Mortal Kombat X: 10 Guest Characters We'd Like to See

The Lists Gavin Jasper 8/20/2014 at 9:11AM

It's practically a lock that Mortal Kombat X is going to have a fighter or two from outside the franchise. We have some suggestions.

I'm still somewhat surprised that we didn't get any news about the new Mortal Kombat game in the wake of San Diego Comic-Con. We got a Tekken 7 trailer, but you'd think we would have gotten some kind of "obvious character is obviously in Mortal Kombat X" video. Ah well.

On the other hand, days before the show, Ed Boon started hinting in interviews and on Twitter that we're very likely to get at least one guest character in the new game. It makes sense. The last game had two guest characters in Freddy Krueger and PlayStation 3 exclusive Kratos.

Guest characters in fighting games have become a pretty regular thing of late. Kratos also showed up in SoulCalibur V while a handful of Star Wars characters appeared in SoulCalibur IV. Cole from Infamous was a fighter in Street Fighter X Tekken as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Even Mortal Kombat's Scorpion showed up as DLC in Injustice: Gods Among Us with his fresh Jim Lee-designed threads.

With Mortal Kombat, the possibilities are narrower due to the games over-the-top violent nature. I mean, Warner Bros. owns the franchise, but it's not like you're going to see any of the Loony Tunes in there.

Unless it's, like, Buzz Bunny. Heh. Remember that? Loonatics Unleashed? When they tried to make Bugs Bunny all badass and futuristic and stuff? They had badass Roadrunner?! Hahaha! That...oh my God, my sides...Ha! I...I can't...hold on...give me a second...Okay. I...HAHAHAHAHA! Heheh…oh man. Phew.

Sorry, where was I? Right.

Guest characters. I came up with some possibilities on who could fill in the slot(s). The most obvious one is Jason Voorhees, but I'm going to leave him off the list because I already talked about him when I did my spiel on the 8 things to expect from Mortal Kombat X.

10. The T-800

So here we have a Warner Bros. property, one that has appeared in its share of crossovers. Some of these crossovers have even held RoboCop and Lex Luthor responsible for the robot apocalypse. What is the Terminator was responsible for Mortal Kombat's armageddon? You'd have to fudge the story a bit, considering Mortal Kombat X's story spans 25 years, but it could work. You could even blame Skynet on Sektor and the Lin Kuei for laughs.

NetherRealm has the tendency to make race-specific skeletons for the X-ray attacks. Could you imagine if Sub-Zero were to knee the Terminator in the face and you got a quick shot of a metal exoskeleton denting? That would be pretty radic—wait. Sektor and Cyrax at least have human insides. How is Kotal Kahn's heart-removal Fatality supposed to work on a Terminator?

Okay, maybe I didn't think this one through. Let's just pretend I suggested Marcus Wright from Terminator: Salvation instead. He has a heart and stuff. Er, had. Um...moving on.

9. Rick Taylor

This would involve Namco deciding to play ball, but I'd say we'd at least be more likely to see this guy meet up with the Kombatants than anyone from Tekken or SoulCalibur.

Rick is the star of the Splatterhouse series, which coexisted with Mortal Kombat in the 16-bit era as the other big, violent gore-fest. While Mortal Kombat was more about cartoony excess in its bloodletting, Splatterhouse was more unnerving and nightmarish.

I'd argue that Rick would make for a more enjoyable playable character than Jason Voorhees, who he's blatantly a ripoff of. While Jason's a bit too stoic and quiet, Rick's Terror Mask makes him a bit more expressive in his rage and could lead to some interesting in-game possibilities.

Then again, if you wanted to go with early 90's violent video game stars, you could always try the guy from Doom. Especially if he talks like in the old Doom comic.

"None can stand up to Goro of the Shokan!"


"...I beg your pardon?"

8. Black Orchid

Ed Boon would love nothing more than to finally get that Street Fighter crossover he's been dreaming of for over 20 years, but that's just not happening. Street Fighter has paired up with Tekken and the SNK fighters, and even Dead or Alive was able to pair itself up with Virtua Fighter in their last game. If Mortal Kombat was going to pal around with any other fighting game series, it would probably be Killer Instinct. It feels right, you know? Especially now that Killer Instinct is somewhat relevant and is being used as a tool to coerce people into getting the Xbox One. Naturally, if a Killer Instinct character was going to be in a Mortal Kombat game, it would have to be an Xbox exclusive.

The marquee characters in Killer Instinct are, what, Jago, Orchid, and Fulgore, right? Fulgore probably wouldn't work based on my ramblings on the T-800. Jago is another ninja and that's the last thing Mortal Kombat needs. Let's give it to Orchid, who has been knocked through reality thanks to killing Eyedol or whatever it was that caused everyone to go back in time in Killer Instinct 2. Just pretend it knocked her into Outworld instead. It would probably be for the best that they don't include her old murder-through-flashing-her-breasts attack as a Fatality, though.

