Sorry, Blizzard, We're Calling You The Boob of the PS4 Conference

Feature Robert Bernstein 2/20/2013 at 10:31PM

Diablo 3? How dare you get my hopes up for something awesome, and then squash them!

I thought for sure that when Sony brought Blizzard onto the stage to speak, the company would announce a new ip of some sorts.  My heart was racing, as I hoped to hear of a World of Warcraft 2 or other MMO coming to the PS4.  However, that didn't happen at all.

In a major dud of an announcement, Blizzard Entertainment announced Diablo III will be coming to the PS4 upon its release. I don't even think Diablo III fans care about the announcement.  Why would you want to play Diablo III on a console when you already have it on your PC, which is, historically, better than consoles.

Then, Blizzard clarified that there will be four person co-op.  Great, now myself and three of my friends can revel in just how disappointing Diablo III really was.  Sure, it's a great one-time-playthrough dungeon crawler; you'll get a solid 5 or 6 hours out of the first run through, as that is all the time it takes to complete it.  But, after that, it's pretty much just more of the same.

Blizzard's segment of the PlayStation conference was a rollercoaster of emotion.  First, it was as if the whole world stopped for a moment and my gaming life was about to change, but then Blizz cut me down with a strike of their hilt only to reveal their mundane and uninspiring announcement.

What are your thoughts about Diablo 3 coming to the PS4?  Will it be worth your money? Sound off below in the comments!

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It seems like Blizzard is just reluctant to go back into console gaming, so they're keeping it low risk to keep from getting burned like last time around. I'm excited by it solely because it's a new prospect. If it goes smoothly, we may see a full, brand new Blizzard game on PS4. within a few years. At least, that's the impression I get. And I got the vague feeling they were implying Diablo III wouldn't end up on Xbox, which could end up being a big deal if they do end up releasing a console game at some point down the road.

I think if Blizzard wants to make a big splash into console gaming, they should make a big game for consoles. Don't just dip your toes in. If you want to succeed in the console realm, you have to go all in and all out.

Otherwise, stick with PC. As primarily a console gamer, I don't really care much about any of Blizzard's games anyway, and it would actually be refreshing to see a PC company stay loyal to the PC platform and not "sell out" to consoles for a change.

The fact that they thought people would care so much about a port of their 1-year old game shows how self-important and out-of-touch they are.

very well said, Adam. I completely agree!

Just a fanboys pipe dream I'm afraid, Diablo 3 is coming to the 360 and 720, where in the Sony show did they confirm it was exclusive? If it was why were they so vague about it? Of course an Activision Blizzard game will be multi-format, it's common sense. Four player same screen couch gameplay and playing this with a 360 pad will defo make returning to this game tempting. Although the hope is that they will add the console features to the pc version as well.

I also noted their vagueness. Like they were sorta dancing around it

Problem is you are saying Diablo 3 is a terrible game...thats your opinion, not every one else on the planet thinks it is crap. Many people love the game and continue to play it to this day. I know 5 people alone that will be purchasing it on consoles simply because they dont have a dedicated gaming pc, but want to play Diablo.

You know E3 is not too long away. They said they entered a strategic partnership, I think that alludes more than a port is coming to PS4.

This was a teaser event to get people interested, they didn't want to answer all the questions BY DESIGN!

Why do you even visit anything on the internet? All it is is opinions.

The writer is assuming that everyone thinks Diablo 3 sucks. Not true.

that's a good point about not having a dedicated gaming pc. But, yes, I think Diablo 3 wasn't worth my $$. Too short, repetitive.

Totally sweet, finally can play offline.

Major dud.... sigh oh Den of Geeks where do i even begin

He doesn't assume everyone thinks it sucks. He stated, "it's a great one-time-playthrough crawler." He's saying it has no replay value, and I agree with him. I'm sure they'll pick up business through porting it to the PS4.

I'd be really excited if we got Torchlight 2 for the PS4. But Diablo 3??? Bleh....

No one on the PS3 gives a SHIT about DIII!!

Anyone who has actually played diablo 3 into inferno for multiple classes will have no motivation whatsoever to play this again on a console.

The writer's point is that it was a lackluster announcement. Its nice that Diablo III is coming to PS4 but, compared to the chance that there could be new ip, its really not very exciting. If you really wanted to play Diablo III, you already played it.

exactly what "Cory Shutlz" said.. opinion. I don't like Diablo 3.. or strategy / "point and click" games at all either.. but MANY people do.. INCLUDING CONSOLE PLAYERS... look up "civilization revolution" ..many people play it on the PSN.

I think Blizzard is trying to chase away fans

I too had hoped an announcement from Blizzard would have been about a new title, but I'm not disappointed either. These guys take over Anaheim every year with their own show. It's old news that they had been toying with an xbox-style controller scheme for Diablo 3 (and not for WoW), so this turns out to me more of an obligatory appearance "confirming" they are moving in the direction of console titles again. What I AM hoping this means is that their not so secret next gen MMO project "titan" also finds its way to the PS4/720. Can't wait for e3 - should be a great show this year.

Biggest surprise of the night: Blizzard working with consoles.
Biggest letdown of the night: Blizzard making D3 for PS4

Yeah, I played Diablo 3... And I've never played D2 or D1. D3 failed to meet my very low expectations.

Meh, it was fun the first time through, but that's about it.

I think SE was the biggest disappointment for me.
That was such a trolling appearance by them! Show that non game Agni thing again and then say see you at E3!