PS4 Announcement Lacked Major Details

News Robert Bernstein 2/20/2013 at 8:46PM

Major details are still missing about the upcoming next console...

Although the Sony PlayStation conference did many things to intrigue our interest for the PS4, some major details were missing from Sony's Playstation 4 announcement.  The conference mostly focused on upcoming PS4 games, although some specifics of the console, such as the controller and social intergration capabilities, were released.  Here is what was missing:

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First, and most importantly, we still have no idea how much the PS4 will cost consumers.  How much will it cost?  There has been a great deal of speculation that the lowest tiered console could cost upwards of $429, with a higher capacity console at $529. But, again, that is just rumored, and Sony neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.

Secondly, we have not yet seen the phsyical console itself.  Sony has yet to pull back the curtain on the console's design, which is probably due to the fact that the company has not completely decided on its design.  Size specs have not yet been released, and we don't even know the color of the console yet.  If the past is any indication, though, the console will be black.

Thirdly, how much will games generally cost for the PlayStation 4?  With increased quality, comes increased costs.  We can assume Sony, and developers, will pass these costs down to consumers.  Will new PS4 games cost $70, instead of the $59.99 average we are used to?

Will all PS4's come with a PlayStation Eye, as has been rumored.  Apparently, users will be able to utilize the PlayStation eye to view their friends gaming on their couches.  Weird, and unwanted, in my opinion, but it has been rumored.

Also, how much will it cost to play online?  If the console is basically always connected, and games are digitally downloaded, and there is all of this streaming capability and social integration, it would be improbable that Sony will keep PSN free.  Will there be a monthly/yearly subscription plan?

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What else has Sony not revealed to us yet that you were expecting tonight?  Sound off below in the comments!

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Um, how creepy would it be to find out one of your gamer friends wasn't actually that young hot chick you thought they were but instead some old dude in his underwear? I don't care for the idea of the "eye" either.

It's definitely an odd idea. Granted, xbox 360 and ps3 have cameras, but i dont want to see my buddy on the couch in his underwear. no thanks.

I, personally, don't have a problem with the eye. It's not like they're going to let people watch you in your home without your explicit permission. If it's there it will let you dial and answer video calls, like Skype but on your TV. That's not to mention all of the practical and creative uses. Are you upset that most modern laptops have webcams, too?

does the ps3 games will work with the ps4?

No. They announced that the system will not be backwards compatible.

The best part of the new Xbox is the cut they have to pay to Sony for licensing them Blu-Ray technology for their next gen console.

It is ridiculous to even suggest that "with increased quality comes increased costs" regards to the games for the PS4.

Sadly, PC gamers exclusively have been enjoying these "increased quality games" for $59.99 a pop, while our dated console machines manage to barely crank out the BARE MINIMUM 30 FPS needed for the game to not be completely laggy. You can notice this with games like BF3, SKYRIM The PS4 will STILL be less powerful than an enthusiast gaming PC. The only positive for a console is its cost. You are basically buying a super cheap budget gaming PC, with low specs.

So why is it, you should even insinuate that these ps4 games should cost more? PC games and rigs are always about 2-3 years ahead of any console. They don't pay 70 bucks for their games.....why should future ps4 owners pay a premium for already "outdated" hardware and less polished looking games?

that sucks.....even digital media? I cant transfer all my downloaded games to my new ps4?

I don't think they've clarified on the digital media. I doubt it, though.

That's a valid point about PC Games still being comparable in price when they, in fact, look better than console games. Thank you for making that point!