Star Wars: The Plea for Knights of the Old Republic 3

Feature John Saavedra 1/14/2014 at 9:01AM

We think it's time for another installment of the beloved Star Wars RPG franchise. Here's why...

It’s been 10 years since Knights of the Old Republic II. Isn’t it about time for Knights of the Old Republic III? The short answer is yes. I don’t think any gamers could possibly disagree that we’ve waited long enough for the return of this series.

Sure, we got The Old Republic a few years back, but a) it was not the RPG we were looking for, and b) it didn’t REALLY continue the story laid out in the Knights Of The Old Republic games. Instead, we got a flawed MMO that took place 300 years after the events of its spiritual predecessor.

But what about the cliffhanger at the end of Knights of The Old Republic II?

Yes, it’s known to all fans of this series that the sequel to BioWare’s game of the year was incredibly rushed (only a year apart). Instead of taking their time and creating a gaming experience that would stand on its own two feet, Obsidian pushed out a sequel that they hoped would ride on the success of the original.

That said, there were plenty of good things to say about KOTOR 2, enough to justify a sequel at least!

The Sith Lords was a much darker experience than the original, and it succeeded for the most part. After Darth Malak’s defeat at the Star Forge, the remaining Sith began to hunt down the Jedi one by one, until the Order was forced to go into hiding. Your character, a man/woman exiled from the Jedi Order for unknown reasons, is one of the few that decide to face the hidden Sith threat head on. Little do you know that you’re a pawn in a power struggle between three Sith Lords vying for control of the entire Empire.

The problem is that the game was never meant to end on a cliffhanger to begin with. Obsidian hoped to close the gaps on the Sith mythology the first game had introduced. While the original was more focused on the Jedi tradition (you got to go through the Jedi trials, which included building your very own lightsaber), part II was supposed to be the Sith’s turn.

An underlying theme within the series was the ancient Sith threat. Hidden in the Unknown Regions of space was a terrible disturbance in the Force: the remaining Sith Empire from the days of the ancient Dark Lord Naga Sadow. After the events of the first game, Revan decided to leave the Republic to stop this threat. Unfortunately for the Jedi Order, he disappeared and was never heard from again.

Revan’s legacy is a major player in the sequel, as the battling Sith Lords and the Jedi Exile attempt to uncover what evil Revan discovered in the darkness of space. Cool, right?

But ten years later, we’re still left with the series’ final image: the Jedi Exile flying the Ebon Hawk away from an erupting Malachor V, and into the depths of unknown space to find Revan and the ancient Sith Empire.

I don’t have to spell out how awesome it would have been to see Revan and the Exile team up to fight all the ancient Sith baddies hiding in the darkness of space, do I? Knights of the Old Republic III promised the big confrontation between the Jedi and the REAL Sith (it is eluded several times that all the Sith in the series are not direct descendants of the ancient Empire, and therefore, are faux Sith, I guess). Perhaps, we could have even seen the return of the awesomely evil Naga Sadow...

The closest we got to this climactic battle was the novel by Star Wars veteran Drew Karpyshyn, Revan. The novel serves as a prequel/sequel to The Sith Lords, and provides backstory for The Old Republic. Revan and the Exile (who’s revealed to be a woman named Meetra Surik) face off with ancient evil and meet their fate. Yeah, okay, but they got out with a whimper, not a BANG.

I didn’t follow the KOTOR story throughout my childhood to see it end up as a piece of promotional fodder for a mediocre game. The series did not get the ending it deserved.

Fortunately, the wonderful thing about this series is that it has the ability to branch out to new characters, new corners of the galaxy, and there’s always a new ancient secret to uncover.

The Knights of the Old Republic comic series illustrated this era’s continued potential for kickass storytelling. The comics served as a prequel to the original game, and it remains one of Dark Horse’s best runs in the franchise. What’s cooler than the Jedi Covenant, asteroid-eating slugs, and Mandalorians?

And what of the further adventures of the original cast of characters? Surely, the sassy Bastila Shan didn’t just sit still and wait around while half of the Jedi Order was hunted down. We get a brief glimpse of Admiral Onasi in Knights of the Old Republic II, but not enough to satisfy us.

