stuff, get your, own mats, everyone needs max cooking, fishing, etc. You must have this profession, be this cookie cutter spec. Spend 5 hours a day 7 days a week + additional time for raids, if you miss one day you lose your spot, you have a bad night and dont top dps, heals, are gone. That burnt me out hard on the game and I sacrificed a lot of other hobbies in fear of "getting fired". Now that I can hop in queue for LFR and clear 1/3 of a raid in about an hour, then spend the rest of the night with my family, i find the game more enjoyable. I will agree that the sense of accomplishment has died with each new max level ding but maybe thats why they have to make it more casual. All the lore and hidden gems are still in the game if you want to look for them, its just optional now. I will agree though I do miss some of the attunment quests. With the exception of the last content patch of each expansion the raids don't flow with the overall story.

You tanked LK in Blue Heroic gear? I'm guess that was right before Cata release when LK wasn't LK but just a weak hitting, AOE avoiding, diluted Avatar.

People claim the game caved to the casual player, but I don't see many people clearing Heroic Siege of Ogrimmar. Blizzard just opened content for both the casual and elitist players.

I play casually and enjoy the fights and contents and the gear I get from casual raiding. Casual raiding never involves all night wipe-a-thons for me. Its not too easy and not too hard, perfect for casual raiding. Then again, my guild could never do Heroic Siege.

I have played on and off since vanilla and the balance now and post Wrath is the best its ever been. People never knew about spam-a-shock, Hand of Rag wielding SHaman loons that destroyed everything.

Well, it definitely wasn't at the beginning of Wrath since ICC wasn't out yet. So yeah, definitely at the end of wrath, when probably the "pug" group was geared to the teeth and carried his butt. That was the all time high population era of WoW and getting into pugs to gear a toon was simple.

What killed this game for me was all the add-ons that rendered easy mode for pvp and pve. turned everyone into a robot. That and the assholes and trolls. Miss the days of old EQ's, skill and grind.

It's a non-sandbox game. They constantly need to produce new trappings and entertaining treadmills to keep players interested. Eventually even THAT becomes tiresome.

Wow is a good game. I find it funny that people say it's not good then insist it should be free to play. Imo, $16/mo. is not that much if it's the only game you play.

its too easy. it is an utter joke now. levelling is so boring because its soooo freaking easy.

They lost people because they kept updating it, making it more and more work. When people started quitting, it was because they felt the game had become a job. That's why I quit.

WoW started sucking when finishing a battleground became more productive than playing it. since then everything has been progressively made into "just do it so you get the reward", instead of "do it because it's fun". now people complain if something takes to long (more than an hour) or is to difficult (have to think on the fly instead of just following a script)

wow was good by its time but there are more games on the market innovating the mmorpg genre one of it is star wars online,

i was tired of the kill x monster and same find x item on almost all quests. with tor i can enjoy some good cutscenes with good dialogue and a sense to play the game and making leveling alts is a fun experience. .sure there is grinding but that i s part of an rpg and that always been still innovates gameplay but most of content gets old for a time been playing since vanilla and left in wrath,. i did enjoy the raids some of them were cool like molten core and karazhan,naxxaramas so on.

blizzard nerfed the deathnights after wrath deathstrike reduced to 20 percent in pvp arenas .blizzard like other companies are open to balance the classes. and balancing classes is pvp is really hard cuz it involves numbers and managing 8 diferent or so classes its even harder(with diferent stats i n armor and builds). .pvp in a mmo is never balanced unless game its PVP oriented like regnum. yes i did rolled a deathknight in wrath seeing on forums they were op in wrath and ya they were op.

if i still remember deathstrike was 60 percent from weapon damage

I played for 2 years.........had the 100+ mounts and pets had all the ProtoDrakes all the rare mounts I loved that game, but it takes u ........and its just lights and what not on some server in cali.....they made it to easy to get what others have I want to go back, hell yes, my desire for wow is still strong, but I wont ....if u are reading this live your life......quit while u can do what I did, DELETE ALL UR IN GAME STUFF ALL OF IT *yes im serious* and never log back on :) hope this helps

yes it is my heart burns with thoughts of the Halloween mount or farming/mining, but yes life must be lived

you also sound butthurt

No one saw how it worked apparently

A-holes are the number one reason I get irritated with the game. With the advent of guild repairs, I no longer have the issue of losing all my money to repairs, because I try to get my guild to run dungeons a few times a week with 3 people in the group. Scenarios have been a great addition to the game, however I wish the number of guildees you need was only 2, so you and a buddy could just spam them. I couldn't count the number of times, it has been just me an one other person online.

I have heard your story from at least 10 other people.

I think if Blizzard made it so that if you are in a guild group that the repair cost for a raid was removed or even taken away it would help even more, it would remove the money sink (plenty of others in the game, if you don't watch it) and the time sink where you would have to run 20 dungeons (and make others miserable with your attitude).

TL;DR: A-HOLES are the #1 reason for the decline of the game.

The thing I find annoying is the crafting of high level items. Blizzard drives the cash for gold market when they gate the best gear behind a crusader orb, primordial saranite, chaos orb, blood spirit, Yotta, Yotta, Yotta. To which the people lucky enough to get one hoard them and sell the crafted item for 30,000-40,000 gold, and that piece of gear will be obsolete in a few months. Most people cannot afford those items, thus turn to a gold seller to get enough gold to buy it.

