SimCity Launch Causing Severe Server Issues

News Robert Bernstein 3/5/2013 at 10:26PM

Want to know why there aren't many SimCity reviews up yet?

EA is having severe launch problems for SimCity today. Many people, including us here at Den of Geek!, are having issues even connecting to the servers to play the game.  All North American Servers are full or busy, and unconnectable.  And, you can try joining another server not in your region, but you're unable to create a city to start playing.

We're beyond frustrated because we cannot even play the game to review it for you guys, but we're not alone.  There are numerous enraged gamers around the net due to not being able to play SimCity.  EA has released the following statement:

The SimCity servers are currently inundated with the masses of eager mayors attempting to govern their cities.

Some players may currently be experiencing issues or delays when attempting to join a game server or region - or may be unable to create a city at this time. Additionally, there are intermittent reports of friends list, invite, and tutorial delays and errors. We are working to clear traffic from the roads and hope to have all players managing their cities as soon as possible.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience while we work on a resolution to this issue.

Source: EA Why Can't i Connect to SimCity

Are any of you unable to play SimCity? Get your rage out in the comments below!  

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Yeah, I had to wait for update files to download for nearly two hours, then I can't even select a city site. Pretty frustrating ... I pre-ordered this game and was really looking forward to playing it. Can't believe this has to be server-based. Off to a bad start, EA.

I managed to put about 4 hours into a city. Logged off to be productive, then tried to get back into my city. No such luck. I have no desire to play this game with other people. Why do I need a server at all?

Typical EA. Hurry up and release and let the gamers sort it out.

And you know, they wouldn't even let us pre-load the game. I contacted EA about pre-loading and they said "SimCity Doesn't support pre-loading" Why would you NOT support preloading??

Supposedly, according to EA, they wanted to "let" the devs "polish" the game as long as possible. When I was able to play I got a lot of code in place of dialogue. This game was not ready to be released yet.

Yeah the online portion of the game should be an option not mandatory especially since EA cant seem to get their act together.

why people still buy ea games is beyone me

this will turn out to become the most downloaded pirated game of all-time... watch

i can't connect to the city period because i am on a mac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on EA simcity always released to mac first. Why not now? Also with less mac users out there the bandwith necessity at the beggining you would not have this problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is ridiculous. I hope EA catches a lot of flack and negative publicity for this. I got the game yesterday after work as excited as a kid on Christmas. When I got home... No dice. I think I wasted 2 hours just trying to get in. I finally got in and played maybe an hour before the servers kicked me and I lost my game. I managed to get back in for a bit and my game was gone. I had a whole day off today because of the snow, I planned to play some SimCity to pass the time. I managed to get in and play for a meager 15 minutes. EA needs to get it's crap in order. This is beyond ridiculous I'm returning this garbage and using that money to put towards my Heart of the Swarm reserve instead.

Biggest piece of garbage ever, I will never buy another EA product again.

Had I known before I pre-ordered I had to have a constant internet connection, I wouldn't have bough it. I bought it to kill time when I have nothing going on, which sometimes means no internet. I'm probably done with EA Games, on all four platforms I have.

I prepaid this game in november to be ready to play it last night. It has been successful for 3 hours, until I wanted to quit, It said to me that servers were busy. And now nothing. I can't return to my city and show the great game and details this new maxis game is to my sister. I can understand that the goal is multiplayer for this game, but what I don't understand, is why you (as addressed to EA (Origin)) did not think of a better backup plan or else as the prepaid people were buying your games... Right now this software is not even a software, it became an infinite error server message.... For that, I hope it will work again soon... Because if its not, I want my money back. Waiting 5 months for a game to be released is something, Saying to me that it will not work until furter notice even after the release, its something else... I've been playing simcity since 1995 even at sim tower, my first PC Gaming experience with maxis. I'm just very disapointed by EA right now..

i bought the game and haven't even been able to play it yet What a waste of money in my eyes

You spent your hard earned money carelessly. Time to wise up. No thanks necessary.

Did anyone notice how facetious and condescending EA's response was to customer complaints? Fuckn ridiculous...