Oh, and the cast of The Sith Lords...we don’t even KNOW who (or how they) survived the final showdown at Malachor V. Right as the core of the planet is collapsing, we see the trusty Ebon Hawk swat down and rescue the Exile, but we don’t know who’s piloting. According to the aforementioned novel, it’s all T3-M4, your trusty utility droid.

That’s not enough for me. At least at the end of first game, you had a clear sense of who survived the Jedi Civil War...

This series still has sooo much to cover, and there are A LOT of questions that need answering. Hopefully, EA will finally give us what we want. They own BioWare, and it’d be nice for the developer to tackle the next game in the series, as long as they don’t try to make it another MMO. May the Force be with them.

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Actually there is a book about the story afterwords called "Revan".
I think the story told in this book would be an awesome game.

Thank you for reading! Yes, I reference "Revan" in the article. The story would be cool to adapt into KOTOR III. The point is that there should be SOME kind of VIDEO GAME conclusion to the series, and not just a brief boss battle in The Old Republic.

That would be so epic. And, it would be even moreso if we got HD re-releases of KOTOR & KOTOR II to whet our appetites. Imagine KOTOR I, II, and III on the PS3, 360, PS4 & Xbone. Squee!

Just please have it coded by a development house with better quality control. KOTOR2 had some terrible game-breaking bugs.

You speak the truth! I'm definitely down for some remastered editions of the first two games! Hopefully, EA will get smart and give fans what they want!

Yeah it did! What developer would you choose for KOTOR 3?

Well with the original developers Bioware being too busy now with their Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises, the other RPG king is Bethesda. Or even Rockstar or Blizzard. All those houses do open world environments which KOTOR is not but they also do well with role-playing elements and character leveling.

while i do agree that any of these developers could take over the franchise, i think that EA will want to keep it under their umbrella. it will most likely go to BioWare...if it's ever made at all. But who knows! Crazier things have happened!

Count me as one of the people who wanted a single player KOTOR 3 instead of MMORPG KOTOR 3-11. That being said, I've played SWTOR since launch as there really weren't any other SW gaming options that I had an interest in. At this point I don't see much of a possibility for a single player KOTOR 3. EA holds the Star Wars gaming license until 2023 and I don't think EA is going to have an EA studio make a game that will potentially undercut SWTOR. Sure, EA could have BioWare make another Star Wars RPG. That might happen. I'm not expecting it will be the KOTOR 3 that a lot of KOTOR I and II players still want.

Thank you for reading! If you were EA/BioWare, what Star Wars RPG would you make?

I've no specific ideas for a Star Wars RPG. The only guideline I think BioWare should follow is to keep such a game set well before the movies. Based on statements from BioWare Austin personnel it sounds like Lucasfilm doesn't want them fiddling with any movie era stuff anyway so it's probably a moot issue. BioWare has plenty of creative minds that could come up with something.

Yeah, I'm sure they would come up with something amazing. I just want more Old Republic era games! Thanks again for reading!

I wish Lucasfilm would make TOR and the Revan novel non-canon so that Obsidian could make KotOR III.

I tried to play both KOTOR and KOTOR II on Xbox and the controls are just terrible. I'm not saying that I wouldn't scream and jump up and down like a little girl if it happens, it will probably be one of the happiest days of my life, but if they do release HD versions of the games on consoles, they have to do something about the controls and not just port the game like they did last time.

Me too! Also, Obsidian over BioWare, huh? That's not an opinion I hear often!! Thanks for reading!

I still hope we'll see the Ebon Hawk again someday. And one more ride for Revan, Canderous, HK-47, and Atton. Make it happen, Bioware!

Yeah, Obsidian over BioWare because KotOR II left KotOR III wide open and it was Avellone's story to tell. If they retcon TOR and the Revan novel (unfortunately they won't) Obsidian could finish the story as they intended.

Thank you for reading! I would definitely love to see all these characters again. Don't forget Bastila and Carth! I also want to see what Atris is up to!

Good point. Well, I just hope SOMEONE makes it!

The sad reality is that once a developer released an MMO, they never go back to single player story.

Ummm Revan IS in TOR , it is confirmed as canon, and it even mentions Darth Malak, do your research.

i don't care what it is, old republic era or even new republic era. i will buy it if it mentions Revan and or HK47. just PLEASE no more MMO attempts. that world is already dominated by WOW and it's hard to be innovative there. not to mention, one of the older comments had a point with MMO's completely ruining any future single player stories. (side note: half of your fans that wanted to play and just ended up reading the wiki are mac users…) so boiware, please just give us a new star wars RPG.