I would like to see that go away. I would also like to see the heroic dungeon scale to the gear that people have and the ilevel that drops as well. It's very disheartening to see you won something in a heroic only to know it's worthless, because you have done the timeless isle and everything you have is way better than anything you can get in a dungeon.

I figure if you spend $40 on an expansion, then pay $15 for a month of game time for a relatively decent game, that continues to have new content during the xpac vs paying $60 for a relatively crappy game that doesn't have updates except for bug fixes, and you beat in a day, a week, a month (if you play it like you play WoW).

World Of Warcraft is the better option.


I wish I could strip myself away from a gaming mentality.. in all honestly, I wish I did that back in 1990', so I wouldn't have had to witness most/if not all of my games being watered-down. I might have that wife (or girlfriend) & 2 kids, a job that I enjoy, a healthy body (gaming you took away my eye-sight, my sex appeal, my lower back, my patience for my fellow man & so much more).. I haven't played a game in the real sense (hardcore-medium) for a year+, yet I still watch a butt-load of Let's Play's, Listen to Crendor & Nobbel, up-coming games 2014-2016.. MechWarrior Online, Hawken look pretty nice right now, but my spirit lies in the MMO world (Thanks EQ). Even viewing the internet in general, I've about exhausted all I really need it for..downloaded all the music I want, I've seen all the porn there is (to the point that I re-watch videos) - I hope I can call it quits (Until PS3 level suspense/WotlK/EQ Fever erupts and holds)


guys when i remember my love to wow and the fun with my friends i really feel like dead peaple :(
i quit wow 2 years ago first of all because of fee second becasue it was getting easier everyday, most of my friends were leaving because the game couldnt hold them. when i was thinking about how to decide about my wow bliz helped me and banned all iranian players ....
i still dream about my raids and my friends some nights but lets face it when Arthas died all of out generation who lived by warcraft TFT and knows all major chars in wow, died also.
RIP now 30s players of wow maybe bliz finds a way to get us back someday.... maybe.....
last time i wanted to log in to my account to feel the memory i saw its locked and needs a frustrating process to get it unlocked because i dont remmeber any information from my account except my name and my persian ID card is not acceptable by blizz. i own the registered email but blizz seems like someone who wants to stop me even from thinking about wow.

ya he does

I had 2 problems with WoW when I quit after the Cata prep patch. 1: The community became intolerable. There was no room for a mid level player, particularly after LFG/LFD went interrealm. When I started(begining of TBC)people WANTED to help each other learn. That turned into being cussed by elitests in order to see progressive content, or cussed by an 8 yr. ild (parenting problem,imo) for not doing everything for them. 2: Blizzard would get outsmarted by players constantly, then throw a tantrum and screw everyone up every or every other patch. Not to mention thier apparent disregard for enforcing thier own "rules". My family life(3kids) as well as my personal life have improved greatly. I certainly don't miss the extra fees($15 sub, $80 ISP, $10 Auth= weekend camping trips with family teaching them things they will ACTUALLY need to know to survive,more now than ever)On phone I do not pay for as only internet source,btw.

The reason for losing subscribers is not the other games, it is in Wow itself. Blizzard just changed too many thing to be idiot-friendly. Also, the cross-realming and LFG/LFR system caused most guilds to die, they destroyed the "community" sense...
Most changes also removed the adventure and the chalange from the game, now it is just bland.

You hadn't played the game in two years and you decided to write an entire article about it? Ok.

I know what you mean about new titles coming out, I find I rely on reviews a lot to see which ones to try first before others as that is a method that hasn't failed my yet! As for World of Warcraft, I think it is good that it hasn't gone Free to Play because I think that is not the issue. I think the real issue is like you said; Having the time and knowing others that play the game. I have found that these days people only really communicate when absolutely needed, and I have noticed that the people I have seen in the chat have been somewhat insidious these last two year's...I also don't like how easy the Heroics are in Mists of Pandaria, I find as a tank some people in raid gear seem to try and take it upon themselves to try and tank the dungeon themselves just to get through it faster even though they are a's really annoying. The only coherent reason I have been given so far is "Because they are bored". Well seems you have some bored end gamers on your hands...I really wish they would do something about it, because it really ticks me off when they are like that, because they usually will sink to any level to stop being bored including arguing with complete strangers!
Overall, I think it's just lack of time and interesting Heroics that are the main issues in my opinion.

I quit mmos when I realized I was superior to an entire group of average morons, and I could multibox an entire party myself and perform better with my puppets than live goyim animals behind their toons.

Well it depends some shows do inform you about things you never knew so you might have learned something. WOW doesnt really teach you anything, but I guess it depends on how you define waste.
I would argue its not possible to waste life because we all are experiencing the same passage of time.

I hate when people use the word life. What does that even mean? If someone has a friend and goes somewhere do they then have a life? At what point does a person have a life verses not having one? Its just some vague meaningless thing nerds on the internet say to other people to try to get them mad.

