Could PS4 Be Getting A Street Fighter Exclusive?

News Robert Bernstein 11/8/2013 at 9:40AM

Sony released a very strange new "habdouken cab" advertisement, but is there a deeper meaning, or is it just a god awful commercial?

Sony released a very strange new "Habdouken Cab" advertisement, and it very well might be foreshadowing a future announcement about the Street Fighter franchise. Watch the trailer, and then we'll discuss.

Sporting a Ryu-esque character, the commercial feels more like a cheesy, late-night advertisement for a cab company.  But, there's likely a deeper significance as to why Sony is using Street Fighter in their ad.  Of course, everyone knows that Killer Instinct is an Xbox One exclusive, is it possible that Sony has wrapped Capcom's highest grossing franchise in a neat little PS4 exclusive package?

Thanks to VG247 for the suggestion, and check out their detailed breakdown of the video.

Talking to a few people around the office, an exclusive Street Fighter (maybe Street Fighter V?) would solidify their purchase of a PS4.  Would it do the same for you? Sound off in the comments about what you guys think!

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Titanfall solidified my xbox one purchase
Fighting gamers might be a clincher, tho fps seems to be majority atm
I'll be sad if its true

Too bad, it would be better if SF going multiplatform, maybe this is the reason (and Megaman) for Capcom approaching to death.