Final Fantasy 11 was MMO and followed by Final Fantasy 12 on PS2.

KOTOR1 was much better than KOTOR2 and thats even if KOTOR2 wasn't an unfinished mess.

Great article, completely agree that Kotor3 is long overdue. Have been playing the first 2 recently and would love the third to come out, or updated versions of 1 & 2 in the mean time. They look good but in HD would be even better! Surely it can't take that much for them to do and they'd make a profit as well as getting a new generation of gamers wanting a Kotor3.
If there is any news, I trust denofgeek will inform us long waiting fans?

If you had played the MMO all the way to 50 everything is explained the story is all there and fleshed out. There is no way to make a KOTR 3 after the MMO. Every little bit of the old story was fleshed out and explained. From the exile to Revan there was no need to move on. I had 8 level 50's and so did my wife. But , once you had done all the class stories there was nothing left.

Why not make a prequel? Something that takes place around the Sunriders and Qel-Droma timeline. Seems pretty open there. Whatever they plan on doing they better take a good long look at all the Star Wars RPG fans that Lucas Arts created.

None of the Star Wars EU is considered cannon right now sadly.

Yes, I know. But the conclusion of the Revan story is handled in the novel. TOR serves mostly as a cameo and epilogue for the character. The point I was trying to make is that regardless of what he appeared in post-KOTOR 1, he didn't get the epic conclusion he deserved. Thank you for reading!

I agree, bring back classic KOTOR RPG and leave the MMO business out of it! Thanks for reading!

It was. Maybe that's what ruined KOTOR 3's chances!

Which is a bit depressing to me. The MMO is kind of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the series where the protagonists of the first two games are kinda kicked to the side and their stories are concluded as supporting characters. It definitely wasn't the end I wanted.

You bet your Star Wars-loving butt Den of Geek inform you loyal fans! Thanks for reading!


That's solid. I think they've avoided that path because the Tales of the Jedi comic book series pretty much covered those characters. But maybe a prequel with some new characters would work? Who knows! Thanks for reading!

I agree with you my wife has the same opinion as you. Unfortunatley in the eyes of the people that make the game (Bioware) the story of Revan and the Exile has been told. That story line is over. No matter how many signatures are given or emails sent there mind will not be changed. I am sorry to have to be the one that says it. I would have like a KOTR 3 but instead we got KOTR 3-10. In my mind it was satisfying but after the classes were up to 50 there was nothing left to do.

Valid point. It's a bummer, though! Thanks for reading!

Not a problem I shared the article to see if I can stir up old fans to help get the idea of making a new one back. I would really like to start something where we can get some hype or at the very least talk about why the KOTORs were amazing and could have been perfect given a few changes...

Thanks, man! There's a big KOTOR community out there!

The game was originally an Xbox Exclusive, so I doubt the controls had anything to do with a port. And the controls were fine, they just took some getting used to.

Damn EA! They site on gold mines and they never ever ever ever ever ever capitalize on them!, I doubt think they even realize it they are there and all these fans must, HAVE to be a super-minority!

Ten years ago I didn't even play either of these games when they first came out as I was not a man of Xbox in any way shape or form. It wasn't until almost two years ago when I bought both games for the PC I fell in love with these gajmes. I liked the stories both Revan and the Jedi Exile had. both games reminded me wh yI love Star Wars so much. Yes I do play SWTOR however I think its a different animal from a standard RPG where your not out playing the same mission as a billion other people online. You get invovled in the stories as well as the charcters and can't wait to see what happens to them. Sadly in this day an age if you make a MMORPG you've "hit the big time". Of course this is also one of the reasons we haven't seen games like Warcraft Four and the like. If they did KOTOR III I would be first i n line to buy it for PC or whatever console they did put it on.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 should have been made for a few reasons. Characters from Star Wars: KOTOR and KOTOR 2 were still alive when it was over. Of course Revan and Malak may be dead but the series should have still kept going. One thing that should have happened is that KOTOR and KOTOR 2 should have been combined to form the last KOTOR in an epic battle. All of the jedi masters, apprentices, sith lords, etc. should train in battle so that each side (light side, dark side) should choose their own master and there should be bastilla, the wookie, carth, mandalore, and a few more others. Then later on in the game, Kreia should then be resurrected by the jedi lords and she would be in her ultimate jedi form. The voices of Revan and Malak should then communicate to Kreia to tell her what she should do. At the end after Kreia is dead and everyone else is dead, then there should be only one person at the end that would stand over the dead bodies that fought in the jedi wars and battles. That person should be a jedi god or lord maybe with white wings and a gold lightsaber. But that is just my opinion.