7. Brock Samson

Warner Bros. has a hold over Cartoon Network, so maybe we could get some kind of Adult Swim character in the mix. At first thought, Metalocalypse seemed fitting, but none of the members of Dethklok are really well known for their fighting ability and I don't think the world is ready for Charles Foster Offdensen in a fighting game. Then again, I'd fork out the DLC bucks just to see Toki Wartooth beat the final boss and announce, "I dids it! I beats the Mortal Kombats tourniquet! Wowee!"

No, if anyone from Adult Swim could compete in the tournament, it would have to be someone super tough. Someone like Black Dynamite or Brock Samson. Black Dynamite would feel a little off not being in the 70's, so we'll give it to the Venture Brothers' big, bad bodyguard. The guy has made a video game crossover appearance in Poker Night 2 and he'd certainly have no problem shoving his giant knife into Baraka's throat and coating himself with his Tarkatan blood.

6. Predator

Granted, the Predator is another property that exists outside of Warner Bros.' grasp, but it's not like they haven't used the creatures before. Batman alone has fought the Predators no less than five times. Look up the first time, it was great. Alfred is a total badass in it.

Predator would work well in the Mortal Kombat environment because all the Predators are interchangeable, highly-competent cannon fodder. As long as it's hunting a worthy prey (of which there would be many here) and making clicky noises, nobody is going to call it a fish out of water.

It all goes full circle, anyway. Cyrax's self-explosion Fatality in Mortal Kombat 3 was an homage to the Predator's suicide. Let the original (or a close facsimile) show him how it's done.

5. The Joker

Ed Boon tweeted that it isn't likely that we're going to see a DC hero in the game. Key word here is "hero." Naturally, you wouldn't expect to see Batman doing anything too over-the-line, and they certainly aren't bringing back that Heroic Brutality crap from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Nah. If any DC character is going to make an appearance in this game, it's going to be Joker...or maybe Lobo.

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Back in the days of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, they weren't allowed to go too far with Joker due to a forced teen rating, but DC has gotten an awful lot more violent and unsavory with the character since then. I mean, come on. New 52 Joker and his cut-off face.

I was going to use that for the above image, but it just turns my stomach. You're telling me that character design can exist and not be allowed in a game where people get shot in the head at point blank range?

4. Ash Williams

We've had Freddy and we've speculated Jason, but what about the third crown jewel in the holy horror trinity? Ash from the hardware section would feel right at home in a story full of soul-stealing and demons. I mean, if we can't get Brock Samson to be in the game, we might as well have his ancestor. Oh yeah, that's canon.

With Mortal Kombat X being about different fighting styles for each character, Ash would be so perfect. You could choose to play with his metal fist, his chainsaw hand, or just arm him with the Necronomicon. Not to mention the awesome sawed-off shotgun Fatality you'd get in there.

Besides, the last game was about Raiden playing the part of an incompetent time-traveler. Why should he have a monopoly?

3. Max Rockatansky

When the Star Wars characters – most notably, Starkiller the Apprentice – showed up in SoulCalibur IV, it was for the sake of building towards the then-new Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game. Warner Bros. Interactive is releasing a Mad Max game in 2015 via Avalanche Studios. It would make sense that the Australian badass could pop in for a guest appearance. After all, the man knows a thing or two about one-on-one battles where two men enter and one man leaves. That and how Mortal Kombat X's Ferra/Torr is a blatant knockoff of Mad Max's antagonist Master Blaster.

The only problem I can see is figuring out how to integrate him into the story. Is he going to be like Kratos and the DC cast, a man from another reality? That just seems off for someone as grounded as Mad Max. Then again, considering the possible ramifications of the post-rebooted Earthrealm's timeline, bad shit can go down that might, say, cause something terrible to happen to the wife and son of that world's Officer Max Rockatansky. We don't need another hero to protect us from Outworld. We just need the Road Warrior.

2. Juliet Starling

Another Warner Bros. property, Juliet stars in 2012's Lollipop Chainsaw, which brings a lot of blood and guts, though in a far more off-the-wall way than the Mortal Kombat franchise. The over-sexualized Juliet is a high school student who is also from a family of zombie hunters. Carrying her boyfriend's severed head on her belt, Juliet saves the world from black magic and rock 'n' roll demons. If it wasn't for her game not really being much of a household name, I'd almost consider her a lock.

It's not like Mortal Kombat is above including a scantily-clad cheerleader, anyway. Their last game's big unlockable was an outfit where Mileena wore a couple handfuls of toilet paper. It's a match made in exploitation heaven.

1. Needles Kane

Obviously, Needles "Sweet Tooth" Kane, poster boy for the Twisted Metal series, would have to be a PlayStation exclusive. While known mainly for driving his hellish ice cream truck, the serial killer has previously stepped out of it to throw down in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale where he played rival to our old friend Kratos. He even made a guest appearance of sorts in War of the Monsters in the form of Mecha Sweet Tooth. But here? He's a perfect fit, even more than the Joker when it comes to murderous clowns.

He'd be such a fine fit for the vile, kill-or-be-killed atmosphere of Mortal Kombat, fighting gods and ninjas with nothing more than a massive, rusty knife and a head covered in fire. I can already see his ending, winning the Mortal Kombat tournament, only to wonder in frustration why nobody's there to grant him a wish.

Who else do you think is ripe to trade blows with Raiden and the rest? Let me know in the comments.

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