The Plea for Skate 4

News Robert Bernstein 5/20/2013 at 11:53AM

Will EA announce a 'Skate 4' soon?

It’s been three years since we saw EA Black Box’s third iteration in the Skate franchise with Skate 3, which released in May 2010. Three incredibly long years. Many skateboarding enthusiasts are left wondering, “Dude, where is Skate 4?”

All of those “Skate 4 Coming in 2013“ videos on YouTube are fan-made and fake (you sonsabitches!), and there has been literally no official news or rumors from Electronic Arts about the next Skate game, or even if there will be a new Skate game, yet many fans are craving a new game in the series. Skate 3 mostly received positive reviews upon its release, with many outlets praising the game’s scope and addition of new tricks. However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for the franchise. Some fans expressed concern of EA releasing Skate as a yearly franchise, but I was definitely not one of them.

In fact, I saw a MAJOR difference between Skate and Skate 2, as well as a MAJOR difference between Skate 2 and Skate 3Skate didn’t feel like Madden or Call of Duty, where the yearly franchises felt like more of the same but with a semi-new skin. Skate 3 was a game that you could literally spend days of your life playing when all is said and done, and to date, I don’t think a console game has held my attention for so long. The ability to create your own skate spots, share them with friends, share your high scores, as well as free-roam with your friends provided for endless amounts of social fun.

Most importantly, there’s still room for advancement in the Skate franchise. For example, there are still plenty of new tricks to be introduced, such as Casper Disasters, One Foot Manuals and Grinds, a Darkslide Stall, etc. There are advancements and new tricks created in skateboarding every year, so there are always new tricks to be added to Skate.

Unfortunately, EA just recently announced that the company would be closing the official EA Skate forums on May 30th, 2013.

Former EA CEO Tony Riccitiello (remember him?) was the driving antagonist behind not releasing a new Skate title, stating that skateboarding games had a limited sustainability as a series. But, good news for Skate fans, he was recently let go resigned from his position at EA.  EA would be smart to announce a Skate 4. While there has been an obvious decline in interest in skateboarding video games, we haven’t seen a new skateboarding game since Skate 3; that’s three years of skateboarding fans queued up to spend their cash on a major skateboarding release.

Wait, wasn’t the X Games on ESPN all weekend? And, there’s a major Xbox reveal conference tomorrow? And, unlike many other developers and publishers, we haven’t heard from EA about their next-gen plans yet? Hmm, is that a storm brewing, or am I just a hopeful schmuck? (Spoiler: Probably a hopeful schmuck).

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Really hoping for a skate 4 this year or the next, Skate 3 sold around 3 million copies globally across all platforms and did better then alot of racers like dirt showdown/grid did, EA would be foolish not to release one either as a Xbox or PS4 launch title or at-least in the next couple of years, I know alot of my friends on Xbox always talk about wanting one.

EA are a bunch of cynical money cunts, they have no edge, loyalty or vision, they simply follow the scent of money. I think almost all fans would love this company to go into liquidation and have to sell all of their great tiles to people who give a fuck. In all honesty I hope anyone other than EA develop Skate 4 as they seem to insist on bastardising and arcading it at every turn. Something they wouldnt dare do with FIFA (e.g add hooligan fighting mode). Had Black Box been given carte blanche this game would be a work of art. The only reason I own and xbox. Make skate 4 NOW!

it just stupid for them not to make another one, so many people would buy it if they did make one

There definitely won't be any more Skate titles on the current gen consoles. Let's hope they are developing for nex-gen at the moment.

I don't see the problem with producing yearly additions to the Skate franchise. I'm perfectly happy to have the same game engine with new environments and challenges. The beauty of Skate is getting in the zone and nailing an almost impossible set of tricks. New graphics or revamped tricks don't really factor in.

With no backwards compatible on the new consoles, this would be the time to bring 4 out... design it for next-gen and port it to last-gen... where's the announcement, EA? Go go go!

I just wish they didn't go so big with the skate franchise. I mean a board mongol? yeah that is cool sure but I miss skate where your just trying to go pro and stuff. Actually go to the skate shop and chill or whatever lol buy a new deck or clothes. catch the subway to go somewhere new. Not just mindlessly teleport.

Thank you for posting this, I have been waiting for a new skate game since forever. This game will surely be a hit, there are a lot of fans anticipating for this installment, so I'm sure they won't be disappointed w/ the sales. Real skaters and fans been wanting to play this.

It's John Riccitello and he was the one who pushed EA to create new interesting franchises like Skate, Mirror's Edge and Dead Space in the first place. You can shit on EA all you want, they deserve it, but without the man we most likely wouldn't have any Skate games.

Yeah really hoping to see EA Skate make a splash on XBoxOne and PS4. Would be so awesome.

They need to stick to there roots and make it feel as realistic as possible.
SKATE was the best in the series by far. 2 was ok but was lost something special in the feel of the controls, but still a good game. 3 was a disaster IMO, it got dummed down and felt wrong.
If they can make a gritty realistic skateboarding game that felt like SKATE with added tricks and locations with the ability to mark a spot anywhere in the game world to challenge others online, it would be a huge success IMO.

I played the first game non stop. I was in the top 10 in the world in Spot Battle, but 2 didn't grab me like 1 did, and din't even clock over 10 hours...bad game IMO.
Please, EA. If you make another...don't f*ck it up!