Marvel Heroes Round-Up: Release Date, PvP and End Game

News Robert Bernstein
3/22/2013 at 5:25PM

Marvel Heroes Round-Up: Release Date, PvP and End Game

Gazillion made some waves during their panel at PAX East in Boston.  The company finally announced an official release date, PVP, and end-game content.  While these are only tidbits of information to tease us with, here is the information below.

PVP - Gazillion has announced that there will be PvP in their upcoming MMO, Marvel Heroes.  According to Gazillion, PvP will be playable at launch.  While there weren't many details given about the PvP, but we will surely get more details in the coming weeks. Wolverine vs the Hulk? Count us in!

End Game - Ultimate Power is gained from getting hero drops from end game battles.  They have team challenges and open challenges.  End game will apparently require cooperation, and apparently Ultimate Powers will be instrumental to victory.  The highest level end game challenges will require you to have your ultimate power leveled up in order to achieve victory.

Release Date - Marvel Heroes will be released on May 28, 2013 for early access, and one week later (June 4 for those keeping score) for public release.

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