I think its possible to argue that work minus the money you made is a waste of life too. I mean its time your never getting back that your trading for money. WOW is your trading time for enjoyment which I guess you could argue that is a waste or someone spends too much time doing that.

Lol stfu. Those are games you play a bunch when it first comes out, and then stop for months. When you come back to play them again, it will have been a long time and your enthusiasm will be high. WoW is something you can (and probably will) play every day. Having no one to play with every day will get boring as opposed to playing a single player game every now and then. I love assassins creed, but when was the last time you played AC 1? Did you play it every day or so for like a month? Get the point?

Yeah, cus sitting in WSG for an hour because some dude glitched outside the map with the flag was so fun. Well, it was interesting; a little funny at first, but got very boring, very fast.

Michael: " The majority of those "subscription" losses were in the Asia market where people don't pay subscriptions."
Guest: "Lol, the post is not the one who is uninformed Michael"..... "Though China is where it dropped the most...."

Why did you even try to argue, just to end up repeating what his post was about in the end?

"I spent many hours compiling stats to provide solid proof that Blizzard and it's programmers purposely do things to "handicap" the good guys in the game."

.... and yet have posted none of these findings. GG

Stop buying coffee, especially $15 coffee....

No, now it's 10 years old and you still think keeping things exactly the same works, and that everyone who played it 10 years ago is still the same person with tons of time to waste ( i.e teens).

Laawwwlll. Just $15 was keeping your family from being bear food to being wilderness survivors? LAWL.

It's like their Ex broke their heart after 10 years and they can't move on.

Wtf are you talking about. World PvP happens all the time, just go find it. It's really not that hard. Join a damn server that is mostly PvP. Hell, my server has cities being raided constantly, and all sorts of world PvP. Don't blame your stupidity on others.

"Most people" don't even have computers. Just stfu and go play Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

So you went on the internet and decided to read a story about it, and then comment your opinion? Ha. Haha. HAHAHAHA

Yeah, cus squid-goat alien people, talking cows, midgets, THOSE are for dem adult peoples! The old talent system was not amazing in any way. Oohhhh, I have 3% more of this worthless thing than that guy! Yet he still kills me cus skill > talent systems! By pokemon games, I'm guessing you mean pet battles. Why in the world would you NOT implement something like that into a game with 100s of pets that do absolutely nothing but run by you? You are just looking for stupid things to cry about, move on with your life already.

You and dave sound butthurt. Let's all be butthurt together.

And that's robsolo's opinion. What's your point?

Wrong. your opinion is wrong, because I am stating fact.

But you played when there were squid-goat aliens, talking cows, midgets, ect? You're so cool when you separate yourself from children. Seeing as "playable picachus" (What is a picachu?) were not in the original Warcraft games, and Pandaran were, I don't understand your point.

You are very late on this conversation since my comment was posted 4 months ago. You sound like a typical wow player with your smarmy little insults. Read the other comments here and you'll find out what is really killing wow....then go look in the mirror.

i played wow but a few weeks ago i was asked to pay monthly for the game if blizz just would allow you to pay once cuz now u have to play evrey day if you dont want to waist you money i hope it will change one day i didnt ethen have the chance to get lvl 60 till then ill just play games wich you only have to pay once for bye.

idk why people say 15 dollars is to much.remember its only 50 cents a day for 30 days to play wow if you cant afford that look at your life right now n get a job or a better job and they way the game is now you dont need much time to do nothing no more lfr n flex raids is making it easy for people like you who dont have the time to raid.with that said i raid 3 days 3 hours a day and i raid heroic modes thats not alot of time at all if u compare how it was back in classic n tbc the game now is simple n easy n still fun look at all those graphicly designed games they look beautiful but offer no fun play it for a week get bored with it very fast no mmo out there holds a candle to wow until blizz shuts it down

Played wow for a number of years still a fun game the choreographed fights need to change to making the AI smarter.

I guess you just can't is $110/mo. Cost did not inhibit these trips, but its about the cost:benefit ratio....People like you are the community issues many have brought up. Maybe,someday, you will stop being a troll and come out from under that bridge . Hope you don't wait too long.....there might not be anything left for you in "the real world"

Furthermore, the only part of my post you can criticize is a personal observation, not a reason I quit playing. You make me laugh....please, PLEASE respond more...makes me laugh on the hard days at work!!

I never cared for WoW in part it took forever to load-up + the cost is way to high. For the cost of 1 month of WoW i can get 6 months on RuneScape, a game that has updates about every 1 -2 weeks and is serious about player feed-back

The time commitment killed it for me, along with the difficulty of finding a dependable guild. Guilds seem to have heydays followed by declines. When WoW strengthened the Guild system they virtually destroyed PUG'ing. It was great in the past when you could assemble 10 fairly decent raiders in about 15mins to half an hour and off you went. Not anymore. Of course the repetitive rep building, acquiring mats, and unavoidable dailies also took a toll. More raiding and less grinding would have made it more enjoyable.

"Newer, more polished MMOs such as Guild Wars 2 and Neverwinter"

... Neverwinter? Are you serious, Mr. Bernstein? Are you really THAT uninvolved in video games that you call Neverwinter "more polished"? I am not a fan of WoW by any stretch, but I know a slapped together cash cow when I see one. Way to shoot your credibility.