Nice article. I enjoyed both the Revan novel and TOR but I agree, the series deserves a better and more fleshed out ending. EA, like others have said, is sitting on a gold mine. After they do KOTOR 3, they could go back and do a prequel to the series about the Mandalorian Wars, or the war with Exar Kun. They wouldn't even have to contradict TOR, seeing as how the references to Revan, and his overall fate, are very vague. I really hope EA comes to their senses. TOR and KOTOR 3 can coexist.

ugh every month the past 5-6 years i check the news for anything new on kotor 3, every month i am more sad. been like this since i played the second one 10 years ago. always enjoyed obsidians kotor 2, deeper, longer, and had more heart to it even if it was a dark and dangerous heart. the decisions truly had weight to them and i think kreia may be the best scripted video game character to ever be created. playing the restored content version drove me deeper into this universe that at times blew my mind as i sat their in awe of what obsidian was attempting to create. i will continue to play this game once or twice a year even though i know every discussion, every outcome, and every way to unlock the most from my character and others in the party, just because this game is that damned good. Would love to see obsidian do the third one after playing the restored content mod, i realized how deep they were attempting to go and have no doubt they could bring out the darkest of the darkside, and still illuminate the light side in ways that make gaming a true art form.

please please please i hope these new movies spark a new kotor 3, a real kotor 3. i would probably cry... then pre-order.

great article thank you

This game series is one of the most under rated and under played games. I spent hours and hours playing through these games just appreciating the game for what it was. There isn't a single other game out there that deserves another squeal as much as KOTOR II. Bring on the long awaited KOTOR III.

Isn't it up to Disney Interactive? Knowing them, they'll just toss Mickey Mouse a lightsaber and call it a day...

Didn't Bastila get a cameo in Kotor II? It's been a long time since I've played through the series, but I thought she was there, briefly. Kotor II left me disappointed enough that I never bothered with TOR, but I liked some of the mechanics that Obsidian introduced (impacting the Light/Dark balance of your companions), and it'd be fun to have a new RPG in the Star Wars Universe again!

I think you are a little harsh on Obsidian. They didn't choose to rush it out in the form that it was, it was forced on them by their publisher. Like how EA forced out TOR when it wasn't finished either, leading to it's rapid decline.

Obsidian even went above and beyond by releasing notes about the cut content and the sound files that were recorded and never used to the fans, who've then taken it upon themselves to complete the game. Check out the KOTOR 2 Restoration mod, it's compatible with the PC version of the game. It's a brand new experience, and while the story isn't as good as KOTOR 1 because that reveal, the gameplay itself I feel is more solid, and it definitely stands on it's own two feet once you see the dev's intentions.

That all said, TOR and Revan do complete his story and the exile's. Completely. There is no room to expand unless you make it non canon. And I'm not a fan of removing something from canon just because you don't like it. Revan was a prisoner and freed by the player, Exile had her shot to kill the Emperor but instead saved Revan, so Scourge had to kill her to save face, etc. It's all there.

In closing, let up on Obsidian. KOTOR2 wasn't their fault, and they've proved in the past they can build on BioWare's foundations (which are very good) and make things truly great. Look at Neverwinter Nights 2.

BioWare is a shell of a company. Mass Effect 3. TOR. EA is gutting them like they did so many other companies in the past. Origin and the Ultima series comes to mind...

