Super Mario 3D World Reviews Beat Xbox One, PS4 Launch Titles

News Robert Bernstein
11/20/2013 at 12:23PM

Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U is ranking higher than the Xbox One and PS4 launch titles...

It looks like Nintendo's latest Wii U title, Super Mario 3D World, is better than the Xbox One and PS4 launch titles, at least if we're judging based only on the review scores.

With reviews dropping all over the web yesterday, Super Mario 3D World is receiving a great deal of critical acclaim.  The game currently holds a metascore of 93/100 on Metacritic, with the lowest score being an 80 (from The Escapist). Most notably, Joystiq raved about the game, saying, "Put simply, Super Mario 3D World is stunning. Its world is beautiful, its design is impeccable, and its fun is infectious." (If that quote doesn't get you interested in the game, please exit this post).

Meanwhile, Forza 5, an Xbox One exclusive, holds a metascore of 82/100 on Metacritic, while Dead Rising 3 currently has a 78/100.  Killzone: Shadow Fall, the PS4 launch day exclusive, holds a 73/100 , while Knack holds a miserable 56/100.  The closest runner-up to Super Mario 3D World's high ratings is Fifa 14 for PS4, holding an 89/100.

This doesn't mean much for the big picture of things when you're talking about who will win the console war; obviously, Nintendo has slagged too far behind PS4 and Xbox One to rebound. But, Nintendo deserves kudos for reinvigorating the Super Mario Bros franchise, and it'll certainly sway some gamers into adopting the Wii U (including myself).

Super Mario 3D World releases on the Wii U on November 22, 2013.

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