I have to agree.

The A-Holes are (mostly) the 9 year olds (and younger) that seem to
make up the majority of the player base now,

Trade chat is increasingly of 3rd grade caliber (not just before maintenance shutdown anymore, either) - gold sellers are free to spam and bombard all channels unchecked (you can't even report them anymore - that's been removed - you can only 'ignore') - and the game has been so over-simplified for the dullards, nitwits and twits of the world until it's no longer enjoyable.

It also used to be such a social game, which was what drew me to it in the first place; players were friendly, intelligent and actually - y'know - FUN, People actually talked to each other in-game, in instances, in raids and in general. Friendships were formed.

But now?

LFR. CRZ. Temper tantrums, comments about 'mothers' and penis measuring. Ugh.

Intelligent friends and acquaintances - without exception - were smart and left with Cata's release - and now I've finally joined them in admitting the game has gone the way of all sewerage.

Not even the promise of WoD's 'garrisons' can tempt me back.

Facing another 10 pointless levels before more gear grinds only to see it all rendered useless with yet another ho-hum xpac - and having to do it while enduring underage brats in-game as well? It just doesn't flip my skirt up.

After the Cata let down, I kept hoping the devs (or whoever holds the purse strings and makes the decisions) would get a clue, listen to player complaints (the original subscription holders who left by the gazillions) and restore the game to it's former glory, but it never happened.

So, dear WoW....friends to the end, but this is the end, my friend. I hereby close my piggy bank............and walk away.

Definitely agree. I think WoW's main problem is that it hasn't evolved with its original playerbase. You cite the fact you don't have the time to do three hour raids and that for me is the biggest barrier.

It's not just the amount of time required but the inflexibility of it: you can't play 30 minutes here, then an hour there, then another hour etc. it's all in one big chunk like almost "booking in" time on the game like it's an appointment at the dentist.

Anyone with any responsibilities in life simply can't do that so it's pretty much only kids or teenagers that can book 3 hours solid to play a game, and WoW will look very archaic to today's kids/teenagers both in terms of graphics and the very core of how an MMO works.

Scenarios were a nice addition but they essentially double as dungeons which weren't the main culprits to begin with: the root problem with WoW is the structure of its end-game ie. raids. Until something is done to make them more accessible or to add something new I think the numbers will continue to drop.

Agree here too. The problem is that raids are often catered to people who complain there's nothing to do in the "down-time" until the next raid instance - I can't suppress a laugh every time I see such a comment: do they have nothing else to do with their lives at all? Even if all they do is game, do they not have other things to play?

The current raiding model is designed so that it's the only game you play and I think that's a real problem. If ordinary player rip through a new raid instance in a week, so what? Some farming is usually required for the next tier and there are other things to play in the down-time. Never understood the mantra, to be honest.

Dropped my sub and my daughter's sub in December. Same reasons.

I think the whole "carrot" meme is the issue. I don't play an MMO to get a carrot. The idea that I'm going to be crippled until I get that carrot is just totally IRRITATING. That nothing else can be equivalent is just stupid.

Take TES Skyrim for an example. You can, if you wish, create a character that on the standard level of difficultly can, by level 20, one hit pretty much everything in the game at little risk. Yet people play SKYRIM like fanatics. You can get through every bit of the official DLC major content by level 30. Almost nobody plays just to mess with the official major storyline. There's murders to solve, there's unknown spots on the map to fill in, there's a million other things to do, hell, I found something new just messing around in it two days ago.

And every SCRAP of experience in WOW is dedicated to getting you to that PVP or raid experience - and then it's just grinding for gear till the next update when you grind some more.

Yeah, really. Think I'll go fire up SKYRIM and figure out what else I've missed in two years of playing.

You are correct on every single thing you said about WoW. But blaming the wife and kids on the not having time to play is entirely "YOUR" fault. If you did not have children, you would have the time to play. I will never understand what drives people to build their very own jail cells for their lives.
Just because the world says having kids is the normal way of life, doesn't mean you have to.
Overpopulation is the single most horrible problem humanity has; we breed uncontrollably and withought a thought as to how it affects our planet.

Getting back to the original point, WoW will die due to it's refusal to change for the better. The lack of exploration and reward for doing so, the use of an auction house, stats on armor/items, these are things any mmo needs to have and others to do away with.

I so how Final Fantasy 11 got deteriorated due to the exagerated prices of items in the market. Everyone is so worried about what the next stat increase on an item, that they forget what's important, the story in an "RPG" !
The lack of content, decent voice acted engaging content. Content that fills players hearts with the desire to be next to iconic NPCs like Arthas, Illidan, Kaelthas Sunstrider. That content is now gone, and the new content is not half as "inspiring" to do as the days of old.

Blizzard needs to look to games like Dungeons and Dragons to a deep level of understanding as "story tellers". Because that is what true RPG gamers look for, engaging storylines and epic moments that involve not just the NPCs , but us the raiders aswell.

A perfect example of involving the players in the story, is something the game Dragons Dogma managed to do perfectly well. It put the character that YOU created in short cinematics, involving your avatar directly with the story, so that the player feels like we "belong to what we accomplished".

