New The Walking Dead Game Announced From Payday 2 Devs

News Robert Bernstein 8/13/2014 at 4:02PM
overkill the walking dead

Overkill, makers of PayDay 2, have announced a new The Walking Dead game...

Overkill, the makers of the absolutely fantastic Payday 2, has announced that they're developing a new The Walking Dead game that will feature co-op play similar to their Payday series.

According to the trailer (thanks to IGN), Overkill's The Walking Dead won't be out until sometime in 2016--bummer. But, that didn't stop Skybound's own CEO Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, from discussing his high hopes for the game.

"I'm a huge fan of what Overkill and Starbreeze have been able to do with PayDay 2. It's just an amazing co-operative game and I'm excited to be able to announce that Skybound is partnering with Overkill to make a Walking Dead game. I'm happy to say that it's the co-op game that all of the Walking Dead fans have been waiting for," said Kirkman.

According to publisher Starbreeze, the game will explore new characters and new storylines. The game will have elements "of action, role-playing, survival horror and stealth, that invite players to explore the hugely popular The Walking Dead universe, where they will play the role of survivors fending for themselves in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by flesh-eating walkers," Overkill said.

It's likely that this game will be new-gen only (Xbox One, PS4) as well as PC--as was the case with Payday 2. But, Starbreeze has not announced which platforms just yet. We'll keep you posted.

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