Uncharted 4: Ending the Series on a High Note

Feature Daniel Hill 6/18/2014 at 9:07AM

We like Uncharted 4, especially because its purpose is to end the series on a high note.

As Sony's presser came to a close last Monday, it was glaringly evident that every Sony fan's favorite developer, Naughty Dog, had not announced anything. People weren't sure whether they should keep holding their breaths or allow themselves to deflate in disappointment. However, right at the tail end, there was just one more thing to announce, there was the Naughty Dog logo, and Drake's gorgeous mug popped up on screen.

Despite the initial excitement, it quickly dissipated for some when Nate and Sully made allusions to an ending to the series, with phrases like "one last time" casually tossed around as if they weren't some of the most beloved characters in gaming history --characters who we have grown to love adventure after adventure. To top it off, the damn title was revealed as Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (end!). Well...shit. 

If you're one of those heart sick fans, then you'll be surprised that I'm happy this might be the end of the series.

Hey...HEY! Just put the gun down and let me explain...

One of, if not the biggest, selling points to the Uncharted series is the characters and their development. Very rarely do we see developers put real love into their characters like we have with this series. We have watched them grow, come and go, and somehow end up back together again for another adventure.

But...where else do these characters have to go? For one, Nate and Elena appear to have gotten back together at the end of Drake's Deception, which only really leaves their future together as husband and wife to be explored. Given that this relationship was already put in jeopardy once because of Drake's wanderlust, it's just not going to be as appealing to watch Nate try to win her back again. Not to mention, this was always more of a side story than the focus of the game, with most of the action being centered around Nate and Sully, which brings me to my next point.

uncharted 4

Throughout Uncharted 3, Sully was constantly warning Nate against how far they had gone into the seedy underworld in their hunt for treasure. Shit was getting real when just too many people started dying, and Nate was clearly starting to see that. He especially came to his senses when he ended up wandering the goddamn desert alone and nearly succumbing to dehydration. Ol' Nate may get off on near-death experiences, but it was clear that he was seeing just how unglamorous death can be.

Not only was Sully trying to show Nate how out of control their lifestyle was getting, but Sully himself was getting too old for it. He's only gotten older since then, and let's face it, he's gotta hang up his hiking boots and revolver some day. That day never seemed closer than it did in Drake's Deception. It was already a stretch to watch the old man scale walls with the finesse of a 20-year-old gymnast in the last installment, and if Naughty Dog really want to tell a story, they'll understand when Sully has to go. And who wants an Uncharted game without Sully?

Where the story is concerned, all of the characters are starting to come to a logical and satisfying close. Nate has little left to prove in the world of archaeology, him and Elena are probably still married (as evidenced by his wedding ring in the Uncharted 4 trailer), and Sully is surely going to be retiring to some island soon where he can haunt the bars like a modern-day Hemingway. There just isn't a lot of necessary and satisfying story to tell.

Uncharted 4 has a great set up - the last adventure for our two heroes, who know that their time in the world of pirates, thievery, and treasure plundering is nearly over. The trailer set up a truly dreary and almost desperate tone, and if the game carries through with that and maintains the "this is it" theme throughout the plot, it could easily be the best in the series.

Gameplay-wise, there just isn't much more for the series to do to keep things fresh. Sure, there may be a few years in between releases, but at their core, all of the Uncharted games have been the same blend of light puzzle solving, cover-based shooting, and fleeting moments of stealth and platforming. Naughty Dog would be better off either starting a new story (besides The Last of Us) or working on a game that will show us some different type of gameplay. Remember when they used to do 3D platformers? *wistful sigh*

I'm not glad to see the Uncharted series potentially coming to the close because I don't like it or think it's getting stale, but because it has the opportunity to avoid what so many big-name franchises, both in movies (Pirates of the Caribbean) and video games (Halo), do: overstay its welcome. I really want to remember Uncharted as the series that went out on top, and that is why it warms my heart to think that Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will finally allow Nate to head off into the sunset with Elena and Sully.

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Uncharted 3 was the first Uncharted game I had played after putting up with years of hype and adoration... it was just a generic big bang wowee flashy set piece shoot 'em up.
Really didn't see what all the fuss was about.

Nobody wants your opinion douchbag, Go play your WOW

A game with animations that still haven't been beaten (even the 1st game) is not generic. And I'm not talking about cut scene animations either. Play the 2nd game as, like most game series out there, it is the best one.

The best game ever coming to an end, why? to make room for last of us 2, 3, 4 ?

People only see what they want to see. The sheer control, visual fidelity and fluidness of everything in these games is unmatched - even today. It is the bar that all games today aim for and spectacularly fall below, thinking pretty animations is all it takes.

More Sony overhype that will underdeliver.

I agree that Uncharted 3 wasn't as good as 2. I feel that the storyline began to get a little tired in the last installment, so it's a good time to close the book on this series. Uncharted 2 is spectacular, though, if you haven't played it yet! Thank you for reading! Your opinion is completely valid.

That is always the fear with big franchise players! Hopefully Uncharted will go out with a bang! Thanks for reading!

It's hard to let go, but it's better for a series to go out while it's up than end up a tired franchise that no one cares about. Naughty Dog is making a big integrity move by ending a series that makes them all the money. Of course, they'll carry on with The Last of Us. But it also means that 1/2 of Naughty Dog will now be free to make a brand new IP. These guys can do anything! Thanks for reading!

First Cole McGrath and now Uncharted 4 will give us the option of sacrificing the life of Mr Drake to save his friend(s). He has to do it of course.

Money talks and if Uncharted 4 delivers, Sony will let the series go on unless they killed Nathan Drake and that would be a huge gamble on there part.

Realize Bob that Naughty Dog has opened a separate division to work on The Last of Us. Even if there were more TLOU games, there would also, with the end of Uncharted, be the opportunity for the other half of ND to develop a new IP, and when have they ever (*ever*) let us down with a new IP? From Crash, to Jak, to Uncharted, they have yet to release crap, and will surely continue that trend with whatever they work on next.

Also, as I mention in the article, it would be good to see a game's story come to a logical close without being overextended (i.e. Assassin's Creed). This is a great opportunity for the series to go out on top.

3 was not a good one to start on. 2 is generally accepted as the best, with 1 coming in second. Also, while that was being developed, two key players in the development team that made Uncharted great went to work on The Last of Us while a different team worked on UC3, so you really aren't getting the best experience with that game.

History says "don't judge too quickly." All of the PS1 crash games and the Jak and Daxter games did great numbers while ND was developing them, and Sony was apparently okay with them letting those games go so that they could work on Uncharted.

Like TLoU and the Uncharted trilogy? Yeah.....you know what you're talking about. Get a name troll.

Trust me. Naughty Dog has a lot more up their sleeves other than Uncharted and Sony knows that. We all know this game will make huge money, but so will ANY other Naughty Dog game these days.

To me Uncharted 3 was the perfect ending to the franchise, with that great finale.

yeahhh....next gen starts with
'Uncharted 4'
at least graphics wise..

UC3 is the worst UC game, especially when you're starting off. Start off with UC2 and you'll piss your pants 80 x's over.

Uncharted 3 was good but Uncharted 2 was amazing

I do think this is obviously the last entry in the Uncharted series and it's a good decision to go out with a huge bang. It's quite rare in the gaming industry to make three blockbuster games let alone four! I can't wait for this title!!

Among Thieves is easily the best, I'm replaying it right now and I've forgotten how absolutely epic that train scene is.

You must be trolling, or else your a lunatic in an asylum posting during "play time".

Imagine if Rocksteady and Naughty Dog teamed up O.O!!