In the end, it's to the roots of pen and paper role playing games that Blizzard needs to look to, in order to save WoW.

I so agree!

more polished MMOs such as Guild Wars 2 and Neverwinter.

Cracky my friend, do not use drugs. seeing as you put GW2 and even neverwinter on the same page as wow.

I would rather loose 1.9 million subs if i had a game, than 90% of the entire game. Wow still breath fresh air while other mmo's kinda, hmm. extinct ?

I recently came back to the game after a two year hiatus when MoP debuted because friends started playing (they were first-timers). It was both better and worse than I remembered, and the only reason I've stuck with it so far is due to them. Without them, I have no interest; in fact, whenever no one is able to get on, I can go days or weeks without playing (though I do still log in to do dailies, if only to justify the price tag a month). They want to pre-order the next expac and I'm not sure I can continue on.

Definitely the Assholes. I've played since vanilla, but stopped mid Cata because after 5+ years of assholes and Blizzard clearly not willing to do anything (I have suggested age-verified/restricted realms) , I had enough.

I raided hardcore, built up a huge war-machine of characters, but when the social aspect is zilch, and finding a decent guild (even when you have experience) is tough, it's not worth wading through the bullshit to try to enjoy something you're paying $15 a month for. I've been thinking about going back , assuming hackers haven't cleaned out my stockpiles of now worthless mats. (yet another gripe about not integrating older mats to ensure value).

WoW has definitely put the pieces together for a great game, but there is a point where they should make a next generation version COMPLETELY while using their total knowledge of what made WoW a success. It's not like they don't have the tens to hundreds of billions of dollars to do so.

But again, they're too cheap to even properly moderate their realms for the enjoyment and fairness of all players (evict/ban foul mouth pre-teens, source out farmer hackers and legally charge them for theft (else we just keep believing Blizzard is in on the whole thing, which they probably are). The points against Blizzard just keep going. Reasonable people put up with some bullshit, but there is a point where enough is enough.

That is the point where Heroics mean next to nothing. Shard it, sell the shard or craft something to sell and save up for something in the AH. You can farm most things, in fact the most fun I've had in the game was farming on my druid, flying around mining and herbing. Mostly because, like you, the Heroics held nothing further for me. It would bother me less if i wasn't paying $15 a month to listen to vulgar pre-teens without parental supervision.

True enough, Kallen. It seems to me that once Activision (publishers) stuck their nose in, the game instantly began going down the gurgler.

Everyone knows that a publisher's only interest is profit, and from various gaming community comments I've read here and there about Activision, they're nothing if not seasoned pros at bleeding dry and destroying whatever they touch.

What about Everquest 1? That came before WoW did you know =(

Games like vanilla WOW (I play tera) downloaded wow a year or 2 ago dont like turn base combat.... but i would go as far as saying you forged them freindships with people outa necessity of not knowing what to do in Vanilla it was also likewise for them... getting fed up searching for some item then you start bsing with the sexy horse lady by the water or desperately shouting help about some shit the more friendly people would help. and the assholes would probaly just call you a noob

The most fun I had in WoW was getting my guildmates into the land above Ironforge, pre-Cata. It was an area where the map was unfinished, and there was a certain "illegal" quality to it, like we were doing something not allowed. Blizzard made fortunes thinking outside the box - in order to get players back, they'll need to think outside the box again. Newer games like GTA and Minecraft have appeal because of their sandbox quality. Blizzard doesn't like sandbox because the elites don't like the griefers, who don't like the spammers, and everyone hates the newbs. The crazy, wrong, rule-breaking things like maphacking, Pindlebotting, rushing, and duping made Diablo 2 live far beyond its years... WoW is in its sunset, but there are still things that could make it fun again. It just takes some real creativity.

I love how midgets and talking cow people are the same in your eyes lol. But skill trees with customization allow for a little more variety at least, i think his point was that it now just "x" race in this armor, spamming the same skills, doing the same thing. That makes your character just one of the masses, which in an mmo is not so fun. But as far as pets, they have always been a vanity thing is every other game, why expect them to be any more than that? I dont expect to see a kitten jumping on a dragon anytime soon haha.

Here comes honey boo boo and ancient aliens are so informative, surely TV is the second college education I didn't know I never wanted.

Your exaggerating. It just depends what you watch. I have been in classes that show educational programs off television. Its just a form of media it depends what is done with it. It certainly can inform someone its just most people watch the stupid crap like honey boo boo. Doesnt mean TV is completely useless. Plenty of classes or books are a waste of time in the same way

Why do you feel you have to put down what someone enjoys if you dont like gaming then don't play its that easy...

and if you don't play then why are you commenting?..why do you care...

Interesting. I dropped out of WOW because it started to turn into a grind -- I found myself staying up until 4:30 AM just mining for ore -- but the Assholes you describe is the reason I gave up on Star Trek Online.

Little by little the community seemed to be made up of either hard-core gaming jar-heads who had mapped every last function key and took everything way too seriously, or griefing idiots. Between the two, there seemed to be very few instances of intelligent people saying, "Hey, let's have fun!"