Actually, TOR details a great deal of what happened to Meetra Surik and Revan after Meetra left.
The Jedi knights story especially, Lord Scourge plays a major role in that.
I'd suggest reading up on it, the stories in TOR mmo are one of its strong points.
Also, you actually get to fight Revan in TOR as well because he makes a return.
However, I too want a kotor 3.
However I particularly enjoyed Kotor 2 quite a bit myself--i preferred the darker tone to it and I liked the planets more in 2 minus the inability to visit a couple of the ones I particularly enjoyed in 1.
Unfortunately it was unfinished, but a lot of the strong suits were there.
Just a shame we didn't see the game at its full potential, however I think TOR did a good job explaining Revan and Meetra's resolution well enough.
Especially who the threat was (The emperor of the sith himself who you also get to face within TOR as a jedi knight.)
The MMO itself however did/does still have its flaws and some of them are unfortunately very annoying but EA as a company I think is recently putting more work into it, as they've introduced substantial content recently and have plans to release more expansions and content within this year and continuing.
So, who knows.

But yes, yes and yes, I hope this outcry makes bioware do kotor 3 since EA has the licensing now. :)
Uncharted's creative director/writer has begun working for them on Visceral's star wars game.
So who knows what we'll see!

Overall thoroughly enjoyed this article and I loved that you took notice of the good things about KOTOR 2 as well.

Got barely through the first paragraph. John, Obsidian didn't rush KOTOR 2's release date. LucasArts did. Obsidian to this day holds a great passion for the KOTOR series, and the fact that their vision for TSL, and beyond couldn't be achieved because ol' big business got in the damn way. The truth of the matter is Obsidian cares about KOTOR, it's fans, and legacy far more than Lucas Arts and even BioWare ever did.

Lay off those guys... They're still are only hope (and best one too)

Just wanted to say they both were two of the best games I ever played. Even going through hoops to get KOTOR II to play all the way through on my then current machine was worth it. So what numbskull ended a successful series? It was not the story, but the execution. Very shortsighted.

EA, i will finally not HATE YOU if you start making KOTOR & Jade Empire Series...forget mass effect & dragon age

Disney,Y U No Give Rights to Bethesda, Bethesda Y U No Take Bioware from Greedy EA

Loved KOTR2 more so than 1 because of the depth and overall tones. I've always been a bigger fan of the Dark Side so KOTR2 naturally appealed to me more, but I also feel like it KOTR2 could've been a little bit better in how decisions were made. Mainly dealing with the DS and how to progress it. Most times it felt like you had to be extremely violent to be dark rather than simply being able to use cunning and manipulation. Sith are both cunning and ruthless over simple brutality which seemed to be favored in the game mostly. Not so much of a complaint as something I noticed or at least it stood out to me. Still, my two all-time favorite games without a doubt. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO MAKE KOTR3!!!

Yes! we need a new RPG not an MMO!........sorry 2 months late to the party :D

EA will be developing Star Wars games for the next ten years. Let that sink in along with how EA/Bioware have screwed up the Mass Effect 3 ending and came out with a damaged & incomplete Dragon Age 2. I highly doubt that they'll be smart enough to finally give fans what they want and that's a fitting completion of any series (I don't hold much hope for DA3). Would I like to see KOTOR3, as much as anyone else...will we see one? Not from the likes of the worst company in America

I'd rather see Obsidian and Bioware work together, they both have benefits!
Obsidian is a great story teller and at making plots!

Bioware is great at making games and free roaming games with worlds and planets.
Disney and EA have the money and possibility to do so.
I'd like to see my dream and have 3 start off on Dunx in the forest and you start off with two players who seek for hiding and find the crew from KOTOR 1-2 excluding some characters and maybe see their faces over the way then you have to gain trust into the camp and party like the exile did finding Old Bastila and having the choice to learn the force with the chance of her joining the party in which you lead to the end of game with meeting up with revan and the exile with all of the party vs the the sith empire which before you have to break them out and before you can find the, you have to retrace their foot steps to seek knowledge by seeing old faces starting convos and returning to previous planets to see how different they're and how the exile and revan made a difference whilst finding the holocrons left behind explaining before the sith gets them first and destroy them and truth is never found intentionally fighting your whole way through for everything including credits, knowledge backstory, power, victory until your too deep to fall back and admit defeat.

They definitely need to make another KOTOR. Also, Star Wars movie franchise should focus on making a Darth Bane trilogy! It would be the best trilogy ever

Bring the great kotor back to life. To be able to rejoin with the exile, revan, canderous and my all time favorite assassin droid HK 47 would be a dream come true please make this so

Start a patition on fb and then submit it to ea.



Kind of a paradox there.