Seriously though, what did you find? lol

What I did last year was play dozens of random battlegrounds but at the beginning of every match I would use my cell phone and snap a picture of the rosters. I would then play the battle ground, notate the outcome, time, date and the battleground played. I would then go armory each player in the battle ground notating his ilvl and generating the average ilvl for each side.

There was such a disparity in the average ilvl scores for each side with one side always being 15-20 pts higher when the average was calculated. Talk to anyone who plays the game and they will tell you that 15-20 pt ilvl difference is huge and that was the average score spread across 10-15 players.

I have all these raw stats notated and recently started playing the game again and starting recording the stats again.....nothing has changed. What you think may be random is not random at all. I have seen and notated continuous patterns spanning months and this is corruption. Most people who play wow refuse to acknowledge the truth and play the game with blinders on.

I think the question should be asked "Are developers capable of implementing such code that would give a faction a unseen advantage?" The answer is yes, they are very capable and I believe they have been doing it for years. I play one faction and I'm 100 games over .500 and I have a nice winning record. I play the other faction and I have dismal lifetime records and in most cases only winning 1/3 of all games played.

Sorry for all of the "I's" and "Me's", I can only speak for myself :P

Ahh...well i understand the dislike of A-Wholes, yes (If you have EVER logged on to WoW, you have dealt a majority of rude, diva punks). I also understand the grind, having to pluck the weeds, make the pots, feasts, etc etc in prep for a weekly raid only to get a potential skunk till next week. Finger-pointing, been there. Elitist theory-crafters running everyone down, check. Guild mates that don't show for raids, got it. Economy spiking (auction house blitzing) oh yeah. Camping...woohoo love cross-realm shared content, especially looking for a specific rare NPC.

I started in Dec of 2004, ignorant of MMO do's and don'ts. It was discouraging hearing people tell me how my gear sucked, I did not have "chants" on my gear, how I did not have the correct class item in each slot, and that I was not the top healer in the instances I participated in. You know the drill, everyone is perfect but you. Of course, now in the Raidfinder world, it only takes a few knuckleheads to vote out someone who is raiding for the first time, cause they slow the raid down. Again, with the A-wholes.

Since then, I have been is several raiding guilds, both Horde and Alliance. I have been into end game content for as long as it has been available.I have also set the game aside for a year at one point, for all the reasons listed in many of the posts on this page.

I have not however, quit. The reason, Wow may not be the newest technology, it may not be the latest greatest graphical extravaganza (oh, I have an excuse to spend $600.00 on a new video card), it may not be free. But frankly, it is still more enjoyable to launch a new session and have the myriad of options, in a place that I am comfortable and content to spend an hour or two. The $12.95 a month gets me a net of approximately 40 hours of varying enjoyment, and an escape from the reality of really performing in the REAL grind (the one I participate in to pay my bills). My only competition is myself.

The game was never meant to replace real life, it was meant to complement it. Once I came to understand this, I stopped looking to the game for my accomplishment fix, or for my happiness. This is why I can continue to play, or not...and not feel the need to justify staying or quitting.

Time for coffee!

Flying mounts and addons killed whatever "magic" the game had at the beginning.

Agreee, the main issue now, its not the game per se, its still potentially much fun, but the actual people you get to play with, which are a bunch of nasty ill mouthed egocentric little bastards as a whole, very few nice people from the old school style remain, where you would meet random people, and engage in a nice chat and help each other, and make a date for next time, those days are over, and at the end, wow is but a reflection of the real world we live in....scary...

Lol, don't know where this guy got his info from, but wow never lost 1.9 million subscribers, let alone in 3 months!

Yeah, I'll call bullshit as well. I've never seen a pug group take down ICC while it was current. It was either low DPS on the valkyres that carried people off to their deaths, or idiots standing in defile. Usually both.

wow is for faggots!

I enjoy my life better by staying away from WOW, and not being addicted to anything other than life itself.

Is that how this generation of sheeple view life now, as a waste of time? Why even live then? Surely there is more to life than a stupid greedy game called World Of Warcraft? Really?'

Not for me pal

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you said necessities in life in terms of your money? its 50cents a day n you can afford to play wow.if you cant afford that you need to be not playing video games period cause thats crazy to say wow 15dollars sub cost is why you wont play are you kidding ?but you will pay over 100 dollars for internet that you can get for free lol the wowrld of stupid is upon us

you said necessities in life in terms of your money? its 50cents a day n you can afford to play wow.if you cant afford that you need to be not playing video games period cause thats crazy to say wow 15dollars sub cost is why you wont play are you kidding ?but you will pay over 100 dollars for internet that you can get for free lol the world of stupid is upon us and whiney bitches ty internet smh lol

you said necessities in life in terms of your money? its 50cents a day n you can afford to play wow.if you cant afford that you need to be not playing video games period cause thats crazy to say wow 15dollars sub cost is why you wont play are you kidding ?but you will pay over 100 dollars for internet that you can get for free lol the wowrld of stupid is upon us

you said necessities in life in terms of your money? its 50cents a day n you can afford to play wow.if you cant afford that you need to be not playing video games period cause thats crazy to say wow 15dollars sub cost is why you wont play are you kidding ?but you will pay over 100 dollars for internet that you can get for free lol the world of stupid is upon us

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I am one of those die hards, that are still dragging through the game, but now that hey are giving free 90's away it is like all the little kids came out of the woodwork who did not want to work a toon up. Of course this means LFR's are filled with tanks that do not know their class or healers who have never healed before. frustrating to me as I have been playing since BC, I have 50 toons maxed out with nothing to show for it and luckily I am in a guild with adults so no elitists but we do wipe a lot still have not gotten past garrosh on flex. I am wondering why I am still here, other then friends I have made in guild are like real friends.

Except instead you're paying for the game, the expansions and monthly for a crap game with clunky graphics and a bunch of players that act like two year olds.

Nowadays pretty much everyone has a computer, unless you live in a backwater part of Louisiana where your cousin is also your brother.

Most gamers play way more than one game, though.

Everquest is still a fun and played game, too though.

With how blocky, broken up and horrible WoW is? Yes, even Neverwinter is an upgrade.

Except most of the people that play don't enjoy it, it's a weird sense of obligation and "I've put so much time and effort/they depend on me/I got this far" that keeps people going even though the game itself is boring and monotonous. It is basically work that you pay to do.

Most console games I play can be played for 60+ hours and still be fun, I don't know what short kind of crap games you play that end in no time, Fifa, maybe?

Sort of like you?
What's worse, people running across an article and commenting or some loser that has no life and trolls through everyone like you?

IDK...every friend I've ever had that played WoW only ever had bad things to say about it. I could never get past the god-awful cartoony visuals, but this is the type of game that's only popular because it's popular. Case in point...

How mind-numbingly easy the game is, is why so many played it, and why it has such a poor reputation in terms of community. It's not rocket science...

People got sick of it plain and simple.

If it helps the discussion at all, I just started playing when they made the whole game $20.00 to get everything from Classic to Pandaria, and a free month. I wanted to try it. I had played Runescape until Jagex drove the game into a death spiral with pay to gain game models. They also ruined combat to try and become hot key like WoW. So, instead of playing a crap hotkey game, I switched.

I love Warcraft, I have loved it since the beginning. In fact I still play WarCraft II to this day. My favorite part of the game so far is first approaching the Dark Portal, the Nostalgia is immense. The game design is GREAT. It is easy to pick up on, not impossible to make gains whenever I play, and doesn't take "Hundreds of hours" for me to enjoy it. I dont know, if you're guild sucks because its too "HardCore and beat down" raid 7 days a week, Then I would personally like to ask you to join my guild on SenJin because I have faced none of that.

Criticisms to Pandaria? My first character was the Pandarin. Its nice to see a character change for the first time in 20 years. Undead came from Warcraft II. Elves were always part of the Alliance, Troll axe throwers, DeathKnights (And their signature death coil) Dragons, Gryphons, everything in WoW is resembled in Warcraft II.

It was nice to see them introduce a new race to the game for the first time since Warcraft 3. Even WC3 hints at just about all the lore I've seen leading up to but stopping at Pandaria. Asia is a huge market on top of that, I like the cultural aspects about it. I feel like it would have been all the same otherwise. (Deadly looking castle with rebel humans and roided orc shamans with a sprinkle of corruption) They nailed it with Pandaria.

Coming from a NEW NEW player to the game my only criticism is that the quests are over rewarding with great items, rendering all drops useless. The greens don't sell at all on the market. I would normally expect greens to sell in a game just for a demand of new players, but they get everything from quests so it doesn't matter. Drops are too easy to find, blue is not even that rare to come by. It is just too easy to get drops in raids and too hard to get them in the open world.

Coming from a veteran gamer that is fresh to this one in particular, I just think you guys need a break, and when/if you come back, take the seriousness back out of the game yourself cause its doable. I'm doing it everyday. Call of Duty is a game for try hards, not this one.

The obvious reason is that China made gold farming illegal.

I play Order and Chaos. Its android based and its for mobile, but has controller support. It can be played on some the OUYA, the MOJO, and other android devices with controller support. Its been called the mobile WOW. Small dl fee and in game purchases if you want,but free to play.

There is many people who play wow yet no one says the real reason why People mass quit Wow.. If you never cared about raiding before Pandaria your criticism is baseless because the game is the same exact thing for you. Pvp, quests, dongeons and everything else is still there and there ain't much changes to them. The changes are very subtle...

The major reason people mass quit wow is because of End-game accessibility and end-game difficulty.

As long as blizzard will push accessibility for loosers, casuals, people who don't have the time to play because they have lives or girlfriends etc. (people who shouldn't even play the game or hated how the game was in the first place.) Then they will continue to displease their main fanbase.

Blizzard is trying to appeal to new customers and by doing so they do things that displeases the current fanbase. People who love mmos and love grinding and the feeling of getting better than other people. Blizzard removed all that by making the game completly dumbed down so that everyone can see the content, and this ruined the game and killed the incentive to play it.

Theres just no reason to play the game anymore... if every noobs in Azeroth have the latest set tier, why should anyone work hard to complete challenges ? Blizzard will just make the boss 50% easier next patch so that every retard in america can see the new pixels.... because everyone pays15$ a month right ?

If you displease your fan base to please new people you will lose your true fans that elevated you in the first place.... Thats what happened. That's what happened with the New Starwars... George tried to please the kids with new toys and he lost his real fanbase....

Blizzard is doing the same thing, trying to please the new generation, and by doing so they lose the real gamers of 20 - 30+ years old.

I played WOW for 9 years and here are my two cents, I played most of the MMO games, some are good, some have better and bad things compared with WOW but the thing is after tried most of the WOW killers for many different reasons I always return to the WOW.
10 years of constant patches show a lot of development, SWTOR was planed and developed for 10 years as well but the biggest mistakes of the developers was the graphic engine was terrible heavy even for the more advanced machines back then, the PVP wasnt good and the lack of end game options, apart of those SWTOR problems average was a promising and great game but it kill itself.

TBC was the best expansion ever released for the game, the option of fly, a complete and well crafted continent, the gear was the best looking sets in the whole game so far even some people still using TBC items for transmogrify.
WOTLK was good to, a very nice frozen continent one of the best history lines in the game, Arthas and the Lich King, Wintergrasp was the monster and best PVP epic battles, every old player miss Wintergrasp battles, ICC was an amazing patch who bring guildmates back to play together in large scale raids.
Cataclysm was in the shade, every time a expansion is released you are expecting something better over the last one, personally compared with the impact of TBC and WOTLK Cataclysm sucks, and its not only me millions unsubscribed.
Pandaria is kind of good is kind of lame a complete continent but you have to ride and ride and ride between mountains getting lost forever in the leveling phase what is stupid for who level a 85 character go back to walks, kind so boring for me, the last patch release "Siege of Orgrimmar" is fine for the alliance but why the Horde have to kill they own boss? why is not the Alliance boss?, Blizzard was cheap again with the development and makeup a lame history, raids are ok but 1 hour wait for DPS in LFR is terrible. The legendary quest line is lame, 31 quests so far with tons of need from raids, with 1h wait for raid finder you can get your hemorrhoids out and hanging out of chair waiting in queue until you complete you required quest items witch are random drops, oh boy. All this for the legendary cloak! omg, Shadowbourne from WOTLK was less job and better reward.
Bots are terrible, can be mining for hours flying in the same sequence like fishes in the sea and Blizzard dont do anything about it becasue they want your $14,99 and they $14,99, business is business, you cant do battlegounds without have a few automated zombies running around and what is the worse, bots sucks.
Now waiting for the nest expansion but after Cataclysm and Pandaria im not expecting much more from Blizzard, maybe is time for develop WOW II

With a better graphic engine and start over or Blizzard can hang the gloves.

Of course because now with cross servers you don't play with the people on your server and your reputation doesn't matter anymore.

Everything you speak of is the result of Blizzard's flawed philosophy. Everything they do makes the game worst... you might not realize it because you might not understand causality... but some of the things you speak of are the direct result of changes Blizzard made for the game... they did not go to people's individual houses and changed their behavior... Changes to the game changes the way people behave in the game.

You see, you interact online in a game that requires skills. If you do not have these skills, then people will tell you. Its not that they are egotistical, its just that you might not have the gear lvl, the right specc or caused wipes whatever it might be... You interact online... and people do not know you, they do not owe you anything and they have to assume you are just another living trash like everybody else because there is no way to tell who is good and who is bad, it might hurt your ego to be treated like that, but thats you not them...

People have had bad experiences in the game because of their own limitations and they want Blizzard to modify the game for them... Well, what people want is not always what is best for the game.

Loosing 2million players because they can't realize LFR and accessibility is killing their game... Means there is still hope left in humanity and that there is still people who can smell the rot when they are being served garbage.

Completely agree. I was in a fairly large guild and getting into a raid group was tough as hell plus the guild politics of who gets to roll on what. Plus tanking in WoW felt like another full time job even for randoms/pick up groups. The end for me came when I was watching a video to gain an understanding of what I should be doing as a DPS in one of the Troll dungeons, where a misstep could get you and another person killed, as a freakin DPS, in the first boss.

Then as I watched the video I was like "I'm watching someone play a video game so I can do exactly what they can do, so I can get a piece of gear to make it easier the next time so that maybe, MAYBE I can get a shot at better gear". I got a beta invite to SWTOR and never looked back. Tanking was a hell of a lot easier, good engrossing storyline, lightsabers, beautiful graphics etc. The F2P model it went to sucks a bit, but the stuff you pay for is, to my best recollection entirely cosmetic.

Interesting blog, it's been right at 4 years since I've left WOW and was just curious as I still think about it at times but after finding and reading this article and the comments that followed has helped me to keep it in my thoughts and not my computer, I started playing MMORPG's 17 years ago starting out with Ultima Online back in 1997 the grandfather of all MMORPG's today, The first MMORPG to reach the 100,000 subscriber base, after that I dabbed in Ever quest a bit then came WOW in 2004, once LotRO came out in 2008 I left wow for it, wasn't long until I found myself back on wow until the last part of 2010.

I still play but my interest is waning. The auto jump to 90 isn't helping. A whole new wave of people that don't know how to play are there now. I doubt i will be getting WOD. That expansion sounds horrible IMO.